Carrie-Anne Moss Net Worth – Career Earnings and Life Bio

Carrie-Anne Moss is a Canadian actress best known for her iconic role as Trinity in “The Matrix” trilogy. With a net worth of $4 million, Moss has had a successful career in film and television.

Moss received critical acclaim for her performances, receiving awards such as the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female. In addition to her acting career, she is also the founder of the lifestyle brand Annapurna Living.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carrie-Anne Moss has a net worth of $4 million.
  • She rose to fame for her role as Trinity in “The Matrix” trilogy.
  • Moss has had a successful career in film and television, appearing in movies like “Memento” and “Red Planet.”
  • She has received critical acclaim for her performances and has won awards such as the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female.
  • Moss is also the founder of the lifestyle brand Annapurna Living.

Early Life

Carrie-Anne Moss, known for her remarkable acting skills and captivating performances, was born on August 21, 1967, in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Growing up in Vancouver, Moss displayed a natural affinity for the performing arts from a young age.

At the age of 11, Moss embarked on her artistic journey by joining a local children’s musical theater group. Her passion and dedication soon led her to achieve greater heights as she toured Europe with the Maggee Secondary School Choir.

During her senior year of high school, Moss earned an impressive accomplishment by landing her first television role in the renowned drama series “Dark Justice.” This pivotal moment marked the beginning of her extraordinary career.

The Journey Begins

Carrie-Anne Moss’s early experiences in the performing arts laid a solid foundation for her future success. Her exploration of theater and musical performance at a young age cultivated her talent and paved the way for her future accomplishments.

“The experience of joining a children’s musical theater opened up a whole new world for me. It allowed me to express myself and discover my love for acting,” Moss shared.

With her early exposure to the magical realm of theater and music, Moss developed a deep appreciation for the transformative power of the arts. These formative years shaped her passion and commitment to her craft, setting the stage for an illustrious career filled with remarkable performances.

Early Life Highlights

Year Noteworthy Achievements
1967 Carrie-Anne Moss is born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
1978 Joins a local children’s musical theater
1983 Tours Europe with the Maggee Secondary School Choir
1986 Books first television role in “Dark Justice”

Carrie-Anne Moss’s early life experiences shaped her passion for acting and laid the groundwork for her extraordinary career. From joining a musical theater group to touring Europe and landing her first television role, her journey began in Vancouver and took her on a path to fame and success.


Moss’s career has been a remarkable journey, starting with her television roles in popular series such as “Dark Justice” and “Models, Inc.” However, it was her portrayal of Trinity in “The Matrix” trilogy that truly launched her into the spotlight and established her as a sought-after actress in the industry. The success of the franchise brought her international recognition and a massive fan following.

Expanding beyond her iconic role in “The Matrix,” Moss has showcased her versatility by appearing in other successful films like “Memento” and “Red Planet.” Her performances have garnered critical acclaim, and she has been nominated for esteemed awards such as the Saturn Award and the Independent Spirit Award.

In addition to her accomplishments in film, Moss has made a successful transition to television, solidifying her presence in the small screen world. She has delivered captivating performances in popular series like “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil,” captivating audiences with her talent and commitment.

“I love that I’ve been able to explore different mediums and be a part of projects that challenge me as an actress. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see how the television landscape has evolved and to be a part of telling meaningful stories on both the big and small screens.”

Moss’s dedication to her craft and her ability to excel in various genres have cemented her position as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. She continues to impress audiences with her compelling performances and leaves a lasting impact on both the film and television worlds.

Notable Movies:

  • “The Matrix” trilogy
  • “Memento”
  • “Red Planet”

Television Shows:

  • “Jessica Jones”
  • “Daredevil”

Awards and Achievements:

Moss’s talent and dedication have been recognized through prestigious award nominations, including:

  1. Saturn Award
  2. Independent Spirit Award

carrieanne moss movies

Personal Life

In her personal life, Carrieanne Moss has found happiness both on and off the screen. She married actor Steven Roy in 1999, and together they have three beautiful children. Moss values her family and keeps them out of the spotlight, preferring to maintain their privacy.

Aside from her family life, Moss has formed a strong bond with fellow actress Maria Bello, who is also her son’s godmother. Their friendship extends beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, reflecting genuine support and mutual respect.

