Eddie Griffin Net Worth

Eddie Griffin Net Worth

Who Is Eddie Griffin?
The full name of Eddie Griffin is Edward Griffin and he is an American actor and a comedian. He was born on July 15 in the year 1968.
Eddie Griffin Net worth:
Eddie Griffin net worth is of about $5 million. But recently he was given the number one position on People With Money’s top ten highest paid actors for the year 2018 were his estimated earnings have been reported a whopping $96 million.
Eddie Griffin Life History:
Eddie Griffin was born in Kansas City in Missouri on 15 of July in the year 1968. He was raised by a single mother Doris Thomas who was an operator in a phone company. When he was fifteen years old he moved to Compton in California to live with his cousins. After he did his graduation from Compton High he enrolled himself in Biological engineering for his major at the University of Miami but he later dropped out in 1988 to pursue his career in comedy.
At his twentieth birthday, Eddie had an argument with his mother regarding her stolen jewelry for which she accused Griffin to which he denied and did not meet his mother after that for four years. But when his mother got injured in a car accident he moved back to Los Angeles to move closer to his family in the year 1992. Eddie had been married thrice. He met his first wife Carla in the year 1984 when he was just sixteen years old and they were together for thirteen years before getting divorced.
Then in the year 2002, he married his second wife Rochelle but the relationship also ended in a divorce. Then he married a third time in the year 2011 on September 8 to Nia Rivers but just after a month of marriage, they separated on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Eddie has nine children.
Once in the year 2007, he participated in a charity event at Irwindale Speedway where he was promoting his movie Redline in a Ferrari Enzo which was owned by Daniel Sadek and while the practice run was going on he crashed into a concrete barrier. Although he wasn’t hurt the luxurious car that coasted $1.5 million was badly damaged. He became really angry at reporters who said it was a publicity stunt.

Eddie Griffin – Known For:

He is basically an American comedian and actor and is best known for his role as Eddie Sherman on the sitcom Malcolm and Eddie and also the main character in the year 2002 for the film Undercover Brother. He has also been awarded as the best actor for his role in Los Angeles International Film Festival in 2014 and San Francisco Global Movie Fest in 2014. He was on the number 62 position on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 greatest Stand-Ups of all times.

Eddie Griffin Political / Business Affiliations:
He has raised his voice against African-American conspiracies that destroy the image of several other known people in the industry; he said this while there were sexual allegations against Bill Cosby.

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