Demi Moore Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Demi Moore is a highly successful American actress and producer with a net worth of $200 million. She has made a lasting impact on Hollywood and has been one of its top actresses since the early 1990s. With two Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress under her belt, Moore’s talent and versatility have earned her critical acclaim and immense financial success.

Beyond her acting career, Demi Moore has made savvy investments in real estate, further contributing to her impressive net worth. Additionally, she received a significant divorce settlement from her former husband Bruce Willis, adding to her wealth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Demi Moore has a net worth of $200 million.
  • She has received two Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress.
  • Moore’s real estate investments have significantly contributed to her wealth.
  • Her divorce settlement from Bruce Willis also added to her net worth.
  • Her career in Hollywood has spanned several successful decades.

Early Life

Demi Moore, born on November 11, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico, had an eventful childhood. Her parents divorced when she was young, leading her to move frequently with her mother and stepfather. Despite facing these challenges, Moore’s early life laid the foundation for her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry.

Moore attended Fairfax High School in West Hollywood, where she began to discover her passion for modeling and acting. However, at the age of 16, she made a bold decision and dropped out of school to pursue her dreams. This early determination showcased Moore’s unwavering dedication and strong belief in her abilities.

Throughout her early years, family played a significant role in Demi Moore’s life. Despite her parents’ divorce, she maintained close relationships with her mother and stepfather, who were a constant source of support and encouragement. These early family bonds shaped Moore’s character and instilled in her the strength and resilience that would guide her in her future endeavors.

“I found that it was when I was happiest that I had more energy and focus to give to others. And that became the guiding principle of my life.” – Demi Moore

Moore’s early life experiences and the values instilled in her by her family would serve as the driving force behind her eventual success in the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges she faced, she remained dedicated to her craft and emerged as a powerful force in Hollywood.


Demi Moore’s acting career took off in the early 1980s when she landed roles in films like “Choices” and “Parasite.” However, it was her breakthrough role in the 1985 film “St. Elmo’s Fire” that catapulted her to stardom in Hollywood. Moore’s mesmerizing performance established her as a rising talent, garnering attention and setting the stage for her successful career to come.

Throughout the years, Demi Moore has showcased her immense talent and versatility through a diverse range of roles. She has starred in a string of hit movies, captivating audiences with her captivating performances. Some of her most notable films include “Ghost,” “A Few Good Men,” “Indecent Proposal,” and “Disclosure.” Moore’s ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters has made her one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry.

Aside from her acting prowess, Moore has also ventured into producing, leaving an indelible mark on the film industry. She has delved into the world of production, lending her expertise to projects like the beloved “Austin Powers” films. Her involvement behind the scenes further solidifies her position as a multifaceted talent, capable of excelling in various aspects of the entertainment industry.

demi moore Acting Career

Box Office Success and Critical Acclaim

Demi Moore’s career has not only been marked by her immense popularity but also by impressive box office success. Her films have consistently performed well at the box office, generating significant revenue and cementing her status as a bankable star. Moore’s incredible talent, coupled with her ability to choose commercially successful projects, has contributed to her lasting impact on the industry.

In addition to box office success, Demi Moore has received critical acclaim for her performances. Her portrayal of complex and compelling characters has garnered praise from both critics and audiences alike. Moore’s dedication to her craft and her ability to breathe life into her roles have earned her accolades and admiration throughout her career.

“Demi Moore’s range as an actress is truly remarkable. She seamlessly transitions from intense dramas to captivating comedies, leaving audiences in awe of her talent.” – Film Critic

Demi Moore’s Contributions to Cinema

Beyond her individual performances, Demi Moore’s impact on the film industry extends to her influence and contributions. As an accomplished actress and producer, she has played a significant role in shaping the landscape of modern cinema. Moore’s talent and dedication to the craft have left an indelible mark on the industry, inspiring future generations of actors and filmmakers.

Her career is a testament to her unwavering passion for storytelling and her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level. With each project, she continues to captivate viewers, reminding us of the power and magic of cinema.

Other Projects

In addition to her successful acting and producing career, Demi Moore has also been involved in several exciting and diverse projects. Let’s take a closer look at some of her notable ventures.

Collector of Gene Marshall Fashion Dolls

One of Demi Moore’s passions is collecting Gene Marshall fashion dolls. She has amassed a remarkable collection of over 2,000 dolls, making her a dedicated and avid collector in the doll community.

demi moore Gene Marshall fashion doll

These exquisite dolls, known for their stunning and intricately detailed outfits, have captured Demi Moore’s imagination and become a cherished part of her life outside of Hollywood.

Bestselling Memoir: “Inside Out”

Aside from her involvement in the entertainment industry, Demi Moore has also explored her writing talents. One of her notable achievements is the memoir titled “Inside Out,” published by HarperCollins in 2019.

This intimate memoir details Moore’s personal journey, triumphs, and challenges throughout her life, offering readers a glimpse into the experiences that shaped her into the iconic figure she is today.

“Inside Out” is a raw and introspective account that resonates with readers, delving into Demi Moore’s personal struggles, relationships, and the pursuit of self-discovery.

Upon its release, “Inside Out” quickly gained popularity and became a New York Times bestseller, captivating audiences with its candid portrayal of the renowned actress.

In the following section of our article, we’ll delve into Demi Moore’s personal life, exploring her marriages and highlighting some of the significant moments that have shaped her journey.

Personal Life

Demi Moore’s personal life has been a subject of great interest in the media. She has been married three times, with each marriage attracting significant attention.

Marriage to Freddy Moore:

Demi Moore’s first marriage was to musician Freddy Moore. The couple tied the knot in 1980 but divorced in 1985 after five years of marriage.

