Dana Carvey Net Worth – Career Earning and Life Bio

Dana Carvey, the renowned American actor, comedian, and screenwriter, has achieved an impressive net worth of $20 million throughout his career. Carvey gained immense popularity in the 80s and 90s as a cast member on the iconic show “Saturday Night Live,” where he showcased his exceptional talent for impersonations and comedic sketches. He further solidified his success with notable roles in films such as “Wayne’s World.” Carvey’s dedication to his craft and his enduring comedic prowess have made him one of the most respected and influential figures in the entertainment industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dana Carvey has a net worth of $20 million.
  • He rose to fame as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live”.
  • Carvey is known for his exceptional impersonations and comedic talents.
  • He has appeared in successful films such as “Wayne’s World”.
  • Carvey’s dedication and comedic prowess have contributed to his lasting impact in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Education

Dana Carvey, born on June 2, 1955, in Missoula, Montana, had an eventful early life that shaped his comedic journey. Growing up in the vibrant surroundings of the San Francisco Bay Area, Carvey attended high school in Belmont, California.

His passion for comedy began to take shape during his college years at San Francisco State University. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications, Carvey discovered his talent for making people laugh. He embraced this newfound interest and started performing stand-up comedy at local venues, captivating audiences with his unique style and wit.

Carvey’s early life experiences and education laid the foundation for his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Educational Background

  • Birthdate: June 2, 1955
  • Birthplace: Missoula, Montana
  • High School: Belmont, California
  • College: San Francisco State University
  • Degree: Bachelor’s in Broadcast Communications

Dana Carvey’s educational journey provided him with valuable skills in communication and creative expression, which later became instrumental in his success as a comedian and entertainer.

Career Breakthrough on Saturday Night Live

In 1986, Dana Carvey joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” and quickly became one of the show’s most popular cast members. He gained recognition for his impersonations of various celebrities and political figures, including George H. W. Bush. Carvey’s memorable characters on the show, such as the Church Lady and Garth Algar, propelled him to stardom and earned him multiple Emmy nominations.

dana carvey saturday night live

The Saturday Night Live sketches featuring Dana Carvey showcased his exceptional talent for comedic impersonations and hilarious characterizations. His portrayal of President George H. W. Bush was particularly notable, capturing the essence of the political figure’s quirks and mannerisms. Carvey’s ability to deliver spot-on impressions combined with his comedic timing and wit made his performances on the show highly entertaining.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be part of a show like ‘Saturday Night Live’ and have the opportunity to make people laugh every week. I am incredibly grateful for the experience and the platform it provided for my career.” – Dana Carvey

In addition to his impersonations, Carvey created original characters that quickly became fan favorites. The Church Lady, with her catchphrase “Well, isn’t that special?”, and Garth Algar, the laid-back sidekick in the “Wayne’s World” sketches, resonated with viewers and further showcased Carvey’s comedic range.

Carvey’s success on “Saturday Night Live” allowed him to transition into other areas of the entertainment industry, including film and stand-up comedy. His unique brand of humor and versatile talent continue to make him a beloved figure in the comedy world.

Emmy Nominations

Dana Carvey’s outstanding performances on “Saturday Night Live” earned him recognition in the form of multiple Emmy nominations. These nominations reflect both the critical acclaim and the immense popularity of Carvey’s characters and sketches.

Year Category Outcome
1992 Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program Nominated
1993 Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program Nominated
1994 Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program Nominated

Dana Carvey’s impact on “Saturday Night Live” and his ability to captivate audiences with his comedic talent have cemented his status as one of the show’s most iconic cast members. His time on the show served as a launching pad for his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Film and Television Career

In addition to his work on “Saturday Night Live,” Dana Carvey has had a successful career in film and television. He starred in the “Wayne’s World” films, which were based on his iconic SNL skit. Carvey’s portrayal of Wayne Campbell, alongside Mike Myers as Garth Algar, resonated with audiences and led to the popularity of the movies.

