Craig Robinson Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Craig Robinson is a multi-talented American actor, stand-up comedian, singer, musician, and producer. With a net worth of $6 million, Robinson has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, earning recognition for his comedic and acting skills.

Key Takeaways:

  • Craig Robinson is an American actor, stand-up comedian, singer, musician, and producer.
  • He has a net worth of $6 million.
  • Robinson is best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on the NBC sitcom “The Office.”
  • He has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.
  • Despite personal challenges, Robinson has made positive changes in his life and focused on his health and fitness.

Early Life

In this section, we will explore the early life of Craig Robinson, the American actor, comedian, and musician. Born on October 25, 1971, in Chicago, Illinois, Robinson was raised in a Methodist household. From a young age, he had a deep passion for music, which was nurtured by his mother, who was a music teacher, and his father, who was an attorney.

Robinson attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, where he continued to develop his musical talents. After completing high school, he pursued his education at Illinois State University. There, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music, further refining his skills and knowledge in this field.

With a strong academic foundation, Robinson continued his educational journey at Saint Xavier University, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Music Education. This advanced degree enabled him to deepen his understanding of music and enhance his abilities as a musician.

Throughout his early life, Craig Robinson’s passion for music and his dedication to honing his skills laid the groundwork for his future success in the entertainment industry. Let’s delve deeper into his remarkable career and explore the incredible achievements that followed.


After completing his education, Craig Robinson moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to pursue a career in entertainment. He began taking improv classes at The Second City and started performing stand-up comedy. Robinson’s comedic talent caught the attention of casting directors, and he landed bit parts in TV shows like “Friends” and “Arrested Development.” In 2005, he joined the cast of “The Office” and became a series regular. This role launched his career and led to numerous other acting opportunities in both film and television.

Throughout his career, Craig Robinson continued to impress audiences with his versatile performances on both the big and small screens. He showcased his comedic timing in films such as “Pineapple Express,” “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and “This Is the End.” Robinson also displayed his dramatic skills in movies like “Morris from America” and “Get On Up.” On television, he made memorable guest appearances on popular shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Mr. Robot.”

In addition to acting, Robinson has lent his musical talents to various projects. He played the piano and sang in several episodes of “The Office,” adding an extra layer of entertainment to the series. Furthermore, he has performed as a musician in his own right, captivating audiences with his comedic musical acts.

Craig Robinson’s career has been characterized by his ability to seamlessly transition between different genres and mediums. Whether he’s making audiences laugh with his hilarious improv and comedic timing or delivering powerful performances in more dramatic roles, Robinson’s versatility as an entertainer has solidified his place in the industry.

Table: Craig Robinson’s Notable Works

Film Year
Pineapple Express 2008
Hot Tub Time Machine 2010
This Is the End 2013
Morris from America 2016

With his impressive body of work and undeniable talent, Craig Robinson has established himself as a respected and sought-after actor in the entertainment industry. He continues to delight audiences with his performances and remains an influential figure in both comedy and acting.

craig robinson Career

Personal Life

Craig Robinson’s personal life has had its ups and downs. He has been open about his struggles with substance abuse and has had legal troubles related to drug possession. However, in recent years, Robinson has made positive changes in his life, including giving up alcohol and adopting a vegan diet. He has focused on his health and fitness, losing 50 pounds along the way.

Robinson keeps his dating life private, and information about his current relationship status is not publicly disclosed.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Craig Robinson’s commitment to personal growth and well-being is evident. Embracing a healthier lifestyle and prioritizing self-care have become important aspects of his journey.

Overcoming Substance Abuse and Legal Troubles

Substance abuse has been a battle Craig Robinson has openly discussed. He has acknowledged the impact it had on his life, career, and relationships. However, he has taken significant steps to overcome these struggles, including seeking help, attending therapy, and joining support groups.

Robinson’s determination to overcome his substance abuse issues serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. His transparency about his journey highlights the importance of seeking help and finding a supportive community.

A Healthier Lifestyle and Fitness Journey

Robinson’s commitment to personal well-being goes beyond overcoming substance abuse. He has embraced a healthier lifestyle, making conscious choices that benefit both his physical and mental health. One significant change he made was adopting a vegan diet.

In addition to his dietary changes, Robinson has also prioritized regular exercise and fitness. Through consistent dedication, he has successfully lost 50 pounds.

craig robinson Personal Life

Keeping a Private Dating Life

While Craig Robinson is an open book about many aspects of his life, he chooses to keep his dating life private. He understands the importance of maintaining personal boundaries and respecting the privacy of his relationships.

By prioritizing his personal well-being, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and keeping his dating life private, Craig Robinson continues to make positive choices to enhance his overall happiness and fulfillment.

Awards and Nominations

Throughout his illustrious career, Craig Robinson has been recognized for his exceptional talent and outstanding performances. His contributions to the entertainment industry have garnered critical acclaim and earned him prestigious awards and nominations, showcasing his versatility and skill.

MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Moment

In recognition of his memorable performance in the hit film “This Is the End,” Craig Robinson shared the MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Moment. His comedic timing and musical prowess captivated audiences, making this award a well-deserved honor.

Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival

Craig Robinson’s remarkable portrayal in the indie film “Morris from America” earned him the Special Jury Prize at the esteemed Sundance Film Festival. His charismatic and nuanced performance showcased his range as an actor, leaving a lasting impact on both critics and audiences.

NAACP Image Awards Nominations

Craig Robinson has been recognized by the NAACP Image Awards for his outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry. His notable body of work has consistently impressed audiences and critics alike, securing multiple nominations in various categories.

SAG Award-Nominated Ensembles

Craig Robinson has been part of SAG Award-nominated ensembles, highlighting his ability to collaborate effectively with fellow actors and deliver exceptional performances as part of a unified cast. His talent and professionalism have contributed to the success of these critically acclaimed productions.

With his exceptional comedic timing, acting prowess, and musical talent, Craig Robinson continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry. His awards and nominations solidify his position as one of the industry’s most respected and versatile talents. Through his dedication and passion for his craft, Robinson has established himself as a true icon in the world of entertainment.

craig robinson Awards Nominations

Real Estate

In November 2020, Craig Robinson made a significant real estate investment by purchasing a luxurious home in Tarzana, California. This stunning property, valued at $2.6 million, showcases Robinson’s success and financial stability.

Property Features
Square Footage 4,639 sq ft
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 6
Countertops and Floors Marble
Wine Closet Yes
Swimming Pool Yes
Outdoor Dining Space Yes

craig robinson Real Estate

The property spans an impressive 4,639 square feet and encompasses six bedrooms and six bathrooms. With its exquisite marble countertops and floors, this home exudes elegance and sophistication. Additionally, the property features a wine closet, a swimming pool for relaxation and recreation, and an outdoor dining space perfect for hosting gatherings and enjoying the California weather.

Craig Robinson’s investment in this luxurious real estate exemplifies his financial success and allows him to enjoy the comforts of a remarkable home in the desirable Tarzana area.

Early Steps in Comedy

Craig Robinson’s journey in comedy began while he was still in college. He took improv classes at The Second City in Chicago and started performing stand-up comedy. Robinson honed his comedic skills and competed in regional comedy competitions, gaining recognition for his raw talent and natural ability to make people laugh.

craig robinson Early Steps Comedy

With his quick wit and irresistible charisma, Robinson quickly caught the attention of industry professionals who recognized his comedic potential. These early steps in comedy laid the foundation for his future success and opened doors to more opportunities in the world of comedy.

“Stand-up comedy is a unique art form that allows performers to connect with the audience on a personal level. Craig Robinson’s ability to command the stage and deliver hilarious punchlines sets him apart as a standout comedian.”

Robinson’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering passion for making people laugh have propelled his comedy career to new heights. From small comedy clubs to sold-out theaters, Robinson has continued to captivate audiences with his infectious energy and relatable humor.

The Second City: A Springboard for Success

The Second City is a renowned comedy theater and training center that has produced some of the industry’s most talented comedians, including Tina Fey, Bill Murray, and Steve Carell. Robinson’s time at The Second City allowed him to sharpen his comedic skills and learn from seasoned professionals in the industry.

He worked tirelessly on his act, perfecting his timing and delivery. Through his experiences at The Second City, Robinson developed a unique comedic style that combines wit, charm, and a knack for storytelling.

Robinson’s dedication and hard work eventually paid off, as he began to gain recognition and acclaim for his comedic performances. His early steps in comedy laid a solid foundation for the successful career in entertainment that was yet to come.

Musical Comedy

In addition to his success as an actor and comedian, Craig Robinson has showcased his musical talent through musical comedy acts. One notable act was his collaboration with Jerry Minor in the duo L. Witherspoon & Chucky. They performed as a musical parody act, combining humor and music. Robinson’s skills as a musician and singer have added an extra dimension to his comedic performances and have further solidified his status as a versatile entertainer.

Collaboration with Jerry Minor

One of Craig Robinson’s notable ventures into musical comedy was his collaboration with Jerry Minor. Together, they formed the duo L. Witherspoon & Chucky, bringing their unique blend of humor and music to audiences. Their performances were a fusion of comedic sketches and musical parodies, demonstrating Robinson’s versatility as both a comedian and a musician. The duo’s chemistry and comedic timing made them a hit with fans.

craig robinson Musical Comedy

Combining Humor and Music

Robinson’s musical comedy acts seamlessly blend humor and music to create an entertaining and memorable experience for the audience. His ability to incorporate musical elements, such as singing and playing instruments, into his comedic performances adds an extra layer of entertainment value. Whether it’s through clever song lyrics, comedic musical sketches, or creative musical parodies, Robinson’s musical comedy acts never fail to amuse and delight.

