Christian Pulisic Net Worth

Christian Pulisic Net Worth

Christian Pulisic is a professional soccer player from America. Through his effortless gameplay, he became the youngest player to represent the national team at FIFA World Cup qualifier.

Who is Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic was born on 18th September 1988 in Pennsylvania. His parents both played soccer and his father was a coach for young and professional players. Naturally, Christian Pulisic showed interest in soccer and he was playing in the Brackley Town team since the age of 7. When he applied for Croatian citizenship, he was offered a spot in the Croatia National Team and he rejected it.

Christian Pulisic Net Worth

The net worth of Christian Pulisic is estimated to be $55 million. Many reports show that his transfer fee could bring him more than $100 million.

Christian Pulisic Life History

When Christian Pulisic was 16 years old, he became a part of Borussia Dortmund to play in the U17 squad and he quickly moved on to the U19 squad. From February to Summer of 2015, he scored 10 goals and effectively assisted in scoring 8 goals in the 15 games he played. He was quickly asked to join the team during the winter.

In 2016, again he scored one goal and assisted one goal during the first team match in winter games. He did the same while playing a friendly match against Union Berlin. He became a second-half substitute for Adrian Ramos in his Bundesliga debut match in which his team won 2-0 against FC Ingolstadt. He also made UEFA Europa League in the same year and his team won 2-0.

The team manager praised him for his performance during the first two games as a professional football player. The teenager was looked up as a full-time player on the team. He made a record by scoring two goals in the top flight league in the Bundesliga. In 2016, he became the youngest player of Dortmund to play in the UEFA Champions League. He helped Dortmund to make a 2-2draw against Real Madrid. Dortmund updated his deal so that Christian Pulisic continues to play for Dortmund until 2020.

In 2017, he also played in the UEFA Champions League, scoring his first goal at 18 years old. Even though Bayern Munich won the DFL-Supercup game with 2-2, the performance of Christian Pulisic was commendable.

Christian Pulisic Known For

Christian Pulisic plays as attacking midfielder or winger for the well known German club, Borussia Dortmund. He is also one of the few American born soccer players who is viewed as someone with international soccer skills playing for the United States National Team. After playing just 15 games through Borussia Dortmund academy, he became the youngest player to play in the team during 2015-2016. At just 17 years, he became the youngest player to score a goal for the United States team against Bolivia in 2016. He is also the youngest player in America to score two goals in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying match.

Christian Pulisic Political/Business Affiliations

Christian Pulisic was the captain of the U-17 US national team during the U17 World Cup in 2015. He scored a total of 20 goals in 34 games. In 2016, he was recruited for the senior team. He plays on either side of the field using his weak foot skills. However, he is always a subject of fouls by opponents.

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