While Moss is known for her reserved and private nature, she is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. Her commitment to empowering women is evident through her lifestyle brand, Annapurna Living. Through this platform, Moss encourages mindfulness, meditation, and self-care as essential tools for personal growth and empowerment.

carrieanne moss personal life

Personal Life Details
Marital Status Married to actor Steven Roy since 1999
Children Three children
Close Friendship Best friends with actress Maria Bello
Philanthropy Involved in various philanthropic efforts
Lifestyle Brand Founder of Annapurna Living, empowering women through mindfulness and meditation

Net Worth and Salary

Carrie-Anne Moss has achieved notable financial success throughout her career. As of now, her estimated net worth stands at $4 million, primarily stemming from her lucrative acting career in film and television. Moss’s exceptional talent and captivating performances have garnered her substantial earnings, propelling her net worth to such an impressive figure.

With a diverse range of roles in both blockbuster movies and acclaimed TV series, Moss has established herself as a sought-after actress in the industry. Her outstanding contributions to films like “The Matrix” trilogy and “Memento” have not only cemented her status as a talented artist but have also significantly contributed to her financial prosperity.

In addition to her acting endeavors, Carrie-Anne Moss has additionally capitalized on her popularity and influential presence to secure brand endorsements and collaborations. These ventures have further enhanced her financial portfolio, solidifying her position in the entertainment industry.

While precise salary figures are often closely guarded, it is estimated that Moss earns an annual income of approximately $100,000. This amount reflects not only her substantial acting fees but also the additional revenue generated by her various business ventures.

Source of Income Estimation
Acting Career (Film and Television) Primary source of income
Endorsements and Brand Collaborations Enhances earnings
Annapurna Living Business Ventures Contributes to overall net worth
Investments Plays a role in financial growth

As an astute individual, Moss has made intelligent financial decisions, including wise investments that have further bolstered her net worth. Furthermore, her involvement in business ventures, such as her lifestyle brand Annapurna Living, has provided her with an additional source of income and a platform to empower and support women.

Overall, Carrie-Anne Moss’s net worth is a testament to her outstanding talent, dedication, and the success she has achieved throughout her career. As she continues to pursue her passion for acting and explore new opportunities, it is likely that her financial prosperity will flourish even further.

Carrie-Anne Moss Net Worth and Salary

Real Estate

Over the years, Carrie-Anne Moss and her husband have invested in several properties, showcasing their keen interest in real estate.

One of their notable properties was a house in Los Angeles, which they sold in the early 2000s. This property served as their home and provided them with a base in the bustling city.

Additionally, Moss and her husband owned a large warehouse in Ojai, California. This unique space was not only used for storage but also served as a venue for hosting gatherings with their friends. It allowed them to create memorable experiences in a space they could call their own.

Furthermore, in 2006, Moss and her husband purchased a beautiful four-bedroom house in Pacific Palisades, California. This stunning property, valued at $3.4 million, provided them with a luxurious and comfortable living space.

carrieanne moss real estate

Carrie-Anne Moss and her husband later sold this property for a considerable profit, fetching an impressive $4.195 million.

Through their real estate ventures, Moss and her husband have demonstrated their ability to make strategic investments and capitalize on property appreciation.

Early Career

Moss embarked on her acting journey in the early 1990s, showcasing her talent through captivating television roles. She left an indelible mark with her appearances in acclaimed series like “Dark Justice” and “Models, Inc.” These early opportunities allowed Moss to hone her skills and solidify her reputation as a versatile actress.

During the 1990s, Moss expanded her portfolio by starring in numerous films and television shows, demonstrating her ability to excel in different genres. Her performances garnered attention, and she captured the fascination of both audiences and critics.

“The Matrix” trilogy was a turning point in Moss’s career. As Trinity, she captivated audiences worldwide with her portrayal of a strong and formidable female action hero. Her exceptional performance established her as an iconic figure in the realm of sci-fi and catapulted her to stardom.

Despite the immense success of “The Matrix” trilogy, Moss continued to explore and diversify her roles, showcasing her versatility and depth as an actress.

