Emeril Lagasse Net Worth

Emeril Lagasse Net Worth

Who Is Emeril Lagasse?

He is an American celebrity chef, a television personality and also a restaurateur.

Emeril Lagasse Net Worth:

He is an amazingly talented guy and maybe because of this his net worth is a big $50 million. Also, his food empire earns about $150 million every year.

Emeril Lagasse Life History:

Emeril Lagasse is also known as Emeril John Lagasse the third. He was born in Fall River, Massachusetts on 15th of October in the year 1959. His mother was Portuguese Hilda Medeiros and his father was of a French Canadian origin named Emeril John Lagasse Jr. When Emeril was a young teenager he used to work in a Portuguese bakery and that was the place he discovered his love for cooking and enrolled for a culinary art at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School.

Because of his intelligence, talent, and the hard work he used to put in he earned a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music but he declined the offer and chose to join the Johnson and Wales University in the year 1978 instead so that one day he could become a chef. After a few years, the University also awarded him with an honorary doctorate. After his graduation from the culinary school, he first joined the Dunfey’s Hyannis Resort as an Executive Chef and was also nominated as the chef of the year four years later.

After this for more than seven years he led the kitchen at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. It was here that he gained a lot of success and also fame. He opened his first restaurant in the year 1990 named Emeril’s and it was given the restaurant of the year designation by Esquire magazine.

He first met his wife Elizabeth Kief when he was working in a restaurant called Venus De Milo so that he could pay for his school. But the relationship ended in a divorce and he married the second time to Tari Hohn who was a fashion designer but sadly this marriage ended as well. Then in the year 2000, he married the third time to Alden Lovelace who was a real estate broker and they have two children together. They have now moved to Destin in Florida with the family.

Emeril Lagasse- Known For:

He is mainly known for his work in the food industry. he owns thirteen restaurants till date. He became what he is with his television cooking shows like “The Emeril Lagasse Show” and “On the Table”. He has also written more than ten cookbooks which are famous all around the world.

Emeril Lagasse- Political and Business Associations:

Emeril has been associated with a number of brands. He had made a deal with B&G in 2000 which is a food industry to create a line of grocery products under his name. He also has two lines of knives which was produced by Wusthof. Then in the year 2008, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia made an announcement stating they have acquired all the rights to Emeril products in a $50 million agreement.

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