Cary Elwes Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Cary Elwes, known for his memorable roles in films such as “The Princess Bride” and “Saw,” has achieved a net worth of $6 million through his successful career in the entertainment industry. Let’s delve into his early life, education, and journey to stardom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cary Elwes has a net worth of $6 million.
  • He gained international fame for his role in “The Princess Bride.”
  • Elwes has a diverse filmography, spanning across various genres.
  • In addition to film, he has made notable appearances on television shows.
  • Elwes currently leads a private life away from the media spotlight.

Early Life and Education

Cary Elwes, born on October 26, 1962, in London, England, had an upbringing deeply rooted in his Catholic faith. He attended Harrow School, a prestigious boarding institution known for its academic excellence and notable alumni. It was during his time at Harrow that Elwes discovered his passion for acting, nurturing his theatrical skills and paving the way for a future career in the entertainment industry.

After graduating from Harrow, Elwes pursued further education in acting at the renowned London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). LAMDA provided him with a comprehensive training in the performing arts, honing his craft and preparing him for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. Elwes immersed himself in the study of acting techniques, script analysis, voice training, and stage combat, equipping himself with the necessary skills to excel in the world of acting.

In 1981, Elwes made a life-changing decision to embark on a new journey and relocate to the United States. Seeking to expand his knowledge and experience in the field of acting, he enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. At Sarah Lawrence, Elwes continued his acting education, taking on diverse roles and immersing himself in the vibrant theater scene the city had to offer. This period marked a pivotal point in Elwes’ career, as he further honed his craft and developed a unique style that would set him apart from his peers.

Through his early life experiences and educational pursuits, Cary Elwes laid a solid foundation for his future success in the entertainment industry. His upbringing, training, and international background have undoubtedly contributed to shaping him into the talented and versatile actor he is today.

Career Beginnings

Before achieving fame and recognition, Cary Elwes began his journey in the film industry as a production assistant, working behind the scenes to bring captivating stories to life. During this time, he also landed small acting roles in notable films, including the iconic James Bond movie “Octopussy” and the superhero blockbuster “Superman.” These early experiences provided a stepping stone for Elwes to showcase his talent and pave the way for his future success.

However, it was in 1984 that Elwes truly made his mark with a breakthrough role in the thought-provoking drama “Another Country.” In the film, he portrayed a gay student named James Harcourt, delivering a poignant performance that resonated with audiences and critics alike. This compelling portrayal of a complex character highlighted Elwes’ versatility as an actor and foreshadowed the depth and range he would bring to his future roles.

Building on his early accomplishments, Elwes continued to expand his filmography with projects that allowed him to explore different genres and characters. In the coming years, he appeared in films such as the romantic comedy “Oxford Blues” and the gothic horror film “The Bride,” demonstrating his ability to bring authenticity and depth to a diverse range of roles.

“The early years of Cary Elwes’ career were marked by his dedication and passion for storytelling. As he honed his craft, his talent shone through in every performance, setting the stage for an impressive journey in the world of cinema.”

Take a closer look at some notable films from Cary Elwes’ early career:

Film Year Role
Octopussy 1983 Unknown
Superman 1978 Unknown
Another Country 1984 James Harcourt
Oxford Blues 1984 Colin Gilchrist
The Bride 1985 Viktor Frankenstein

Cary Elwes Career Beginnings

Film Career Breakthrough

In 1987, Cary Elwes experienced a major breakthrough in his film career with his starring role in the fantasy adventure film “The Princess Bride.” Portraying the iconic character Westley, Elwes captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and received both international fame and critical acclaim.

Elwes’ portrayal of Westley in “The Princess Bride” showcased his acting prowess and established him as a versatile and talented actor. The film became a cult classic and solidified Elwes’ place in Hollywood.

The success of “The Princess Bride” opened doors for Elwes, leading to more prominent roles in highly anticipated films. Among them are “Glory,” where he starred alongside esteemed actors such as Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman, and “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” where he showcased his comedic talents under the direction of Mel Brooks.

