Chris Tucker Net Worth

Chris Tucker Net Worth

Who is Chris Tucker?
Christopher Tucker aka Chris Tucker is an American famous actor and stand-up comedian. He became famous as a stand-up comedian in the 90s when he started performing frequently on “Def Comedy Jam”. He became more popular for acting in “F. Gary Gray’s Friday” as Smokey and then he became the detective James Carter in a film series entitled “Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour”. He also gave appearances in “The Fifth Element” of Luc Besson, “Jackie Brown” of Quentin Tarantino, “Silver Linings Playbook” of David O. Russell etc. this popular American actor was born on 31st August 1971.

Chris Tucker Net Worth:
According to the valid sources, Chris Tucker owns $11.5 million approximately as of now. But some people don’t agree with the given figure as well because once Tucker became the highest-paid artist in Hollywood. After a huge success for “Rush Hour”, he got the proposal of $20 million for its second sequel. Then he held out for 25 million dollars before renewal of his appearance in “Rush Hour 3”. Tucker also received about 20% of the gross from “Rush Hour 3”. He also has earned a lot more before he started his film career and then he performed as a comedian. At that time Tucker got appeared in many of the comedy shows. It is rumored that Tucker has bagged important projects in near future which are expected to bang the box office.

Chris Tucker Life History:
Chris Tucker was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the youngest son of Norris Tucker and Mary Louise and had five siblings. From his very childhood, Tucker had a special power to attract people towards him with his humor talent in school and home both. His father was a businessman. Chris Tucker was raised in Decatur, Georgia. He completed his graduation from the “Columbia High School”. After that, he moved to Los Angeles. There he pursued his career on acting and comedy.

Chris Tucker is known for:
Tucker made his debut as a comedian in 1992 with the show “Def Comedy Jam”. In 1995, he made his film debut by acting in “House Party 3”. After performing in a few films, he got huge appraisals from the critics and made his own place in this entertainment world. He starred in the action-comedy film “Hush Hour” along with Jackie Chan. Then, he also acted in both the sequels of this movie. He acted in “Money Talks” with Charlie Sheen in 1997.
Tucker also made an appearance in the video “You Rock My World” by Michel Jackson. On 13th February 1999, Tucker participated in a celebrity game “NBA-All-Star Weekend” along with other famous celebrities.
In the year of 2011, Tucker made a significant comeback in stand-up comedy. In 2012, he acted in the drama “Silver Lining Playbook” along with Bradley Cooper, Jenifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. Here his acting skill was well received by the audience and the film critics. This drama also won the Academy Award and several other nominations and awards. He hosted the “BET award” in 2013.

Chris Tucker Political/Business Affiliation:
Christian Tucker made his significant appearances in different music videos with the singers such as Mariah Carey, Michel Jackson etc. He also got featured himself in stand-up special entitled “Chris Tucker – Live” in 2015 and that is available on Netflix.

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