Chamillionaire Net Worth

Chamillionaire Net Worth

Chamillionaire is an American rapper and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $15 million. He’s the CEO of Chamillitary Entertainment. He founded The Color Changing Click, a rap band which disbanded in 2005.

Who is Chamillionaire?

Hakeem Seriki (born November 28, 1979 in Houston, Texas) is a Grammy Award nominated rapper, member of The Color Changin’ Click and founder of Chamillitary Entertainment. Better known as Chamillionaire, he also uses nicknames such as The Mixtape Messiah, King Koopa, Color Changin’ Lizard, Chamillinator, Chamillitary Mayne, Major Payne and The Truth From Texas. He began rapping in 1998, releasing mixtapes and a collab album with fellow Houston rapper Paul Wall. He released his debut album, The Sound of Revenge, in 2005, and his sophmore release, Ultimate Victory, in 2007. He plans to release his yet untitled third album at the end of 2009 or early 2010.

After his parents, a Muslim father from Oyo State, Nigeria and a Christian mother from the United States, separated in his early teenage years, Chamillionaire settled into a notoriously dangerous inner-city neighborhood in North Houston called Acres Homes, which he elaborated upon during an interview with Houston’s 104.9 KPTY on October 3. Rap and other forms of secular music, which his parents had highly opposed in their household, became very appealing to the young Hakeem Seriki. Inspired by local rap acts such as The Geto Boys, 8 Ball & MJG, and UGK, as well as other national acts such as N.W.A. and Public Enemy, Chamillionaire began to compose his own ponies.


At a young age, Chamillionaire along with fellow rap music artist and childhood friend Paul Wall, had decided to make music their careers. One day while promoting themselves at a Texas event, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire ran into Michael 5000 Watts, a popular mixtape DJ from the Northside. After proposing to do promotions for Watts’ company, the Swishahouse, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall came to Watts’ studio and convinced Watts to allow them freestyle on an intro to Watts’ radio show on Houston’s 97.9 The Box. Watts, who himself was convinced to rap on the record, enjoyed the freestyle so much that he put the verses on one of his mixtapes. The freestyle became so popular in the streets that Chamillionaire and Paul Wall became regular staples on Houston’s mixtape circuit, appeared on several of Watts’ mixtapes, and became permanent members of Swishahouse.

Although Paul Wall and Chamillionaire were making much noise in the streets by rapping on Watts’ mixtapes, they, along with several other members of the Swishahouse, became frustrated with the lack of money they were receiving from the mixtapes. After fellow member Slim Thug left the label, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall followed and started their own mixtape group known as The Color Changin’ Click. Each successive mixtape released by The Color Changin’ Click led to more business opportunities; the most notable of which being a contract to do a full album for Paid in Full Records. A one album contract was then negotiated between the Color Changin’ Click and Paid in Full’s label head, DJ Madd Hatta from 97.9 The Box, and the CCC’s first album, Get Ya Mind Correct, would go on to sell over 100,000 copies.

The sale of all these albums without the backing of a major deal caught the attention of several major labels wanting to sign Chamillionaire and Paul. Chamillionaire and his labelmates decided to remain independent, however, until the right deal came along. While working on his second album with the Color Changin’ Click, Chamillionaire began to have creative differences with Paul Wall, so much so that it was decided that the two emcees should each release solo albums that would be packaged together. When Chamillionaire became dissatisfied with how things were being resolved, he left Paid in Full and his almost complete album after fulfilling his contractual obligations to focus on promoting his mixtape label Chamillitary instead. As a kid, Chamillionaire was a big fan of MANKind, also known as Big June.

Chamillionaire Bio Info

Born: 28 November 1979 (age 38 years), Washington, D.C., United States
Height: 1.78 m
Full name: Hakeem Seriki
Spouse: Deetra Seriki
Labels: Chamillitary; Swishahouse; Universal
Movies: Dominos: The Games We Play
Education: Eisenhower High School, Jersey Village High School, University of Houston
Music group: The Color Changin’ Click (1996 – 2005)

Chamillionaire Quotes

  • Life is what you make of it. Don’t make excuses – make it happen. – Chamillionaire
  • I think a lot of people feel like they still have something to prove, because when you get in and you’re chasing success, you always feel like you have something to prove. But at this point, I feel like an underdog, and I actually like being in that position. – Chamillionaire
  • If you’re a humble person, and you walk in, and you start talking, people are going to be able to tell. You can’t fake it. – Chamillionaire
  • You have to stay focused because a lot of things will break your confidence. But if you stay focused and want it bad enough you can achieve. I know that sounds like a PBS special, but it’s true, straight up. – Chamillionaire

Chamillionaire Videos on YouTube

In a letter penned by VC Mark Suster explaining the head-turning week he’s had at Upfront Ventures in Los Angeles, he explains the presence of a new face around the office: Chamillionaire.

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