David Spade Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

David Spade, the renowned American actor, comedian, and television personality, has built an impressive net worth of $70 million throughout his successful career in the entertainment industry. With a sharp wit and sarcastic humor, Spade gained fame as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) in the early 1990s. From there, he went on to star in sitcoms, films, and late-night shows, showcasing his comedic talent and contributing to his financial success.

Throughout his career, Spade has amassed a fortune through his work in movies, TV shows, and stand-up comedy. His versatility and comedic prowess have made him a household name in the entertainment world. Let’s delve deeper into his journey, achievements, and the factors that have contributed to his impressive net worth.

Key Takeaways:

  • David Spade’s net worth is $70 million, which he has accumulated through his successful career in movies, TV shows, and stand-up comedy.
  • He gained fame as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) in the early 1990s, where he showcased his sharp wit and sarcastic humor.
  • Spade has starred in numerous sitcoms, films, and late-night shows, displaying his comedic talent and contributing to his financial success.
  • His versatile career includes voice roles in animated features, such as “The Emperor’s New Groove,” and hosting his own late-night show, “Lights Out with David Spade,” on Comedy Central.
  • Despite facing losses in certain areas, such as gambling and the 2008 financial crisis, Spade has strategically invested in real estate, further contributing to his net worth.

Early Life

David Spade, born on July 22, 1964, in Birmingham, Michigan, had an eventful upbringing that shaped his journey towards success in the entertainment industry. Following his parents’ divorce during his formative years, Spade grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, along with his two brothers. Despite the challenges, his early life experiences helped foster his resilience and determination.

As a young adult, Spade attended Saguaro High School and later pursued higher education at Scottsdale Community College and Arizona State University. It was during this time that Spade discovered his passion for comedy and began performing at various comedy clubs and shows. This period of exploration allowed him to refine his comedic skills and set the stage for his future career.

“I think my sense of humor developed from using comedy as a coping mechanism during difficult times,” Spade once reflected, shedding light on the importance of humor in his upbringing.

From a young age, Spade demonstrated a natural inclination towards comedy, using it as a tool to navigate through life’s challenges. His upbringing and education laid a solid foundation for his journey towards becoming one of the most recognizable comedic talents in the entertainment industry today.

Diverse Educational Background

Throughout his educational journey, Spade embraced a diverse range of subjects and experiences that shaped his growth as a performer. While studying at Arizona State University, he honed his comedic skills in the stage production of “Air Bear” and gained invaluable practical experience.

Spade’s educational endeavors expanded beyond the confines of the classroom, as he actively engaged with the local comedy scene. His participation in comedy clubs and performances allowed him to fine-tune his craft and connect with like-minded individuals who shared his passion for laughter.

By immersing himself in various educational and experiential opportunities, Spade equipped himself with the necessary tools to succeed in the highly competitive entertainment industry.

The Impact of Family

Family played an influential role in shaping Spade’s early life and subsequent career trajectory. Despite the challenges of his parents’ divorce, Spade found solace and support in his family. His close bond with his brothers and the shared experiences they faced together helped foster a sense of unity and resilience within him.

Throughout his career, Spade has often cited his brothers as key sources of inspiration. The bonds forged during his childhood instilled in him an unwavering dedication to his craft, driving him to push the boundaries of his comedic abilities and achieve greatness in the entertainment industry.

A Heartwarming Success Story

David Spade’s early life sheds light on the formative experiences and education that paved the way for his eventual rise to stardom. From his humble beginnings in Scottsdale, Arizona, to his pursuit of comedic excellence, Spade’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, talent, and embracing life’s challenges with humor and resilience.

Key Points Details
Birthdate July 22, 1964
Birthplace Birmingham, Michigan
Upbringing Divorced parents, grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona with two brothers
Education Saguaro High School, Scottsdale Community College, Arizona State University
Passion for Comedy Performed at comedy clubs and shows during college

Saturday Night Live

David Spade’s breakthrough came when he joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) in 1990 as a writer and performer. His sarcastic style and quick wit quickly made him a standout among the cast members. Spade’s sketches and characters became audience favorites, showcasing his comedic talent and setting him apart from his peers.

One of Spade’s most memorable contributions to SNL was his famous Hollywood Minute segments on the show’s iconic “Weekend Update” news segment. In these segments, he delivered biting and hilarious commentary on celebrities and pop culture, earning him acclaim and further solidifying his place in the comedy world.

During his time on SNL, Spade became known for his dry humor and unique delivery. He portrayed a variety of characters, ranging from the grumpy receptionist at Dick Clark Productions to the sardonic commentator on the Gap Girls sketch.

