Corey Harrison Net Worth

Corey Harrison Net Worth

Corey Harrison is an American businessman and reality television personality, who is best known for his knowledge of items owned or made by celebrities or companies. He is not just someone on the show who is very knowledgeable in the pawned items, but also the co-owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, along with his father Rick Harrison and grandfather Richard Benjamin Harrison. The estimated net worth of Corey Harrison is $4 million.


Richard Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison was born on April 27, 1983, in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Rick Harrison, co-owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, and cast mate of the reality television series, Pawn Stars, and Kim Harrison. Corey Harrison has two brothers, Jake Harrison and Adam Harrison.


Corey Harrison, who is also known by his nickname, “Big Hoss,” started his career in the pawn world very early. Before the cameras came in and showed millions, the world of antique pawn and jewelry in a uniquely different way, Harrison started his young career as a pawn entrepreneur at the age of nine. He started out by watching his father and grandfather who entered into the business as men, who not only gained knowledge and a love for what they did, but also a well known popularity around Las Vegas. However, Corey Harrison’s job at his young age was to polish antiques and jewelry. While doing this, he was also molded into the businessman he is today. Outside of the pawn world, in which Harrison has become very good at, he is also the owner of a beauty bar called, Salon of Beauty, which provides beauty treatments during the day and drinks and music at night. He also helps his father with the running of the Quizno franchise that his father bought, as a business venture. More recently, Harrison has starred in television reality series, Pawnography and Pawn Stars: Pumped Up. Harrison also appeared as himself, alongside his dad and best friend Chumlee, in a television episode of the Disney show, iCarly. He continues to try to find business ventures to really stick his teeth into as well as helping with the running of the pawn shop.
Net Worth of Corey Harrison

With Corey Harrison’s start in the pawn business, he has grown to be hard hitting and known as the tough one on Pawn Stars. He has even called himself the “villain” of the show, but he is also very detailed in knowing when an item is fake or not. Harrison not only keeps business mind in order with the well known Las Vegas pawn shop, he is also always looking for new business ventures to explore. The net worth of Corey Harrison is $4 million, and he owes much of his success to his entrepreneurship in the pawn industry owned by his family as well as his regular appearances on the reality series, Pawn Stars.

Personal Life

Although Corey Harrison’s personal life is not always front and center, since the start of his fame, he has been in trouble a few times because of the bar fights or arguments he has been in with other bar goers and cops. However, lately he has tried to keep himself more motivated to be more business minded and to keep his name clean from any trouble. More recently, he has had gastric surgery to lose weight, going from well over 300 pounds to 250 pounds. Harrison has also divorced his first wife and high school sweetheart, Charlene Harrison, and recently married, Kiki Nego.


Corey Harrison may have started his career off as a pawn shop expert of unique items, but his business mind and huge personality has taken him far in the entertainment industry. Harrison, has not only made his name in the world of entertainment, but has also taken up a real passion in charity work, both hands on and financially. Corey Harrison is a man who has seen where dedication and hard work can get a person.

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