Notable Projects and Achievements

Carrie-Anne Moss’s early career is marked by a range of notable projects and achievements. Here are a few highlights:

  • Earning critical acclaim for her role as Natalie in the psychological thriller “Memento” (2000).
  • Delivering a compelling performance as Dr. Kate Bowman in the sci-fi film “Red Planet” (2000).
  • Receiving recognition from the Independent Spirit Awards with the Best Supporting Female award.

carrieanne moss early career


Carrie-Anne Moss has had a diverse filmography throughout her career, showcasing her talent for portraying complex characters across various genres. Some of her notable movies include:

  • The Matrix trilogy
  • Memento
  • Red Planet
  • Chocolat
  • Disturbia

In these films, Moss has consistently delivered captivating performances, capturing the attention of both critics and audiences. From her iconic role as Trinity in The Matrix trilogy to her compelling characters in psychological thrillers and science fiction, Moss has proven her versatility as an actress.

Take a look at some of the memorable moments from Carrie-Anne Moss’s filmography:

“The Matrix films provided a platform for Moss to showcase her action-packed stunts and intense chemistry with co-star Keanu Reeves. Her portrayal of Trinity solidified her status as a female action hero and left a lasting impact on the genre.”

Whether she’s exploring complex characters or diving into intense action sequences, Moss continues to captivate audiences with her exceptional performances.

carrieanne moss filmography

Television Work

In addition to her successful film career, Carrieanne Moss has also made a significant impact in television. She has showcased her versatility as an actress by taking on different roles in various TV series. Let’s take a look at some of her notable television work:

1. Jessica Jones

In the Marvel series “Jessica Jones,” Moss portrayed the character of Jeri Hogarth, a powerful and ruthless lawyer. Her portrayal of Hogarth was praised for its complexity and depth, adding a compelling dimension to the show’s narrative.

2. Daredevil

Moss also appeared in the Marvel series “Daredevil” as Jeri Hogarth. Her character played a significant role in the show’s legal and moral conflicts, further showcasing Moss’s talent for portraying strong and multifaceted characters.

3. Chuck

In the action-comedy series “Chuck,” Moss had a guest role as Gertrude Verbanski, a former spy and love interest of one of the main characters. Her appearance added an extra layer of excitement to the show’s already captivating storyline.

“Television has provided me with the opportunity to explore a wide range of characters and dive deeper into their stories. It’s a different kind of challenge compared to film, but equally rewarding.” – Carrieanne Moss

Moss’s television work has further solidified her position as a versatile and accomplished actress. She continues to captivate audiences with her compelling performances and ability to bring complex characters to life.

carrieanne moss television work

Television Series Role
Jessica Jones Jeri Hogarth
Daredevil Jeri Hogarth
Chuck Gertrude Verbanski

Annapurna Living

Carrie-Anne Moss, in addition to her successful acting career, is the founder of Annapurna Living, a lifestyle brand that aims to empower women through mindfulness and meditation. With a strong belief in the transformative power of introspection and self-care, Moss has created a platform that offers online courses and resources specifically designed to support and guide women on their personal journeys.

“Annapurna Living was born out of my own experiences and challenges as a mother, and my desire to create a supportive community where women can find solace and inspiration,” says Moss.

The brand’s focus on mindfulness and meditation aligns with Moss’s personal belief in the importance of inner growth and self-awareness. Through Annapurna Living, Moss encourages women to prioritize their well-being and embrace life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

Annapurna Living provides a range of resources, including guided meditation practices, online workshops, and insightful articles that tackle various aspects of personal development and holistic living. Moss’s authenticity and vulnerability in sharing her own journey resonates with women worldwide who are seeking guidance and connection in navigating the complexities of modern life.

The Guiding Principles of Annapurna Living

To provide a more immersive experience for women, Annapurna Living is centered around three guiding principles:

  1. Mindfulness: The brand encourages women to cultivate present moment awareness and embrace mindfulness as a way of finding balance and calm within their busy lives.
  2. Community: Annapurna Living offers a supportive community where women can connect, share their stories, and draw inspiration from one another.
  3. Self-discovery: Through self-reflection and introspection, women are encouraged to embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing their authentic selves and nurturing personal growth.

Annapurna Living’s mission goes beyond providing resources; it aims to foster a compassionate and inclusive space for women to thrive, inspiring them to lead intentional and purposeful lives.

