Dean Winters Net Worth

Dean Winters Net Worth

Dean Winters is an American actor, who is best known for his portrayal as Ryan O’Reily, in the HBO drama, Oz. He has also appeared on the television series Rescue Me, 30 Rock, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. The estimated net worth of Dean Winters is $5 million.


Dean Gerard Winters was born on July 20, 1964, in New York City, New York, to Magna Winters and Patrick Winters, an electronic engineer. His brothers are Scott William Winters, who is an actor and writer, Bradford Winters. Dean Winters also has a sister, named, Blair Winters. He grew up in Long Island, but later moved with his family to Scottsdale, Arizona. He attended Colorado College and graduated in 1986, with a degree in Theatre.


Dean Winters became well known in his breakthrough role as, Ryan O’Reily in the prison drama, Oz. He has also made appearances on the Law and Order television shows, with him having a recurring role on the 14th and 15th seasons in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Along with his appearances on the Law and Order television shows, he has made appearances on many other shows, such as, Sex and the City, Homicide: Life on the Street, and 30 Rock. He appeared on the television show 30 Rock. Dean Winters has also starred in several films, including, the comedy Undercover Angel, the horror film, Hellraiser: Hellseeker, and P.S. I Love You. He also starred in the films Snipes and Conspiracy Theory.

Net Worth of Dean Winters

Since his breakthrough role on the HBO series, Oz, Dean Winters has continued to make a name for himself in various shows and films. He has worked his way up from being a guy with a familiar face to being a name that everyone knows. From being a prisoner with a shady past to being the character, Mayhem, in Allstate Insurance commercials, Winters has kept his mysterious and cool image coming in every role he portrays. The net worth of Dean Winters is $5 million, and he owes his success to his acting career.


Dean Winters may be known as a great actor in the entertainment industry, but he has also become well known because of his personal health issues that pushed him to continue to be great. After being infected with gangrene and having two of his toes and one of his thumbs amputated, Winters was encouraged to get back into acting my Tina Fey and has since pushed himself to be a true influence as well as a great success. Dean Winters is the example of a real entertainer and has shown in many different roles. He continues to be an entertainer that fans look forward to seeing in every role that he is in. His passion of acting has helped him overlook the issues he had with his health in recent years, which is why he is still an influential actor today. Dean Winters is an actor that many will always tune to watch because of his real talent.

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