Versatility as an Entertainer

Through his musical comedy acts, Craig Robinson has demonstrated his versatility as an entertainer. Not only can he perform comedy routines and deliver witty punchlines, but he can also entertain with his musical talents. This versatility has allowed Robinson to captivate audiences in various settings, from stand-up comedy stages to late-night talk shows and even musical performances. His ability to seamlessly transition between comedy and music sets him apart as a truly multifaceted entertainer.

Key Attributes of Craig Robinson’s Musical Comedy:
Unique blend of humor and music
Clever song lyrics and comedic sketches
Seamless integration of musical elements
Versatility as both a comedian and a musician

Continued Success

Craig Robinson’s career in the entertainment industry continues to soar, solidifying his status as a talented actor, comedian, and musician. With his diverse range of talents and his ability to entertain audiences, Robinson’s success shows no signs of slowing down.

In the film industry, Robinson has showcased his acting prowess in notable movies such as “Get On Up,” “An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn,” and “Dolemite Is My Name.” These performances have garnered critical acclaim and further established him as a versatile actor capable of taking on a variety of roles.

Not only limited to the big screen, Robinson has also made memorable guest appearances on popular TV shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Mr. Robot.” His charismatic presence and comedic timing have made him a fan favorite in the television landscape.

In addition to acting, Robinson has ventured into hosting, bringing his unique charm to shows like “The Masked Dancer” and “Caraoke Showdown.” With his natural ability to engage with audiences, he has proven himself as a captivating host, adding another dimension to his already impressive skillset.

craig robinson Continued Success

Whether it’s through his acting, hosting, or comedic performances, Craig Robinson consistently leaves a lasting impression on audiences. His continued success is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft. As he continues to take on new projects and entertain audiences around the world, there is no doubt that Craig Robinson will remain a prominent figure in the entertainment industry for years to come.

Social Media Accounts

Stay connected with Craig Robinson through his active presence on social media platforms. Engage with him and get updates on his latest projects by following his Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Follow Craig Robinson on Twitter, where he shares updates about his career, behind-the-scenes moments, and interacts with his fans. Join his community of over 516.3K followers and stay in the loop with his exciting ventures.


Discover a visual glimpse into Craig Robinson’s life and career by following him on Instagram. With 320K followers, he shares photos, exclusive content, and personal moments that give you an insider’s perspective into his world.

Connect with Craig Robinson on social media and be part of his journey!

craig robinson Social Media Accounts

Social Media Platform Followers
Twitter 516.3K
Instagram 320K

Craig Robinson News in 2023

In 2023, Craig Robinson continues to make headlines with his ongoing projects. He stars in the Peacock series “Killing It” and voices Mr. Shark in the DreamWorks Animation film “The Bad Guys.” His versatile talents and captivating performances have garnered attention from fans and the media alike. Keep an eye out for more exciting news and updates about Craig Robinson’s career in the coming year.

craig robinson News 2023


Craig Robinson’s remarkable career in the entertainment industry has solidified his position as a multi-talented actor, comedian, and musician. From his humble beginnings in comedy to his breakout role on “The Office” and ongoing success in film and television, Robinson has consistently showcased his versatility and captivated audiences with his unique charm and talent. With a net worth of $6 million, it is clear that his contributions to the industry have been recognized and rewarded.

Robinson’s ability to seamlessly transition between comedy and drama has allowed him to establish a diverse portfolio of performances, appealing to a wide range of audiences. His role as Darryl Philbin on “The Office” introduced him to mainstream success, while his appearances in films like “Pineapple Express” and “Hot Tub Time Machine” further solidified his status as a sought-after actor.

With a dedicated fan base and a constant stream of new projects, Craig Robinson’s career shows no signs of slowing down. His talent, charisma, and ability to connect with audiences have positioned him as a formidable force in the industry. As he continues to explore new opportunities and entertain audiences across various platforms, it is evident that Craig Robinson’s legacy will leave a lasting impact on the entertainment world.


What is Craig Robinson’s net worth?

Craig Robinson has a net worth of million.

What is Craig Robinson best known for?

Craig Robinson is best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on the NBC sitcom “The Office.”

What are some of Craig Robinson’s notable film roles?

Some notable film roles of Craig Robinson include “Pineapple Express,” “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and “Dolemite Is My Name.”

What TV shows has Craig Robinson appeared in?

Craig Robinson has appeared in TV shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Ghosted,” and “Mr. Robot.”

What are some of Craig Robinson’s career highlights?

Craig Robinson shared an MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Moment and won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

What is Craig Robinson’s social media presence?

Craig Robinson has a Twitter account with over 516.3K followers and an Instagram account with 320K followers.

What are Craig Robinson’s upcoming projects?

Craig Robinson stars in the Peacock series “Killing It” and voices Mr. Shark in the DreamWorks Animation film “The Bad Guys.”

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