Carrie-Anne Moss Annapurna Living

Benefits of Annapurna Living How Women Benefit
Mindfulness Practices: Learn meditation, breathwork, and other techniques to reduce stress and increase well-being.
Community Support: Connect with like-minded women, share experiences, and receive support on the journey of personal growth.
Self-Care & Self-Reflection: Engage in practices that prioritize self-care and encourage self-reflection for personal development.
Inspiration & Motivation: Access inspiring content, stories, and resources that empower women to live authentically and purposefully.

The Matrix Resurrections

In 2021, Carrieanne Moss reprised her iconic role as Trinity in the highly anticipated fourth installment of “The Matrix” franchise, titled “The Matrix Resurrections.” The film reunites Moss with her co-star Keanu Reeves and is directed by Lana Wachowski.

Moss’s return to the beloved character of Trinity has generated immense excitement among fans of “The Matrix” series. Audiences are eagerly awaiting the release of the film to see how Trinity’s story unfolds in this new chapter.

carrieanne moss the matrix resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections promises to deliver the same mind-bending action, philosophical themes, and stunning visual effects that made the original trilogy a groundbreaking phenomenon. As one of the central characters, Trinity’s role in the film is highly anticipated.

Stay tuned for the release of “The Matrix Resurrections” and immerse yourself once again in the captivating world of the Matrix, led by Carrieanne Moss’s portrayal of Trinity.


Carrie-Anne Moss has established herself as a versatile actress in the entertainment industry, showcasing her talent in notable films such as “The Matrix” trilogy and “Memento.” Her performances have garnered critical acclaim, highlighting her versatility and dedication to her craft. Beyond her acting career, Moss is also passionate about empowering women through her lifestyle brand, Annapurna Living.

With her talent and dedication, Moss continues to make a significant impact in the industry, captivating audiences with her powerful portrayals and diverse roles. Her success serves as inspiration for aspiring actors and actresses, as she proves that hard work and versatility can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career in the entertainment industry.

Carrie-Anne Moss’s contributions go beyond her on-screen performances, as she uses her platform to empower women through Annapurna Living. Her commitment to mindfulness and meditation offers women support and resources to navigate the challenges of modern life. Through her brand, Moss creates a community where women can find inspiration and cultivate personal growth.


What is Carrie-Anne Moss’s net worth?

Carrie-Anne Moss has a net worth of million.

What is Carrie-Anne Moss’s career history?

Carrie-Anne Moss has had a successful career in both film and television, with notable roles in movies like “The Matrix” trilogy, “Memento,” and “Red Planet.”

Has Carrie-Anne Moss won any awards?

Yes, Carrie-Anne Moss has won awards such as the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female.

What is Carrie-Anne Moss’s personal life like?

Carrie-Anne Moss is married to actor Steven Roy and they have three children together. She is also best friends with actress Maria Bello and is her son’s godmother.

What is Carrie-Anne Moss’s net worth and salary?

Carrie-Anne Moss has a net worth of million and her annual income is estimated to be around 0,000.

Does Carrie-Anne Moss own any real estate?

Yes, Carrie-Anne Moss and her husband have owned several properties over the years, including a house in Los Angeles and a four-bedroom house in Pacific Palisades, California.

How did Carrie-Anne Moss begin her acting career?

Carrie-Anne Moss began her acting career with television roles in series like “Dark Justice” and “Models, Inc.”

What films has Carrie-Anne Moss been a part of?

Carrie-Anne Moss has appeared in films such as “The Matrix” trilogy, “Memento,” “Red Planet,” “Chocolat,” and “Disturbia,” among others.

Has Carrie-Anne Moss appeared in any television shows?

Yes, Carrie-Anne Moss has appeared in television shows such as “Chuck,” “Daredevil,” and “Jessica Jones.”

What is Annapurna Living?

Annapurna Living is a lifestyle brand founded by Carrie-Anne Moss, focused on empowering women through mindfulness and meditation.

Will Carrie-Anne Moss be in "The Matrix Resurrections"?

Yes, Carrie-Anne Moss will be reprising her role as Trinity in the upcoming film “The Matrix Resurrections.”

What is the conclusion about Carrie-Anne Moss?

Carrie-Anne Moss has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, with notable roles in films and television shows. She is also passionate about empowering women through her lifestyle brand, Annapurna Living.

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