Dan Le Batard Net Worth

Dan Le Batard Net Worth

Dan Le Batard is an American newspaper sports writer, radio host, and television reporter, in Miami, who is best known for his work in ESPN and his work at the Miami Herald, since 1990. Le Batard’s real success came after being hired at the Miami Herald, and his breaking of his former college’s football team. His investigative reporting brought light to the scandals that has been happening in colleges across America. The estimated net worth of Dan Le Batard is $1 million.


Dan Le Batard was born on December 16, 1968 in Jersey City, New Jersey, to Gonzalo Le Batard, who is a radio host, and Lourdes, who were exiled from Cuba. His parents moved their family to Central Islip, New york, before finally settling in Miramar, Florida. Dan Le Batard is the brother of Miami based artist, David Le Batard, also known as LEBO. Part of Dan Le Batard’s education came from Chaminade – Madonna College Preparatory, but he later attended the University of Miami and graduated in 1990 with a degree in Journalism and Politics. He learned Spanish through his parents’ heritage, and has been known to talk about how his family risked everything coming to the U.S. Unfortunately, his last name means, “The Bastard,” and originated from France.

Dan Le Batard’s career started straight out of college after he graduated from the University of Miami, at the age of 22. His work as a sports columnist, led him to report on the Miami Hurricanes Football Team Pell Grant Scandal, which was his first story to write about when he first started working at the Herald. With this report, his career was immediately boosted and he soon started hosting a morning radio show, with Jon “Stugotz” Wiener on ESPN Radio. Le Batard is a recurring guest on ESPN television network shows, Outside the Lines, The Sports Reporters, and College GameDay. He is also a regular guest on the show, Pardon the Interruption, where his nickname is “The Hateable Dan Le Batard,” because of his controversial opinions. In 2011, ESPN, gave him his own show titled, Dan Le Batard, is, Highly Questionable?, He is also a host, along with his father, Gonzalo and Bomani Jones, on the show, Sports Talk Block, which airs on ESPN 2.

Awards and Acknowledgements

With Dan Le Batard’s hard work, he has been able to secure his voice in the journalistic sports world, despite his recent controversies. His years of being a sports journalist, may have sports fans asking why his opinions are so controversial, but with every controversial opinion, his work has proven why it is ESPN has kept him around. He has won several Associated Press Sports Editor Awards as well as written national publications for for Maxim and Cosmopolitan.

Net Worth of Dan Le Batard

Starting his career as a sports columnist at the Miami Herald, Dan Le Batard has made his name in a more than different and unique way in the sports industry. Although he is known as “The Hateable Dan Le Batard,” without him, fans would not have someone that they would love to hate. Dan Le Batard’s net worth is $1 million, and he owes his success to his work as a journalist on ESPN as well as a sports reporter at the Miami Herald. Le Batard’s voice has been wide and well known which is why he is successful in the sports industry.


Dan Le Batard, may have come from a family who has had to endure some hardships, by being exiled from their home country, but his success as a journalist has taken him far, since starting his career. His controversial voice, may be one that many fans find annoying, but he is one who is still listened to, because people love to hear a different opinion, even if it is aggravating. Dan Le Batard will always be known as the hard working journalist who loves to get under people’s skin and stay there.

Dan Le Batard Bio Info

Born: 16 December 1968 (age 49 years), Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Nationality: American
Residence: Miami, Florida, United States
Education: University of Miami (1990)
Parents: Lourdes Le Batard, Gonzalo Le Batard
Siblings: David Le Batard

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