Eddie Jordan Net Worth

Eddie Jordan Net Worth

Who is Eddie Jordan?

Eddie Jordan is a racer, T.V. personality, and a musician. Along with that, he is also a successful businessman.

Eddie Jordan Net Worth:

Eddie Jordan’s estimated net worth is $ 13 million. He has been a racer for 40 years and during this time he has made a mark in the world by gaining success in different fields, thereby, acquiring many assets. Despite being such a huge business personality he is involved in a lot of charity work. He contributes a lot to the development of activities related to motor racing.

Eddie Jordan Life History:

Edmund Patrick Jordan was Born on 30th March 1948 in Dublin. Eileen and Paddy Jordan were his parents. His elder sister’s name is Helen. His father worked as an accountant for the State Electricity Board. At the age of 10 months, he was diagnosed with the pink disease. So, the entire family shifted to Bray as per the doctor’s instructions. Gradually his condition improved and he started to develop an interest in kart racing. When he shifted to Dublin he purchased a kart and won the 1971 Irish Kart Championship.

This victory encouraged him and he tried his hands in formula 4, 3 and 2 races. During this time he incurred some injuries that forced him to rest for a few seasons. But when he made his grand return, he won the 1979 Formula Atlantic Championship.

After that, he made the switch to managing teams. Some time soon he entered the arena of Formula 1 racing. He also led the European Grand Prix. He also started to pursue other areas of interest such as music. Along with that, he was also interested in horse racing and golf.

The fact that he is a successful businessman is also evident by the fact that he owns some of the major and very profitable companies such as V10, the famous Vodka brand, and EJ-10, the energy drink brand.

He is married to Marie and they have 4 children.

Eddie Jordan Known for:

He is known for being a talented musician, a successful businessman, Television personality and an avid racer.

Eddie Jordan Political/Business Associations:

Eddie Jordan’s biggest asset is his astute mind when it comes to business. He shifted his focus from being a racer to racing teams at the right time. This is what led to him being one of the most successful business tycoons in the world. His days changed since he started owning racing teams. From being a clerk to becoming a successful businessman is something that proves his talent. When it comes to business, a businessman never retires. He finds peace in his work and that is what Eddie Jordan does. He is still running his business successfully.

Even though he is 70 years old, he has the same enthusiasm as he had when he was young. He is credited for shaping the career of some of the greatest racers of all time such as Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna.

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