Ed O’Neill Net Worth

Ed O’Neill Net Worth

Edward Leonard O’Neill is an actor and comedian from America. He was born on April 12, 1946 in Youngstown, Ohio. He currently stays in Los Angeles, California. He has been actively working since 1967 to present.

Ed O’Neill Net Worth
His net worth is estimated to be $65 million. He earns $11 million alone from his project Modern Family for every season. The salary through Modern Family’s single episode is $2 million.

Life history
Born in an Irish American Catholic family, his father Edward Phillip O’Neill worked as a truck driver and also as a steel mill worker. His mother Ruth Ann worked as a social worker and homemaker. Ed went to Ursuline High School before going to Worthington High School. He won the state championship here and was called Ed O’winner. He later won a football scholarship that led him to Ohio University where he studied History. O’Niell left this university in his second year and concentrated more on sports rather than studies. He then got transferred to Youngstown State University where he participated as a defensive lineman. He was pledged for Delta Sigma Phi, while doing his under graduation.

In 1969, he was signed as the undrafted free agent by the Pittsburgh Steelers but was signed out for training camp. In Married.. With Children, he played as a former football player star who couldn’t make it big and repeatedly reminisced about the good days. As part of this theme, Terry Bradshaw, a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback and Pittsburgh Steelers greatest, made guest appearances on this show. O’Neill has also worked as a substitute teacher at Ursuline High School for social studies before he became an actor.

He is married to Catherine Rusoff. They have two children, both daughters, who live in Los Angeles.

Known for
Ed O’Niell is currently best known for his work in Modern Family. He started his career in 1979 by playing a boxer in a Broadway play Knockout. It was during this play that William Friedkin saw him and gave him his first movie role in Cruising. He played a police detective and the movie starred Al Pacino. In 1985, he did a commercial with Jeff Kinsland and also made a small appearance in The Equalizer. The very next year he played a NYPD Detective in Popeye Doyle. He appeared in Married with Cilden in 1986 and received good response for it. O’Neill then appeared in many movies like Bone Collector, Dutch, Little Agents. He also did many commercials, cameos etc .
In 2008 he did an advertisement for then presidential candidate Barack Obama. It is in 2009 that he landed with the role of Jay Pritchett in ABCs Modern Family, a popular sitcom. He won Primetime Emmy Award for this role. He has also done a voice over for Hank the Octopus in the movie Finding Dory.

He has won awards for Married with Children and 4 awards for Modern Family.

Political Affiliations-
He campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008 via TV commercial as Al the Shoe salesman.

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