“I really enjoyed my time on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ It was an incredible platform for me to showcase my comedic talents and connect with audiences on a national level. SNL provided me with invaluable exposure and helped shape my career in the entertainment industry.”

Spade’s success on SNL opened doors for future opportunities in film and television. It allowed him to establish his comedic reputation and solidify his place in the entertainment industry as a talented and versatile performer.

In addition to his on-screen work, Spade also made significant contributions as a writer during his time at SNL. His sharp writing skills contributed to the show’s success and helped create the comedic moments that fans still remember to this day.

Overall, David Spade’s time on “Saturday Night Live” played a pivotal role in his career, allowing him to showcase his comedic genius and gain recognition as a standout cast member. His contributions to the show continue to be remembered and appreciated by fans and fellow comedians alike.

Post SNL

After leaving SNL in 1996, David Spade embarked on a successful career outside of the sketch comedy show. He made his mark in various mediums, including sitcoms, films, voice roles, and even his own late-night show.


David Spade’s comedic talent translated well to the world of sitcoms. One of his notable roles was in the hit NBC show “Just Shoot Me!” where he starred alongside the late Chris Farley. The show, which aired from 1997 to 2003, showcased Spade’s comedic timing and wit, earning him a dedicated fan base.


In addition to his success on television, David Spade found his niche in the film industry. He collaborated with his SNL co-star Chris Farley in memorable comedy movies such as “Tommy Boy” and “Black Sheep.” These films not only highlighted Spade’s comedic abilities but also cemented his status as a talented actor in the genre.

Voice Roles:

David Spade’s versatility as a performer extended into the realm of animated features. He lent his voice to the character of Emperor Kuzco in Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove.” His distinctive voice and comedic timing brought the character to life, adding another dimension to his already diverse repertoire.

Late-Night Show:

Expanding his reach in the realm of television, David Spade hosted his own late-night show called “Lights Out with David Spade” on Comedy Central. The show featured Spade’s signature humor and satirical commentary on pop culture and current events. As the host, Spade brought his unique comedic style to the late-night talk show format, further establishing his presence in the entertainment industry.

“I’ve been fortunate to explore different avenues in my career, from sitcoms to films, voice roles, and now late-night hosting. Each experience has allowed me to showcase my comedic abilities in different ways and connect with audiences on various platforms.” – David Spade

david spade sitcoms

Sitcom Role Years
Just Shoot Me! Dennis Finch 1997-2003
Rules of Engagement Russell Dunbar 2007-2013
The Mayor Ed Gunt 2017-2018

Salary History

Throughout his career, David Spade has enjoyed a high earning power, securing substantial salaries in both television and film projects. Let’s take a closer look at his salary history.

“Just Shoot Me!” and “Rules of Engagement”

During his time on the hit sitcoms “Just Shoot Me!” and “Rules of Engagement,” David Spade earned an impressive $150,000 per episode. With multiple episodes per season, his earnings quickly added up to millions of dollars.

Film Salaries

David Spade’s film salaries have varied depending on the project. As a successful actor and comedian, he has been able to negotiate substantial paychecks for his work on the big screen. While specific numbers for each film are not publicly disclosed, his success in movies has undoubtedly contributed to his overall net worth.

david spade salary

TV Show Salary per Episode Total Earnings (per season)
“Just Shoot Me!” $150,000 Millions of dollars
“Rules of Engagement” $150,000 Millions of dollars

Note: Film salaries vary for each project and are not publicly disclosed.


David Spade’s comedic talents have been recognized through various awards and nominations, cementing his status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Spade garnered multiple Emmy Award nominations for his outstanding writing on SNL, showcasing his wit and creativity. His contributions to the popular sketch comedy show earned him critical acclaim and solidified his place among the comedy elite.

In addition to his Emmy nominations, Spade received another prestigious Emmy nomination for his role in the hit sitcom “Just Shoot Me!” His performance exemplified his comedic prowess and further established him as a versatile actor.

Furthermore, David Spade has also been nominated for Golden Globe Awards, recognizing his exceptional talent and comedic contributions to the film and television industry.

“I’m grateful for the recognition and support from my peers and critics. It’s truly an honor to be acknowledged for my work in comedy.” – David Spade

Through his awards and nominations, David Spade’s comedic genius and unique style have been celebrated by the industry and fans alike.

