Cybill Shepherd Net Worth – Career Earning and Life Bio

Cybill Shepherd, an American actress and former model, has an estimated net worth of $40 million. She has had a successful career in both film and television, earning accolades for her versatile performances. Let’s explore Shepherd’s career, earnings, and personal life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cybill Shepherd has an estimated net worth of $40 million.
  • She has had a successful career in both film and television.
  • Shepherd’s versatile performances have earned her acclaim.
  • She has also ventured into modeling, music, and writing.
  • Shepherd’s personal life is as intriguing as her on-screen roles.

Early Life and Modeling Beginnings

In this section, we will delve into Cybill Shepherd’s early life and her journey into the world of modeling.

Cybill Shepherd was born on February 18, 1950, in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up in the heart of the South, Shepherd’s beauty and charisma were evident from a young age. In her teenage years, she participated in local beauty pageants and won the coveted title of Miss Teenage Memphis. This marked the beginning of her rise to fame.

With her natural poise and stunning looks, Shepherd gained recognition beyond her hometown. She was chosen to represent Memphis in the prestigious 1966 Miss Teenage America pageant, where she showcased her charm and grace to a national audience. This experience paved the way for her entry into the world of modeling.

Shepherd’s modeling career took off rapidly as she quickly became known for her impeccable style and photogenic presence. She caught the attention of top fashion photographers and designers, earning her a coveted spot on the cover of Glamour magazine in 1970. This breakthrough moment solidified her status as one of the industry’s most sought-after models.

Her modeling success not only opened doors to exciting opportunities but also provided a foundation for her eventual transition into acting. With her striking looks and natural talent, Shepherd would go on to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her performances on the silver screen and television.

Film Career Breakthroughs

One of the most pivotal moments in Cybill Shepherd’s film career came with her roles in two critically acclaimed movies. In 1971, she made her mark in the coming-of-age drama “The Last Picture Show,” followed by the 1972 romantic comedy “The Heartbreak Kid.” These breakthrough performances catapulted her into the spotlight and established her as a talented actress to watch.

“The Last Picture Show” was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and garnered widespread acclaim for its authentic portrayal of small-town life. The film received multiple Academy Award nominations and catapulted Shepherd into the limelight. Her performance as Jacy Farrow, a young woman navigating the complexities of love and relationships, showcased her range and potential as an actress.

The following year, Shepherd delivered yet another impressive performance in “The Heartbreak Kid.” Directed by Elaine May, the film revolved around the romantic entanglements of its main characters. Shepherd’s portrayal of Kelly Corcoran, a young woman caught in a love triangle, cemented her reputation as a promising talent in the industry.

Building on these early successes, Shepherd continued to showcase her versatility in a range of films. In 1974, she starred in “Daisy Miller,” a romantic drama based on the novel by Henry James. Her nuanced portrayal of the title character demonstrated her ability to bring complex literary figures to life on the big screen.

Cybill Shepherd breakthrough roles

Further Film Career

In addition to her early film breakthroughs, Cybill Shepherd continued to enchant audiences with her diverse roles and captivating performances throughout the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s. She worked with renowned directors such as Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese, showcasing her immense talent and versatility as an actress.

Some of Shepherd’s notable films include:

  1. “Chances Are” (1989)
  2. “Texasville” (1990)
  3. “Alice” (1990)
  4. “Do You Believe?” (2015)

Whether it was playing a romantic lead, a comedic character, or delving into dramatic roles, Shepherd’s filmography epitomizes her ability to take on diverse characters and deliver stellar performances.

“I think the key is to do roles that you are passionate about and that challenge you as an actress. As long as the material excites me, I’m willing to explore new territories and push my boundaries.” – Cybill Shepherd

From charming romantic comedies to thought-provoking dramas, Shepherd’s film career is a testament to her incredible talent and dedication to her craft.

Cybill Shepherd Notable Films

Film Year
“Chances Are” 1989
“Texasville” 1990
“Alice” 1990
“Do You Believe?” 2015

Cybill Shepherd Film Career

Through her remarkable filmography, Cybill Shepherd has established herself as a versatile and celebrated actress, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

Television Career

Cybill Shepherd’s television career has been nothing short of legendary, with iconic roles that have left a lasting impact on the industry. In the ’80s, Shepherd soared to fame with her portrayal of Maddie Hayes in the hit series Moonlighting, a role that earned her two Golden Globe Awards. Her on-screen chemistry with co-star Bruce Willis captivated audiences and showcased her incredible talent.

Television Series Awards
Moonlighting 2 Golden Globe Awards
Cybill 1 Golden Globe Award

Following the success of Moonlighting, Shepherd starred in her own sitcom, Cybill, from 1995 to 1998. Her portrayal of Cybill Sheridan, a struggling actress navigating the challenges of her personal and professional life, earned her another Golden Globe Award. The show was praised for its humor and Shepherd’s comedic timing.

Shepherd’s talent and versatility have also led to numerous guest appearances in popular shows such as The L Word and Psych. These appearances allowed her to showcase her range as an actress and further cement her status as a television icon.

Cybill Shepherd Television Career

Memorable Television Roles

  • Maddie Hayes in Moonlighting
  • Cybill Sheridan in Cybill

“Television has given me the opportunity to portray diverse characters and explore different aspects of my craft. I am grateful for the recognition and love that I have received from audiences and the industry.” – Cybill Shepherd

Cybill Shepherd’s television career has been marked by exceptional performances, critical acclaim, and a lasting legacy. Her iconic roles continue to inspire and entertain audiences, making her a true force in the industry.

Other Endeavors

In addition to her successful acting career, Cybill Shepherd has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry through various other endeavors. She has showcased her diverse talents as a recording artist and a published author.