Carvey’s comedic talent extended to other films as well. He appeared in comedies such as “Clean Slate,” where he played a private detective suffering from amnesia, and “The Master of Disguise,” where he showcased his versatility by portraying various characters.

Aside from his film roles, Carvey made guest appearances on various TV shows, demonstrating his comedic range. He also had the opportunity to host his own variety show, “The Dana Carvey Show,” which showcased his comedic sketches and comedic talents. Although the show had a short run, Carvey’s contributions to the program were memorable.

dana carvey movies

Film Year Role
“Wayne’s World” 1992 Wayne Campbell
“Wayne’s World 2” 1993 Wayne Campbell
“Clean Slate” 1994 Maurice Pogue
“The Master of Disguise” 2002 Pistachio Disguisey

Personal Life and Relationships

Dana Carvey’s personal life has seen its fair share of ups and downs, including his romantic relationships and dedication to his family.

“Marriage is like vitamins: we supplement each other’s strengths and cover up the deficiencies.” – Dana Carvey

Carvey married his childhood sweetheart, Leah, in 1979. However, their marriage unfortunately ended in divorce just a year later, in 1980. Despite this early setback, Carvey found love again and tied the knot with Paula Zwagerman in 1983. Together, they have two children.

Carvey’s family has always been a priority for him, and in the mid-2000s, he made the decision to take a step back from his career to prioritize spending time with his loved ones.

dana carvey relationships

Carvey’s dedication to his family not only showcases his commitment to maintaining strong relationships, but also highlights the importance of balancing personal life and career pursuits.

Notable Relationships:

  • Leah: Dana Carvey’s childhood sweetheart and first wife.
  • Paula Zwagerman: Carvey’s current wife and mother of his two children.
Spouse Married Divorced
Leah 1979 1980
Paula Zwagerman 1983

Medical Issues

In 1997, Dana Carvey faced significant medical challenges when he underwent heart bypass surgery. Unfortunately, the procedure did not go as planned, as the surgeon operated on the wrong artery. This medical error resulted in complications and ongoing heart problems for Carvey.

Despite the adverse effects, Carvey showed resilience and determination. He took legal action, filing a lawsuit for medical malpractice. In recognition of the harm caused, Carvey was awarded $8 million in damages. Demonstrating his altruism, he generously donated the entire amount to charity, using his experience to support causes he held dear.

Although faced with these health issues, Carvey did not let them overshadow his passion for comedy. He persisted in pursuing his career, showcasing his talent and humor to audiences worldwide, proving that the spirit can triumph over adversity.

Notable Quotes:

“When life throws unexpected challenges, it’s important to find strength and keep moving forward. I used my experiences to shed light on important issues and make a positive impact.” – Dana Carvey

Date Event
1997 Underwent heart bypass surgery
1997 Sued for medical malpractice
1997 Awarded $8 million in damages
1997 Donated entire amount to charity

dana carvey medical issues

Real Estate

Dana Carvey’s success in the entertainment industry is reflected not only in his career but also in his impressive real estate holdings. In 1999, Carvey made a substantial investment by purchasing a stunning property in Ross, California, for $3.75 million.

The residence, professionally designed and thoughtfully curated, is a testament to Carvey’s discerning taste and wealth. It boasts contributions from renowned architect Gardiner Dailey, known for his exquisite attention to detail, and internationally acclaimed landscape artist Thomas Church, who transformed the surroundings into a breathtaking oasis.

This prestigious property showcases Carvey’s achievement and provides a glimpse into his incredible lifestyle. The real estate investment is just one of the many indicators of his continuing success and prominence in the entertainment industry.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the details of this remarkable property:

Location Architect Landscape Artist
Ross, California Gardiner Dailey Thomas Church

dana carvey real estate

Location: Ross, California

Carvey’s property is nestled in the picturesque town of Ross, California. Located in the Marin County, Ross is known for its serene atmosphere and affluent community. The town offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city, while still being conveniently close to major urban centers and amenities.