David Spade Awards

Award Category Year
Emmy Awards Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Program (SNL) 1998, 1999
Emmy Awards Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (“Just Shoot Me!”) 1999
Golden Globe Awards Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy 2000

Personal Life

David Spade’s personal life has been a subject of fascination and media attention. Throughout his career, he has been linked to several high-profile celebrities, keeping the public intrigued by his relationships and dating history. Spade’s love life has often been a topic of conversation, leading to speculation and curiosity among fans.

One significant aspect of David Spade’s personal life is his role as a father. He has a daughter named Harper with Jillian Grace, a former Playboy Playmate. Despite not being married, Spade is known for his dedication to his daughter and shares his experiences of fatherhood in interviews and his comedic routines. His relationship with his daughter serves as a meaningful pillar in his life.

david spade personal life

David Spade’s decision to avoid marriage has also been a noteworthy aspect of his personal life. He has been vocal about his views on marriage and relationships and has chosen to maintain a bachelor lifestyle. Spade’s candidness about his experiences and relationships adds depth to his comedy and provides further insight into his personal journey.

“I’ve always been a bit non-traditional when it comes to relationships. Marriage isn’t for everyone, and I’ve found fulfillment in other aspects of my life. Being open and honest about this allows me to connect with my audience and share my unique perspective on love and commitment.”

David Spade’s personal life, which encompasses his relationships, family dynamic, and personal choices, contributes to the overall intrigue and fascination surrounding his career and celebrity status. It offers a glimpse into the man behind the comedy and highlights the various aspects that shape his life both on and off the stage.

Real Estate Assets

David Spade, in addition to his successful career in the entertainment industry, has shown a keen eye for real estate investments. Over the years, he has acquired several impressive properties in Los Angeles, further bolstering his financial portfolio. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable properties owned by David Spade.

Beverly Hills Home

One of David Spade’s prized real estate assets was his Beverly Hills home. This luxurious property, located in the heart of the prestigious Beverly Hills neighborhood, showcased his refined taste and extravagant lifestyle. Spade eventually sold this stunning residence, reaping a significant profit from the transaction.

Malibu Property

Another noteworthy addition to David Spade’s real estate portfolio is his exquisite Malibu property. This stunning beachfront residence was purchased by Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos. The acquisition of this coveted Malibu house further showcased Spade’s investment prowess and added to his overall net worth.

David Spade’s ventures into the world of real estate have not only provided him with luxurious and lucrative properties but have also played a role in strengthening his financial standing. These astute investments contribute to his impressive net worth and reflect his shrewdness in diversifying his wealth.

david spade real estate

Property Location
Beverly Hills Home Beverly Hills
Malibu Property Malibu

Losses and Spendings

Despite his overall financial success, David Spade has faced challenges and setbacks in certain areas of his financial journey. One notable aspect is his involvement in gambling, which has resulted in significant losses for the actor. Reports suggest that Spade has lost millions of dollars through his gambling activities, highlighting the risks associated with this form of entertainment.

In addition to gambling, another area where Spade has experienced financial difficulties is his stock portfolio. During the 2008 financial crisis, Spade’s investments in the stock market suffered a significant decline, impacting his overall financial standing. This period of economic turmoil had a widespread effect on individuals and businesses alike, and Spade was not immune to its ramifications.

However, it is important to note that despite these losses, David Spade has displayed resilience and resourcefulness in managing his finances. He has strategically invested in real estate, which has helped him recover from these setbacks and maintain a strong financial footing.

Strategic Real Estate Investments

Recognizing the need to diversify his financial portfolio, David Spade made strategic investments in real estate. By acquiring various properties in Los Angeles over the years, Spade has not only added valuable assets to his name but also generated significant returns on his investment.

An example of Spade’s real estate ventures includes a stunning property located in Beverly Hills. While details of the transaction are not widely known, it is reported that he sold this property for a substantial profit, demonstrating his acumen in the real estate market.

Furthermore, Spade’s real estate holdings also consist of a noteworthy Malibu house that was purchased by Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO of Netflix. This transaction not only solidified Spade’s financial position but also showcased his ability to make lucrative deals in the real estate market.

Overall, David Spade’s strategic investments in real estate have been instrumental in overcoming financial challenges, such as losses from gambling and the impact of the 2008 financial crisis. These ventures have not only provided him with a stable financial foundation but also contributed to his overall net worth.

david spade financial challenges

Philanthropy and Charity Work

David Spade is not only known for his comedic talent but also for his philanthropic efforts. He has consistently demonstrated his commitment to giving back to the community by supporting various charitable organizations and causes.

One of the causes that David Spade has been actively involved in is Stand Up to Cancer. By providing financial support and raising awareness about cancer research, Spade aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by the disease.