Cybill Shepherd’s Music Career

Shepherd’s love for music led her to release several albums throughout her career. In 1974, she delighted fans with her album “Cybill Does It… To Cole Porter.” Known for her sultry voice and captivating stage presence, Shepherd showcased her musical talents by interpreting the timeless classics of Cole Porter. Her unique rendition of these beloved songs provided a fresh perspective and further solidified her status as a versatile performer.

Decades later, in 1998, Shepherd returned to the music scene with her album “Vanilla.” This album showcased her growth as an artist, featuring a mix of original compositions and reinterpretations of popular songs. Shepherd’s musical journey allowed her to connect with her audience on a different level, creating a harmonious bond that extended beyond the silver screen.

cybill shepherd music career

Cybill Shepherd’s Autobiography

In 2000, Shepherd shared intimate details about her life and experiences in Hollywood through her bestselling autobiography, “Cybill Disobedience.” This deeply personal memoir provided readers with insights into her upbringing, her struggles in the industry, and her journey toward self-discovery. Shepherd’s candid and honest portrayal of her life resonated with readers, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the woman behind the glamorous persona.

“Cybill Disobedience allowed me to peel back the layers and reveal my true self. It was a cathartic experience and an opportunity to connect with my fans on a deeper level, sharing the triumphs and challenges I’ve faced throughout my career.”

Shepherd’s autobiography stands as a testament to her courage and determination, inspiring others to embrace their authentic selves and pursue their passions fearlessly.

By diversifying her creative endeavors, Shepherd has left an indelible mark on both the entertainment industry and the hearts of her fans. Through her music and written words, she has showcased her immense talent, inspiring others to embrace their multifaceted nature and pursue their passions without boundaries.

Personal Life

Cybill Shepherd’s personal life has been as intriguing as her on-screen roles. Throughout her career, she has had notable relationships with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Elvis Presley, Peter Bogdanovich, and Jack Nicholson.

Shepherd has been married twice. Her first marriage was to David M. Ford, with whom she shares a daughter named Clementine. After her divorce from Ford, Shepherd married Bruce Oppenheim, and the couple has twins named Molly and Cyrus.

While Shepherd’s professional life has garnered much attention, her personal relationships have also been a subject of fascination for her fans and the media.

cybill shepherd personal life

“My personal life has had its ups and downs, but I’ve always been guided by my passion for my craft and my commitment to living life to the fullest.” – Cybill Shepherd

Real Estate

Throughout her successful career, Cybill Shepherd has made strategic investments in real estate, securing properties in desirable locations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable real estate ventures of this accomplished actress.

Encino Estate

One of Shepherd’s significant real estate acquisitions is her stunning 9000 square-foot home in Encino, California. Purchased in 1995 for an impressive $2.8 million, this luxurious property showcases her refined taste and sense of style.

Cybill Shepherd real estate

Los Angeles Property

Cybill Shepherd also owned a prime property in the heart of Los Angeles. In 2002, she listed this prestigious residence for $3.5 million, reflecting the value of investing in high-demand real estate markets.

Hometown Haven in Memphis

In addition to her California and Los Angeles properties, Shepherd maintains a home in her beloved hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. This charming abode serves as her sanctuary, providing a peaceful retreat complemented by the warmth of southern hospitality.

A Shrewd Investor

By diversifying her portfolio with real estate investments, Cybill Shepherd demonstrates not only her financial acumen but also her astute understanding of the value of prime properties in sought-after locations.

What is Cybill Shepherd’s Net Worth?

Cybill Shepherd, a renowned American actress and former model, has amassed a staggering net worth of $40 million. Her impressive wealth is a result of her highly successful career in film and television, as well as her ventures in modeling, music, and writing. With her undeniable talent, versatility, and enduring presence in the entertainment industry, Shepherd has firmly established herself as one of Hollywood’s esteemed actresses.

Throughout her illustrious career, Shepherd has captivated audiences with her remarkable performances on both the big and small screens. From her breakthrough roles in influential films like “The Last Picture Show” and “The Heartbreak Kid” to her remarkable television success in series like “Moonlighting” and “Cybill,” Shepherd has consistently showcased her exceptional acting prowess and versatility.

In addition to her on-screen accomplishments, Shepherd has explored other creative avenues to great success. As a model, she graced the cover of Glamour magazine in 1970, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion industry. She also ventured into music, releasing albums like “Cybill Does It… To Cole Porter” and “Vanilla.” Furthermore, her best-selling autobiography, “Cybill Disobedience,” provided readers with intriguing insights into her life and experiences in Hollywood.

With her diverse talents and remarkable career achievements, Cybill Shepherd’s net worth stands as a testament to her immense contributions to the entertainment industry. Her legacy as an accomplished actress and multi-talented artist continues to inspire aspiring performers and fans alike.


What is Cybill Shepherd’s net worth?

Cybill Shepherd has an estimated net worth of million.

What are some of Cybill Shepherd’s notable films?

Some of Cybill Shepherd’s notable films include “The Last Picture Show” (1971), “The Heartbreak Kid” (1972), “Taxi Driver” (1976), and “Daisy Miller” (1974).

What are some of Cybill Shepherd’s iconic television roles?

Cybill Shepherd is well-known for her roles in the hit series “Moonlighting” and her own sitcom “Cybill,” for which she won Golden Globe Awards.

What other creative endeavors has Cybill Shepherd pursued?

Aside from acting, Cybill Shepherd has released albums as a recording artist and written a bestselling autobiography titled “Cybill Disobedience” (2000).

Who are some of Cybill Shepherd’s notable relationships?

Cybill Shepherd has had relationships with Elvis Presley, Peter Bogdanovich, and Jack Nicholson.

What is Cybill Shepherd’s involvement in real estate?

Cybill Shepherd has invested in real estate, owning properties in California and Memphis, Tennessee.

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