Duane Martin Net Worth

Duane Martin Net Worth

Who is Duane Martin

Duane Martin is America based actor who has acted in some of the most popular TV series and movies. He was born on 11th of August, the fifty two year old actor debuted in the year 1990 and has been a larger of the entertainment industry for over a decade. He git married to his fellow co-star Tisha Campbell Martin, in the year 1996. The couple has two sons. However, the two ended their twenty seven years of marriage this year. The actor continues to be one of the most loved actors in the industry.

Duane Martin Net Worth

Duane Martin has a net worth of eighteen million dollars as of the financial year of 2018. His net worth makes him one of the richest actors in Hollywood. His roles in movies like White Men Can’t Jump (1992), Above the rim (1994) and The Seat Filer (2004) has been appreciated by the audience. His dedication towards his work has gained him immense wealth to makes his net worth a digit of six figures.

Duane Martin Life History

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Duane Martin had a knack for basketball from a very small age. As a student, he started playing basketball quite early. He attended his high school at New York University. Here, while pursuing his course he got a unguaranteed contract for National Basketball Association (NBA). He was signed up to play for the New York Nicks in the year 1989. However his basketball career did not take the flight and instead he found a passion for acting.

David made his first television appearance in a comedy series of NBC called ‘Out All Night’. His series ‘All of Us’ got him instant fame. His comic role in the series got him critical acclamation. He even got several nominations for his role in the series. He even acted in several movies. He first acted as Willie in White Men Can’t Jump in 1992 and then appeared as Jr. Philips in The Inkwell two years later. Sam’s year he appeared in Above the Rim (1994). Later he acted in romantic comedy movie called The Seat Filler in 2004 and it was a major turning point in his career. He maintains his image as a funny man in the industry.

Duane Martin is Known For

In 1993, Duane was nominated under “Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Special” for CBS School break Special for the prestigious Emmy Award. Duane is popular for his comic timing. In 2005 and 2007,Duane was Nominated under the category “Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series” for All of Us. Duane even got two time nominations in BET award for his comic roles in movies.

Duane Martin Political /  Business Affiliations

Duane Martin leads a simple life. He owes most of his income to his art which has bought him both fame and wealth. His business affiliations are unknown.

Final Words

David Martin is a professional actor and comedian which has served the industry for a long time. The audience loves him. He has made several special appearances in blockbusters.

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