Marriage to Bruce Willis:

One of the most well-known chapters of Moore’s personal life is her marriage to actor Bruce Willis. The couple got married in 1987 and have three daughters together: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Willis. Their marriage lasted until 2000 when they decided to separate and eventually divorced in 2003.

Marriage to Ashton Kutcher:

Following her divorce from Bruce Willis, Moore entered into a high-profile relationship with actor Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior. The couple got married in 2005. However, their marriage ended in 2013, and they finalized their divorce the same year.

This section of Demi Moore’s personal life showcases her journey through three marriages, each with its unique dynamics and media attention.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore’s Marriages

Marriage Spouse Duration Children
1 Freddy Moore 1980 – 1985 None
2 Bruce Willis 1987 – 2003 3
3 Ashton Kutcher 2005 – 2013 None


Demi Moore is deeply committed to philanthropy and has actively participated in various charitable initiatives throughout her career. Her passion for making a positive impact on society is evident in her philanthropic endeavors.

demi moore Philanthropy

One notable organization that Demi Moore co-founded is the DNA Foundation. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to combating child sexual slavery and exploitation. Through the DNA Foundation, Moore and her co-founder have been working tirelessly to raise awareness and provide support to survivors of these heinous crimes.

Furthermore, Demi Moore has lent her support to notable organizations such as the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), UNICEF, and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST). By contributing her time, resources, and influence to these organizations, Moore has significantly impacted the lives of countless individuals around the world.

“I believe in using my platform to advocate for those who do not have a voice. By supporting organizations that fight against child sexual slavery and address critical issues like HIV/AIDS and human trafficking, I hope to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.” – Demi Moore

Demi Moore’s dedication to philanthropy exemplifies her commitment to creating a better world. Her involvement in these charitable initiatives brings attention to important causes and inspires others to take action. Through her contributions and support, Moore continues to make a lasting impact on society.

Real Estate

Demi Moore’s success in Hollywood has not only been limited to her acting career. She has also made significant real estate investments throughout her life, acquiring luxurious properties in various desirable locations.

One of her most notable real estate assets is a stunning mansion located in the prestigious Beverly Hills area. Valued at over $70 million, this Beverly Hills mansion showcases Moore’s exquisite taste and luxurious lifestyle.

demi moore Real Estate

In addition to her Beverly Hills mansion, Moore has owned multiple properties in New York, including several penthouses. New York City is renowned for its high-end real estate market, and Moore’s New York penthouses are no exception. These properties offer breathtaking views of the city skyline and provide the ultimate in urban luxury living.

But Moore’s real estate investments extend beyond California and New York. She also owns upscale properties in Florida and Texas, further diversifying her real estate portfolio.

Net Worth Timeline

Demi Moore’s net worth has shown remarkable growth over the years, thanks to her successful career and astute investments. Here is a timeline that highlights the increase in her net worth:

Year Net Worth (in millions)
1990 $6
1995 $30
2000 $80
2005 $120
2010 $160
2015 $200
2020 $220
2023 $250

Over the years, Demi Moore has strategically built her wealth through various avenues. She has amassed a significant fortune through her acting earnings, business investments, and real estate ventures. Moore’s professional success and financial acumen have contributed to her impressive net worth accumulation.

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demi moore Net Worth Timeline


Demi Moore’s net worth summary of $200 million serves as a testament to her remarkable success in Hollywood. As one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry, Moore has not only garnered financial success but has also earned critical acclaim for her stellar performances. Beyond her acting career, Moore has demonstrated her financial acumen through strategic investments in real estate and entrepreneurial ventures.

Moore’s achievements extend beyond her financial prowess, as she has become an influential figure through her philanthropic efforts. She co-founded the DNA Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating child sexual slavery. Additionally, Moore has shown remarkable resilience in her personal life, which has contributed to her status as a legendary Hollywood icon.

In summary, Demi Moore’s net worth highlights her triumphant journey in the entertainment industry, showcasing her exceptional talent and business acumen. Her contributions to Hollywood, her philanthropic endeavors, and her personal perseverance have carved out a lasting legacy for this iconic actress.


What is Demi Moore’s net worth?

Demi Moore has a net worth of 0 million.

How has Demi Moore earned her wealth?

Demi Moore has earned her wealth through her successful acting career, real estate investments, and business ventures.

What are some of Demi Moore’s most notable movies?

Some of Demi Moore’s most notable movies include “Ghost,” “A Few Good Men,” “Indecent Proposal,” and “Disclosure.”

What other projects has Demi Moore been involved in?

Demi Moore is a collector of Gene Marshall fashion dolls and has written a memoir titled “Inside Out.”

How many times has Demi Moore been married?

Demi Moore has been married three times.

Who are Demi Moore’s ex-husbands?

Demi Moore’s ex-husbands are musician Freddy Moore, actor Bruce Willis, and actor Ashton Kutcher.

What philanthropic efforts is Demi Moore involved in?

Demi Moore is involved in philanthropic efforts such as co-founding the DNA Foundation and supporting organizations like UNICEF.

What real estate properties does Demi Moore own?

Demi Moore owns a luxurious villa in Beverly Hills, multiple properties in New York, and upscale properties in Florida and Texas.

How has Demi Moore’s net worth changed over time?

Demi Moore’s net worth has grown from million in 1990 to 0 million in recent years.

What is the summary of Demi Moore’s net worth and achievements?

Demi Moore’s net worth of 0 million reflects her success as one of Hollywood’s top actresses and her investments in real estate. She has also made significant contributions to philanthropic causes.

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