Chief Keef Net Worth

Chief Keef Net Worth

Who is Chief Keef?

Keith Cozart, popularly known as Chief Keef is a famous American record producer and rapper who rose to fame at a very young age.

Chief Keef Net Worth:

Any celebrity who gains a lot of popularity at an early age or within a short span of time easily catches the attention of various sponsors. Same was the case with Chief Keef. Singing and record producing are his main sources of income and he receives a huge sum from his sponsors. The famous rapper cum record producer has a net worth of $1.6 million and it seems pretty good considering how young he is. He is also a part of various ads, endorsements, recordings, and sponsorships.

Just like most of the other celebs, Keith loves to live a luxurious and lavish life. He owns a Lamborghini, a classic symbol of lavishness and since he has been spotted driving his car and taking care of its maintenance numerous time, it plausible to assume that he is really fond of his car.

Although it is a little tough to believe that such a rich star doesn’t own a house of his own, th place he lives in is in his parent’s name. Currently, it can be concluded that he doesn’t own any property. Maybe he is waiting to save up some money and purchase something big and surprise everyone!

Chief Keef Life History:

He was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. on 15th August 1995. After he became popular he signed a deal with deal with Interscope records and brick squad. Glory Boyz entertainment is his own record label and he is the CEO. He released many mixtapes, songs, and albums over the years.

He has been in the music industry for a long time, 7 years approximately. This means that he started to work hard even before he turned into an adult. One can easily witness his popularity by taking a look at his massive social media following. He acts as an inspiration for many young artists out there as he rose to fame at a very early age. He has clearly proven that age is just a number to him.

His father’s name is Alfonso Cozart and his mother is Lolita Carter. He has 3 sons and two beautiful daughters. He loves to spend quality time with his little family. With his determination, hard work, and talent he is sure to raise his net worth and give the world some music to remember.

Chief Keef Known For:

Chief Keef is a well-known rapper and a record producer.

Chief Keef Political / Business Affiliations:

He makes his big bucks from record producing and rapping. Some of his hit songs include Love Sosa, I don’t like, Faneto, Love No Thotties, Hate bein’ Sober, Sosa Chamberlain, 3hunna, Fool ya, Macaroni time, Kay Kay, Finally, Rich, Now it’s over, Ballin’, How it goes, I don’t know dem, It doe, Laughin’ to the bank, Everyday, Kobe, and Understand me.

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