Christina Milian Net Worth

Christina Milian Net Worth

Milian is a Singer, Songwriter and actress from America. She was named Christine Marie Flores at birth. She is of Cuban American descent and born to Don Flores and Carmen Milan on September 26, 1981 in Jersey City, New Jersey.

When Christiana turned nine appeared in Wendy’s and Honeycomb’s commercials. She also was the lead actor for a musical called Annie. Around this time their parents divorced and Milian moved with her mother and sisters to Los Angles.

Work Profile
Singing and Song recording assignments
In Los Angeles she teamed up with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and wrote and recorded songs.
Malian’s first appearance on an album was for Ja Rule’s single “Between You and Me”. This got her a record deal with Def Souls Records, a subsidy of Def Jam. This self-titled album sold 101,986 copies in October, 2001.

Till date she has released three albums
1. Christina Milian – released in 2001.
2. It’s About Time – released in 2004 and
3. So Amazin’ – released in 2006

A fourth album with the label Young Money is expected in taking shape and is expected to release soon.

Her most popular number is “AM to PM” that was listed among the Top 40 in the US Billboard Top 100 hit singles. Other popular numbers include “When You Look at Me”, “Dip it Low” “Say I” and “Whatever U Want”, all chartbusters. She has worked with many labels such as Young Money, Interscope Records, MilianHeiress Music, MySpace and Island Records.
Milian provided vocals for R&B, Hip Hop, pop and dance genres of music.

Acting assignments
Milian has worked on acting assignments both on Film and TV. She acted in quite a few films such as The Wood, American Pie, Man of the House, Ghosts of Girlfriends’ Past, Christmas Cupid, Pulse, Be Cool and Snow Globe.

On TV, she was host of “MTV Wannabe”. She worked on other projects like “The Steve Harvey Show”, “Movie Surfers”, “CSI Crime Investigation”, “Meet the Browns”, “Dancing with the stars” as herself and “Christiana Milian Turned up” –as herself and as an executive Producer.

Life History of Christina Milian
Christina has two siblings Danielle and Elizabeth. She eloped with co-singer songwriter The Dream in 2009. They had a Violet in February, 2010. Later they divorced in 2011.

Known for
Though Milian wanted to be an actor, she shone in the singing profession. Her voice has been compared to singer Paula Abdul. David Pesiner of Maxim called her voice, “silky and sassy”.

Awards and Recognition
Milian has been nominated twice for the prestigious Grammy Awards. She won The Reign Award for outstanding achievement in 2005. In the year 2006, she won the Ozone Award for best R & B singer. She won the Iamagen Award for Best TV actress in Snowglobe in 2008. She is also a recipient of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Competition Program for “The Voice – TV series.

Net worth of Christina Milian
Christiana Milian has a net worth of $4.5 million. Her income accrues from acting assignments and record sales of her popular albums.

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