Architect: Gardiner Dailey

Gardiner Dailey, a highly regarded architect, brought his expertise and vision to Carvey’s property. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly blend form and function, Dailey crafted a residence that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Landscape Artist: Thomas Church

Renowned landscape artist Thomas Church transformed the outdoor spaces of Carvey’s property into a stunning oasis. Known for his innovative approach and ability to create harmonious environments, Church’s contributions add a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to the estate.

Dana Carvey’s Net Worth and Salary

When it comes to financial success, Dana Carvey has certainly made his mark in the entertainment industry. With an estimated net worth of $20 million, Carvey has amassed a significant fortune throughout his career.

As a talented comedian, actor, and screenwriter, Carvey has earned a substantial income from his work in comedy, film, and television. While the exact figures of his salary are not publicly available, it is clear that Carvey’s success on “Saturday Night Live,” film roles, and stand-up comedy performances have greatly contributed to his overall wealth.

During his time on “Saturday Night Live,” Carvey became one of the show’s most popular cast members, earning recognition for his hilarious impersonations and memorable characters. His comedic talent and versatility opened doors for him in the film industry, where he starred in iconic movies such as “Wayne’s World” and “The Master of Disguise.”

Carvey’s success in both comedy and film has undoubtedly translated into lucrative deals and opportunities, further boosting his earnings. Additionally, his stand-up comedy performances have entertained audiences worldwide and generated revenue through ticket sales and merchandise.

Despite the specific salary figures remaining undisclosed, it is evident that Dana Carvey’s talent and hard work have paid off, resulting in a net worth that reflects his enduring success in the entertainment industry.

dana carvey earnings

Dana Carvey’s Income Sources

Income Source Percentage Contribution
Television (SNL, TV appearances) 45%
Films (including box office earnings) 35%
Stand-up comedy 15%
Other ventures and endorsements 5%


Dana Carvey, a talented and successful comedian, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry throughout his impressive career. From his early days on “Saturday Night Live” to his iconic film roles, Carvey’s comedic genius has brought joy and laughter to audiences worldwide. Despite personal and health challenges, he has remained dedicated to his craft, showcasing his unique comedic style and entertaining fans for decades.

With a net worth of $20 million, Dana Carvey’s success is a testament to his exceptional talent and hard work. His outstanding performances on “Saturday Night Live” and memorable characters like the Church Lady and Garth Algar have made him an enduring comedic icon. Carvey’s ability to connect with audiences and his unwavering commitment to his craft have solidified his reputation as a beloved entertainer.

Although faced with medical setbacks and personal struggles, Dana Carvey has continued to shine in the spotlight. From his early stand-up performances to his contributions to film and television, he has proven his versatility and resilience. Through it all, Carvey has charmed audiences with his infectious humor and unique brand of comedy, cementing his place in entertainment history.


What is Dana Carvey’s net worth?

Dana Carvey has a net worth of million.

What did Dana Carvey become famous for?

Dana Carvey rose to fame as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and gained recognition for his impersonations and memorable characters.

What movies and TV shows has Dana Carvey been in?

Dana Carvey has appeared in films such as “Wayne’s World” and “Clean Slate,” and he has made guest appearances on various TV shows. He also hosted his own variety show, “The Dana Carvey Show.”

Who is Dana Carvey married to?

Dana Carvey is currently married to Paula Zwagerman. They have been married since 1983 and have two children together.

Did Dana Carvey have any health issues?

Yes, Dana Carvey underwent heart bypass surgery in 1997, which led to complications. He later sued for medical malpractice and was awarded million in damages.

Does Dana Carvey own any real estate?

Yes, Dana Carvey purchased a property in Ross, California, for .75 million in 1999.

What is Dana Carvey’s estimated net worth?

Dana Carvey’s net worth is estimated to be million.

What is Dana Carvey’s career known for?

Dana Carvey is known for his successful career as a comedian, actor, and screenwriter, with notable contributions to “Saturday Night Live” and iconic film roles.

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