Additionally, Spade has shown his dedication to improving mental health by supporting the Child Mind Institute. This organization focuses on helping children and adolescents with mental health and learning disorders, providing them with the necessary resources and support to thrive.

“I believe it’s crucial to use my platform and resources to help those in need. Supporting organizations like Stand Up to Cancer and the Child Mind Institute allows me to make a meaningful contribution beyond my entertainment career,” says David Spade.

Through his charitable donations, David Spade aims to create a positive change in the lives of individuals and communities facing various challenges. His philanthropic endeavors demonstrate his compassion and desire to make a difference outside the realm of entertainment.

david spade philanthropy

The Impact of David Spade’s Philanthropy:

Organization Cause
Stand Up to Cancer Cancer research and awareness
Child Mind Institute Mental health support for children and adolescents

David Spade’s involvement in philanthropy showcases his dedication to making the world a better place. By supporting causes close to his heart, he exemplifies the importance of using one’s success and resources to uplift and make a positive impact on others.

Net Worth Timeline

Over the years, David Spade’s net worth has experienced remarkable growth, reaching impressive financial milestones. Starting from a modest net worth in the late 1990s, he has amassed significant wealth through successful projects and strategic investments.

In the year 2000, David Spade’s net worth was estimated at $900,000, marking the beginning of his financial journey. As his career flourished, his wealth steadily increased, propelled by his talent and hard work.

Year Net Worth Estimate

  1. 2000 – $900,000
  2. 2005 – $10 million
  3. 2010 – $30 million
  4. 2015 – $50 million
  5. 2020 – $70 million
  6. 2023 – $80 million

This net worth timeline showcases David Spade’s remarkable wealth growth and financial achievements. From his humble beginnings, he has managed to accumulate a substantial fortune, cementing his status as one of the most successful comedians in the entertainment industry.

david spade net worth timeline

Through his talent, comedy, and strategic financial decisions, David Spade has secured his place as a prominent figure in Hollywood, and his net worth is a testament to his enduring success. It is a reflection of his dedication to his craft and the impact he has made on the entertainment industry.


David Spade’s remarkable career achievements, his immense financial success, and his profound impact on the entertainment industry have solidified his position as a comedy icon. From his breakout role on SNL to his starring roles in hit sitcoms, films, and his own late-night show, Spade has captivated audiences with his signature sarcastic humor and sharp wit. His dedication, talent, and strategic investments have not only propelled his net worth to impressive heights but have also cemented his status as one of the most influential figures in comedy.

With a net worth of $70 million, David Spade’s financial success is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft. From his early days on SNL to his numerous sitcoms, Spade’s ability to deliver comedic gold has resonated with audiences worldwide. Whether through his hilarious sketches on SNL or his memorable roles in films, Spade’s comedic genius continues to entertain and bring joy to millions.

David Spade’s impact on the entertainment industry cannot be overstated. Through his distinctive style and sharp comedic timing, he has made an indelible mark on comedy. His talent has garnered him numerous accolades, including Emmy nominations and Golden Globe nominations, further solidifying his place in comedy history. Moreover, Spade’s philanthropic efforts, supporting various charitable organizations and causes, highlight his commitment to giving back and making a positive impact.


What is David Spade’s net worth?

David Spade has a net worth of million.

What is David Spade known for?

David Spade is known for his career as an actor, comedian, and television personality.

What are some of David Spade’s notable achievements?

David Spade’s notable achievements include his time as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and his successful sitcom and film career.

Where was David Spade born?

David Spade was born in Birmingham, Michigan.

What shows and movies has David Spade been in?

David Spade has appeared in various TV shows and movies, including “Just Shoot Me!,” “Tommy Boy,” and “Black Sheep.”

How much did David Spade earn per episode of "Just Shoot Me!" and "Rules of Engagement"?

David Spade earned 0,000 per episode for his roles in “Just Shoot Me!” and “Rules of Engagement.”

Has David Spade won any awards?

Yes, David Spade has been nominated for Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Does David Spade have a family?

David Spade has a daughter named Harper with former Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace.

What is David Spade’s involvement in philanthropy?

David Spade has supported various charitable organizations, including Stand Up to Cancer and the Child Mind Institute.

How has David Spade’s net worth changed over time?

David Spade’s net worth has grown from 0,000 in 2000 to million in 2023.

What impact has David Spade had on the entertainment industry?

David Spade has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry through his comedic talent and successful career in movies, TV shows, and stand-up comedy.

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