Casey Anthony Net Worth

Casey Anthony Net Worth

Casey Anthony was just a regular person until she gained notorious publicity after the disappearance of her daughter Caylee Anthony. She was accused of killing her own daughter, but she was not proven guilty.

Who is Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony became the most hated woman in America when she was arrested in connection to the disappearance of her two year old daughter. The murder trial became sensational because Casey Anthony weaved a string of lies to the law enforcement officers who were searching for Caylee. However, the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty because the evidence against her were purely circumstantial.

Casey Anthony Net Worth

Casey Anthony has a negative net worth of $800,000. She filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and she said that she owed $800,000. She supposedly owed $500,000 to her attorneys and $160,000 to the local sheriff office.

Casey Anthony Life History

Casey Anthony was born to Cindy and George Anthony on 19th March 1986. Casey was the younger of the two children who had an alleged normal childhood. Casey was found lying on various occasions since High School. Casey got pregnant at 19 and hid the news from her family for some time. The identity of the father remains a mystery till date. Her fiancé Jesse Grund was believed to be the father, but the DNA results showed otherwise.

Caylee Anthony was born on 9th August 2005. Casey along with Caylee lived with her parents. During June 2008, she had an argument with her parents and left their home. In the following weeks, Cindy kept asking her about her granddaughter. Casey would tell her that the child was with the nanny Zenaida Zanny Fernandez – Gonzelez. When Cindy and George received a letter on 13th July 2008 that Casey’s car was in tow yard, they went to pick up the car. Both of them noticed a strong smell after which Cindy made a 911 call stating that she hasn’t seen her granddaughter in weeks and her daughter’s car smells like death.

When the parents questioned Casey, she told that the nanny Zenaida Fernandez – Gonzalez kidnapped the baby on 16th June. She said that she didn’t go to the police because she feared that they may take the child away from her. It has been 31 days since Caylee was gone and no one reported it until Cindy.

When officials enquired Casey Anthony, they found lots of discrepancies. They found that there was no nanny and Casey wasn’t working in Universal Studios as she had said. Casey was seen as a partying mother who searched for chloroform on the home computer before Caylee went missing. Leonard Padilla reality TV figure posted $500,000 for Casey hoping her to cooperate. On 11th December 2008, human remains were found in a wooded region near Anthony’s residence which was confirmed to be Caylee’s.

Casey Anthony Known For

The jury gave a not guilty verdict stating circumstantial evidence and sentenced her to 4 years in prison. It was eventually reduced to 2 years and Casey Anthony was released on 17th July owing to spending three years and one day in prison.

Casey Anthony Political/Business Affiliation

Casey Anthony currently runs a photography business called Chase Photography and is living in Florida.

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