David Justice Net Worth

David Justice Net Worth

Who Is David Justice?

David Justice is an American former professional baseball outfielder and a designated hitter. His full name is David Christopher Justice. He was born on April 14, in the year 1966 in Cincinnati Ohio.

David Justice Net worth:

The net worth of David Justice is of about $ 40 million which speaks a lot about his popularity. At the time of his retirement, his earning was $7 million per annum.

He owns a beautiful house in California which is of about $ 3.47 million. He also owns a luxurious car that is the Mercedes Benz g55 AMG which costs $114,000.

David Justice Life History:

David Justice was born in the in the year 1966 on April 14. His father was Robert and his mother was Nettie. He went to Catholic schools, St. Joseph and St. Lenient. He exceeded expectations both physically and in the classroom, avoiding the seventh and eighth grades.

In secondary school, David was more known for his ball capacities, turning into the untouched driving scorer in school history, averaging 26.5 focuses per game during his senior year.

He moved on from Covington Latin School in Covington, Kentucky at age 16 in the year 1982. He, at that point, went to Thomas More College on a bball grant, in Crestview Hills, Kentucky studying Criminal Justice, and studying brain research.

He is an individual from the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. On December 31, 1992, Justice got married to film actress Halle Berry. The couple lived in Sandy Springs, Georgia. They separated on February 22, of the year 1996, and got their divorce finalized on June 24, in the year 1997.

The marriage finished sharply, with Berry looking for a restraining order against Justice.
The marriage was also in the news as David had gone on his Twitter account with tweets that stated that he had never physically abused Halle and all the reports have no truth in them.

His first child David, Jr. who was born on December 27, in the year 1999 is with his ex-girlfriend Nicole Foster.

He married Rebecca Villalobos on February 8, 2001. Villalobos is CEO of Exotic Spices Calendars. They have two children together, a son Dionisio who was born on June 7, 2002, and little girl Raquel who was born in the year 2004.

David Justice – Known For:

David Justice is mainly known for his career in sports, he has been an outfielder and designated hitter in Major League Baseball and had played for the Atlanta Braves from the year 1989 to 1996, Cleveland Indians from 1997 to 2000, New York Yankees for about a year, and Oakland Athletics in the year 2002.

He had won the National League Rookie of the Year Award in the year 1990, and was a three-time MLB All-Star.

David Justice Political / Business Affiliations:

David Justice has been associated with ESPN for baseball telecasts and then he joined YES network of New York as a game and studio analyst. He had also hosted Youth-oriented programs Yankees and Deck.

David Justice Bio Info

Full name: David Christopher Justice
Born: 14 April 1966 (age 52 years)
Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Nationality: American
Home runs: 305
Spouse: Rebecca Villalobos (m. 2001), Halle Berry (m. 1993–1997)
Children: Dionisio Justice, Raquel Justice, JR Justice
Parents: Nettie Justice, Robert Justice

David Justice Quotes

  • I mulled over what he had told me as I savored the Scotch. Not bad, really – like a beer that’s been in a brawl. – David Justice
  • I don’t think Hank’s home run record will ever be broken. There’s no way. – David Justice

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