Edward Snowden Net Worth

Edward Snowden Net Worth

Edward Snowden is an erstwhile American National Security Agent(NSA) subcontractor. He became well-known when he leaked information about NSA surveillance activities to the world. He was born Edward Joseph Snowden on June 21, 1983 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. His father Lonnie was working with the Coast Guard while his mother Elizabeth worked at the US District Court of Maryland as a clerk. Snowden was a good student in school in spite of missing 9 months of school he passed the GED test. He also scored 145 on two separate IQ tests. He joined Maryland Community College but left midway.

Work Profile
Snowden was expected to join the Federal Government like all his family members. He joined the army in 2003, but had to be discharged due to a training accident where he broke both his legs.
He joined NSA as a security agent and climbed up the ranks because of his talent with computers. He had a CIA post with diplomatic cover in Geneva by the year 2007.
He felt disillusioned with his Government policies when he was working in Geneva. He felt that he could not live in the world which records whatever he did and said… ie, 24*7 Government surveillance.

In 2009 he was suspected of breaking into classified files. He then left to work with tech contractors Dell and was posted in Japan and later to Hawaii.

After Dell, Edward worked as a System administrator for Government subcontractor Booz Allen Hamilton for few months. He started copying top secret documents that he found invasive. After copying a lot of information he requested a long leave for Epilepsy. He took a flight to Hong Kong on May 20 2013 to meet Guardian Journalists.

At age 30, he decided to become a whistleblower and reveal top secret details to UK’s Guardian Newspaper. He left for Hong Kong to do the same. The details were about NSA Domestic Surveillance practices that he found disturbing. He also met filmmaker Laura Poitras during the time he met journalists from The Guardian.

The US Government charged him with theft of Government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified intelligence. The charges carried 10 years imprisonment. The US Government also took steps to extradite him Hong Kong.
Since Hong Kong has an Extradiction treaty with US, Snowden left Hong Kong for Ecuador. He never reached there but stopped midway in Russia where he resides presently.
Snowden is in asylum in Russia at present, but contacts and conveys his side of story to the outside world thorough various means like the Internet. His story has been made as a Biopic with actor Joseph Gordon Levitt starring in it. This movie directed by Oliver stone was released in the year 2016.

Life History
Edward Snowden was in relationship with Lindsay Mills before he left Hawaii and fled to Hong Kong. Snowden is still in Russia and has said that he would come back to if he is promised a fair trial.

Known for
Snowden became a public figure when he left US to Hong Kong to reveal sensitive data of NSA to the UK Newspaper Guardian. While some people call him a hero, the US has charged Snowden with violations of Espionage Act.

Awards and Recognition
A documentary, Citizenfour about Snowden won an Oscar for Laura Poitras, its maker in the year 2015.

Net worth of Edward Snowden
According to a latest Yahoo report Edward Snowden has a networth of $200,000 in speaking fees. This includes speeches at San Diego Comic Con, three American Universities through Internet and 2016 Tribeca film festival. His income also accrues from his networking services.
His net worth is estimated at $8.6 million.

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