Charlie Day Height – How Tall is Charlie Day?

Charlie Day is a comedic force known for his hilarious performances and impeccable timing. Born on February 9, 1976, in New York City, Charlie has captivated audiences with his unique blend of physical comedy, wit, and memorable characters.

From his breakout role on the hit sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to his appearances in popular films, Charlie Day continues to showcase his comedic prowess and versatility in the entertainment industry.

Charlie Day Height
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Charlie Day’s Bio Data

  • Name’s Net Worth in 2023: Charlie Day’s Net Worth: $30 Million
  • Date of Birth: February 9, 1976
  • Place of Birth: New York City, New York, United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
  • Profession: Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer
  • Nationality: American

Celebrities Charlie Day Has Worked With

Charlie Day has had the pleasure of collaborating with various talented actors and comedians throughout his career. Some notable celebrities Charlie Day has worked with include:

  • Rob McElhenney: Charlie Day has a long-standing professional relationship with Rob McElhenney, his co-star on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Together, they co-created and produce the show, and their comedic chemistry shines through their on-screen dynamic.
  • Jason Sudeikis: Charlie Day appeared alongside Jason Sudeikis in the comedy film “Horrible Bosses” (2011) and its sequel “Horrible Bosses 2” (2014), delivering hilarious performances as part of an ensemble cast.
  • Ice Cube: Charlie Day starred alongside Ice Cube in the comedy film “Fist Fight” (2017), showcasing their comedic talents in a high school teacher showdown.
  • Christina Applegate: Charlie Day worked with Christina Applegate in the comedy film “Vacation” (2015), where they played a married couple on a disastrous road trip.

Charlie Day’s Height and Body Measurements

Charlie Day stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). While specific body measurements are not readily available, his expressive physical comedy and animated performances demonstrate his energy and comedic range.

Charlie Day’s Height Comparison

Let’s compare Charlie Day’s height with ten other famous personalities who share a similar stature:

Celebrity NameHeight
Danny DeVito4 feet 10 inches
Tom Cruise5 feet 7 inches
Emilia Clarke5 feet 2 inches
Seth Green5 feet 4 inches
Rebel Wilson5 feet 3 inches
Zach Galifianakis5 feet 7 inches
Joe Pesci5 feet 4 inches
Aziz Ansari5 feet 6 inches
Danny DeVito4 feet 10 inches
Peter Dinklage4 feet 5 inches

Notable Career Work

Charlie Day’s career is highlighted by his role as Charlie Kelly on the long-running sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” where he acts, writes, and produces episodes. The show has garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim for its irreverent humor and boundary-pushing storytelling. Charlie has also made notable appearances in films such as “Horrible Bosses” (2011), “Pacific Rim” (2013), and “The LEGO Movie” (2014).

Charlie Day’s Net Worth and Salary

As of 2023, Charlie Day’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million. His success as an actor, comedian, writer, and producer has contributed to his financial prosperity. While specific salary details for his various projects are not publicly disclosed, his extensive work and continued industry success have undoubtedly contributed to his net worth.

Charlie Day on Social Media

Stay connected with Charlie Day and enjoy his comedic insights by following him on social media:

Social Media PlatformProfile
FacebookCharlie Day

Charlie Day FAQ

1. Is Charlie Day married?

Yes, Charlie Day is married to fellow actress and writer Mary Elizabeth Ellis. They tied the knot in 2006 and have two sons together.

2. What other projects has Charlie Day been involved in?

In addition to his work on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Charlie Day has made appearances in films such as “The LEGO Movie,” “Pacific Rim,” “Horrible Bosses,” and “Fist Fight.” He has also lent his voice to animated projects like “Monsters University” and “The LEGO Movie” franchise.

3. Has Charlie Day received any awards for his performances?

While Charlie Day has not received major awards for his individual performances, his work on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has earned critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following. The show has received several nominations and accolades over the years.

4. Is Charlie Day involved in any philanthropic activities?

Charlie Day has been involved in charitable endeavors, supporting causes such as education, healthcare, and disaster relief. He has participated in charity events and contributed to organizations that align with his values.

5. Will there be more seasons of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”?

Yes, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has been renewed for additional seasons. The show’s enduring popularity and dedicated fan base have allowed it to continue delivering its unique brand of comedy.

Charlie Day Summary

Charlie Day’s comedic talent, infectious energy, and versatile performances have solidified his status as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. From his iconic role in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to his memorable film appearances, Charlie’s unique humor resonates with audiences worldwide.

With a successful career spanning acting, writing, producing, and more, Charlie Day’s contributions to comedy have left an indelible mark.

As he continues to entertain and delight audiences, his presence in the comedy world remains as vibrant and entertaining as ever.

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