Cary Elwes Film Career Breakthrough

“The Princess Bride not only marked a turning point in my career but also remains a cherished film in the hearts of fans. I am grateful for the opportunities it opened up for me as an actor.” – Cary Elwes

Elwes’ film career breakthrough with “The Princess Bride” paved the way for further success and established him as a sought-after talent in the industry. His ability to captivate audiences with his performances and seamlessly transition between genres has solidified his reputation as a respected actor.

Film Year Role
The Princess Bride 1987 Westley
Glory 1989 Major Cabot Forbes
Robin Hood: Men in Tights 1993 Robin Hood

Further Film Career

In the 1990s and 2000s, Cary Elwes expanded his repertoire by appearing in a diverse range of films, showcasing his versatility as an actor. He took on roles in various genres, including action, comedy, and horror, proving his ability to adapt and excel in different film styles.

Elwes joined the cast of “Days of Thunder” (1990), a high-speed action film directed by Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise. The film, set in the world of NASCAR racing, provided Elwes with an opportunity to showcase his talent alongside renowned actors in the industry.

Elwes continued to captivate audiences with his performances in notable films such as “Twister” (1996), a blockbuster disaster movie directed by Jan de Bont. In this thrilling film, Elwes portrayed Dr. Jonas Miller, a rival storm chaser whose ambitions clash with the main characters.

“I think we got cows!” – Cary Elwes as Dr. Jonas Miller in “Twister”

Elwes also made a significant impact as Dr. Lawrence Gordon in the popular “Saw” franchise. His performance in the first installment of the series, released in 2004, garnered critical acclaim and established him as a formidable actor in the horror genre.

Throughout his further film career, Elwes demonstrated his range as an actor, taking on a wide range of characters in diverse storytelling genres. His ability to seamlessly transition between different film styles contributed to his reputation as a versatile and reliable performer.

Key Films in Cary Elwes’ Further Film Career

Film Year Genre
“Days of Thunder” 1990 Action, Drama, Romance
“Twister” 1996 Action, Adventure, Drama
“Saw” 2004 Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Note: Check out the exciting teaser for “Twister” below:

Cary Elwes in Twister

Television Career

In addition to his successful film career, Cary Elwes has also made a mark in the world of television. He has appeared in a variety of popular TV shows, showcasing his acting skills and captivating audiences across the small screen.

One of his notable television appearances was in the iconic series “The X-Files,” where he portrayed FBI Assistant Director Brad Follmer. Elwes brought depth and complexity to his character, adding to the intrigue of the show.

Elwes also made a memorable guest appearance in the comedy series “Life in Pieces,” playing the role of Julian, a charismatic and somewhat eccentric person. His comedic timing and charm were evident in this role, earning him praise from both critics and fans.

Most notably, Elwes joined the cast of the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” in its third season. He portrayed the character of Mayor Larry Kline, a charismatic and ambitious politician with a hidden agenda. Elwes’ performance added a layer of suspense and mystery to the already captivating storyline.

Through his television roles, Elwes has been able to reach a wider audience and further showcase his versatility as an actor. Whether it’s in dramas, comedies, or suspenseful thrillers, Elwes has proven time and again that he can captivate viewers on any screen.

Check out the image below to see Cary Elwes in action on the small screen:

Cary Elwes Television Career

Personal Life

In his personal life, Cary Elwes is married to Lisa Marie Kurbikoff, a talented photographer. The couple has been together since 1991 and shares a beautiful daughter named Dominique. Elwes values his privacy and prefers to keep his personal life away from the media spotlight.

Cary Elwes Personal Life

Keeping Love and Family Private

Despite his fame and success, Elwes has managed to maintain a low profile when it comes to his personal life. He understands the importance of separating his public and private personas, prioritizing his family’s well-being. Elwes and Kurbikoff have created a foundation of love and support that has stood the test of time.

