Derek Hough Net Worth

Derek Hough Net Worth

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, on May 17, 1985, Derek Hough is a popular professional ballroom dancer, actor and musician. Known for his appearance in Dancing with the Stars, Derek has been around in popular dance shows like DanceX, Better With You, Lip Sync Batte and Jane The Virgin, amongst others. He has featured in many song videos, showing off his professional dancing skills, in songs like Someone Somewhere Tonight, Get My Name and more. He is also one of the lead roles in the TV series, Nashville, which has been airing since 2012. In 2017, for the first time, he was a part of the jury in the dance show, World of Dance Season 2.

Net Worth:

Owing to his phenomenal career in dancing and his decent career in TV shows and movies, Derek Hough has a net worth of around $4 million. Given his multi-faceted profile, his worth in amplified dramatically and the titles and awards won by him add value to his worth. Although he works in so many fields, his main income comes from his dancing career, which goes on to tell how talented he is. Derek also has an amazing social media following, with 865K followers on Twitter and 2 million on Instagram.

Life History:

Son of Bruce Hough and Marianne, Derek has four siblings – Sharee, Katherine, Marabeth and Julianne, who also featured on Dancing with Stars. Derek spent 10 years of his life in London, where he and his sister, Julianne trained under their coaches Shirley and Corky Ballas for many dance forms like ballet, tap and jazz. Receiving training in Singing, theatre and gymnastics, Derek and Julianne, together with Mark Ballas formed trio named 2B1G and performed in dance shows in the UK and the U.S. Besides, Derek also taught theatre at the Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.

Known for:

Primarily known for his appearance on Dancing with the Stars, Derek has been a part of the show for its 18 consecutive seasons, starting from season four, where he first appeared as a guest instructor to season twenty-three. During his dedicated appearance in the show, he won 6 seasons alongside Brooke Bruke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Grey, Kellie Pickler, Amber Riley and Bindi Irwin in season seven, ten, eleven, sixteen, seventeen and twenty-one respectively. Hough joined the jury for the NBC show World of Dance in May 2017 parallel to Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and host Jena Dewan-Tatum.

Business Affiliations:

Although Derek Hough has not been really active in brand affiliations, he has at times endorsed products. For example, he, through his tweet endorsed Kia Cars and thanked Kia and posted pictures of him in the car. This is an example of how stars these days are promoting products in clever ways.

Hough has had many relationships, his longest one being with India de Beaufort, whom he spent 8 years with and is currently in a relationship with Hayley Erbert. His following of Friedrich Nietzsche shows his interest in culture and philosophy and he often quotes his saying, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Derek is a go-getter who personally gave quotes like “The road called ‘Someday’ leads t a town called ‘Nowhere’” and believes that the secret to succeeding at anything is starting in the first place.

Derek Hough Bio Info

Born: April 7, 1954, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Spouse: Joan Lin (m. 1982)
Parents: Charles and Lee-Lee Chan
Children: Jaycee Chan, Etta Ng Chok Lam
TV shows: Jackie Chan Adventures
Albums: Dragon’s Heart, A Boy’s Life, Love Me, Thank You

Derek Hough Quotes

  • For me, I like to push myself… I hate feeling complacent or that I’m not learning. – Derek Hough
  • For me, a dream partner is someone who is willing to learn and to put their trust in me. – Derek Hough
  • It’s such a cliche thing to say. I want to choreograph, I want to direct, I want to act, I want to write music, I want to play music, I want to sing. For me, it’s never-ending. I want to do it all, really. – Derek Hough
  • I never dreamed of dancing on television or anything like that. It’s more of things that come along that excite me and inspire me. – Derek Hough

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