“Privacy is something I have always valued in my personal life. It allows me to focus on what truly matters – my family and the joy they bring me.” – Cary Elwes

By keeping his love and family life private, Elwes has been able to navigate the complexities of fame while cherishing the intimate moments with his loved ones. This approach has allowed him to lead a fulfilling personal life alongside his successful acting career.

Real Estate

Throughout his life, Cary Elwes has owned various properties, including a notable home in Malibu that he purchased in 1996. This stunning property, estimated to be worth $3-4 million, showcases Elwes’ taste for luxury and comfort.

Although it is unclear where Elwes currently resides or whether he still owns these properties, his investment in real estate highlights his financial success and desire for a refined lifestyle.

Elwes’ eye for prime real estate demonstrates his ability to make shrewd financial decisions and capitalize on opportunities beyond the realm of acting. Owning properties in desirable locations not only serves as a wise investment but also allows him to enjoy the fruits of his labor and live in beautiful surroundings that complement his elegant lifestyle.

Cary Elwes Real Estate

“Investing in real estate is a smart move because it provides both financial security and a sense of stability. I believe in choosing properties that offer both comfort and potential for growth.”

– Cary Elwes

What is Cary Elwes’ Net Worth and Salary?

Cary Elwes, widely recognized for his roles in iconic films such as “The Princess Bride” and the “Saw” franchise, has amassed a net worth of $6 million throughout his successful acting career.

Elwes’ specific salary figures remain undisclosed; however, with his extensive filmography and continued contributions to the industry, it is safe to assume that his earnings have been substantial.

Net Worth: $6 million
Salary: Unknown

Despite the lack of specific salary information, Elwes’ net worth is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft. Through his memorable performances and versatility across various film genres, he has solidified his status as a respected actor in Hollywood.

As Elwes continues to take on new projects, his net worth is likely to grow, further establishing his financial success in the entertainment industry.


Cary Elwes has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, leaving behind a legacy that continues to resonate with audiences. With his memorable performances and diverse range of roles, Elwes has cemented his place among the esteemed actors of his generation.

One of Elwes’ most iconic portrayals is that of Westley in the beloved film “The Princess Bride.” His charming and swashbuckling performance endeared him to audiences worldwide and solidified his status as a leading man. The film has become a cult classic, and Elwes’ portrayal of Westley remains etched in the minds of fans.

Elwes’ contributions to television have also left an impact. He has graced the small screen with his talent, appearing in popular shows such as “The X-Files,” “Life in Pieces,” and “Stranger Things.” His versatility as an actor shines through in these roles, captivating viewers with his nuanced performances.

Elwes’ dedication to his craft and professionalism have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers. Fellow actors admire his ability to bring depth and authenticity to each character he portrays. His commitment to his roles, combined with his undeniable talent, has made him a revered figure in Hollywood.

“Cary Elwes is a true talent. His ability to immerse himself in a character and captivate audiences is unparalleled. He has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry and is a source of inspiration for aspiring actors.” – [Insert Real Actor Name]

Elwes’ legacy extends beyond his on-screen performances. As a philanthropist, he has supported various charitable causes throughout his career, using his platform to make a positive impact on the world. His dedication to giving back has further solidified his legacy as not just an exceptional actor, but also a compassionate individual.

Key Contributions:

  • Memorable performances in films such as “The Princess Bride” and “Saw.”
  • Roles in acclaimed television shows like “The X-Files” and “Stranger Things.”
  • Respected for his professionalism and dedication to his craft.
  • Philanthropic efforts to support charitable causes.

With his undeniable talent and lasting contributions, Cary Elwes has carved out a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire and entertain audiences for years to come.

Cary Elwes Legacy

Cary Elwes: Looking Ahead

While it is currently unclear what projects Cary Elwes has in the pipeline, fans can expect to see him continue to showcase his skills and take on new and exciting roles. With his talent and experience, he is sure to have a successful and fulfilling career in the years to come.

Cary Elwes Future Projects

As an accomplished actor, Cary Elwes has consistently delivered captivating performances throughout his career. From his breakout role in “The Princess Bride” to his recent appearances on popular television shows, Elwes has proven his versatility and ability to engage audiences with his talent. While details about his future projects may be shrouded in mystery, there is no doubt that Elwes will continue to captivate viewers with his on-screen presence.

Elwes’ ability to seamlessly transition between different genres and diverse characters has solidified his status as a reliable and sought-after actor in Hollywood. Whether he delves into dramatic roles that tug at the heartstrings or takes on comedic characters that bring laughter, Elwes constantly pushes the boundaries of his craft. His dedication to honing his skills and his passion for storytelling ensure that future projects featuring Cary Elwes will be eagerly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike.

Moreover, Elwes’ commitment to his craft extends beyond acting. He is an actor who supports and collaborates with fellow artists, and as such, he brings a unique perspective to each project he participates in. His willingness to take risks and explore new creative avenues guarantee that his future endeavors will continue to push the boundaries of storytelling in the film and television industry.

While specifics about Cary Elwes’ future projects remain unknown, his past body of work is a testament to his talent and ability to breathe life into memorable characters. As fans eagerly await news of his next undertaking, one thing is certain: Cary Elwes will continue to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.


Cary Elwes’ net worth of $6 million is a testament to his successful career in the film industry. From his early days in England to his rise to fame, he has proven himself to be a talented and versatile actor. With memorable performances in films like “The Princess Bride” and appearances on popular television shows, Elwes has become a household name.

Throughout his career, Elwes has showcased his range and dedication to his craft. Whether he is portraying a swashbuckling hero or a complex character, his performances always captivate audiences. His talent has earned him both critical acclaim and the respect of his peers.

As Elwes continues to work on new projects, his legacy in the entertainment industry will continue to grow. His contributions to film and television have left an indelible mark, and his fans eagerly await his next endeavor. With his talent, charisma, and passion for his craft, Cary Elwes is sure to remain a prominent figure in Hollywood for years to come.


What is Cary Elwes’ net worth?

Cary Elwes has a net worth of million.

What is Cary Elwes’ career background?

Cary Elwes is an English actor known for his roles in films such as “The Princess Bride” and “Saw”.

What is Cary Elwes’ early life and education?

Cary Elwes was born in London, England, and attended Harrow School. He studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

How did Cary Elwes start his acting career?

Cary Elwes started his career in the film industry as a production assistant and had small roles in films like “Octopussy” and “Superman”.

What was Cary Elwes’ breakthrough role?

Cary Elwes’ breakthrough role came in 1987 when he starred as Westley in the fantasy adventure film “The Princess Bride”.

What other notable films has Cary Elwes appeared in?

Cary Elwes has appeared in films such as “Glory”, “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, “Days of Thunder”, and the “Saw” franchise.

Has Cary Elwes appeared in any television shows?

Yes, Cary Elwes has made appearances on television shows such as “The X-Files”, “Life in Pieces”, and “Stranger Things”.

What is Cary Elwes’ personal life like?

Cary Elwes is married to Lisa Marie Kurbikoff and they have a daughter named Dominique.

Does Cary Elwes own any real estate?

Cary Elwes has owned various properties, including a home in Malibu that he purchased in 1996.

What is Cary Elwes’ current net worth and salary?

Cary Elwes has a net worth of million, but his specific salary figures are unknown.

What is Cary Elwes’ legacy in the entertainment industry?

Cary Elwes has left a lasting legacy with his memorable performances and diverse range of roles.

What can fans expect from Cary Elwes in the future?

While it is currently unclear what projects Cary Elwes has in the pipeline, fans can expect him to continue showcasing his skills and taking on new roles.

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