Carole King Net Worth

Carole King Net Worth

Carole King is an American composer, singer, and songwriter, who is known as one of the most successful songwriters of the later half of the 20th century in the U.S. She has written and co-written over 118 songs that has hit the Billboard Hot 100, between 1955 and 1999. King has also written over 60 songs that charted in the UK, which makes her the most successful female songwriter on the UK singles charts between 1952 and 2005. The estimated net worth of Carole King is $70 million.


Carol Joan Klein, also known as Carole King, was born on February 9, 1942, in Manhattan, New York, to Eugenia Klein, a school teacher, and Sidney N. Klein, a firefighter of the New York City Fire Department. Her parents met in an elevator when they were students at Brooklyn College, in 1936. They were married in 1937, at the end of the Great Depression, and Eugenia dropped out of school to take care of the household, while Sidney also dropped out of college to become a radio announcer. Carole King’s father later took on a more stable job as a firefighter, and then bought a duplex to rent out for more income, after King was born. Her mother learned how to play piano when she was a child, and practiced from time to time. She also taught King the basic piano skills, but when King was four years old, her parents discovered that she had developed absolute pitch, which enabled her to name a note just by hearing it. After this discovery, her mother began giving her real music lessons. She was taught music theory and elementary piano technique, including how to read notation and how to execute note timing. Carole King began kindergarten when she was four years old, but after her first year, she was put up to the second grade because of her exceptional facility with words and numbers. She went to James Madison High School, in the 1950’s. She formed a band called the Co-Sines as well as changed her name to Carole King. She also made demos with her friend Paul Simon, for $25 a session. She wrote her first official recording and promotional single, called, “The Right Girl,” which was released by ABC-Paramount in 1958. King attended Queens College and met Gerry Goffin, who became her songwriting partner. They married when she was 17 in a Jewish ceremony on Long Island, in 1959, after she became pregnant with her first daughter, Louise. They both quit college afterwards, and got daytime jobs. Goffin got a job as an assistant chemist, while King worked as a secretary. In the evenings, they wrote songs together. Neil Sedaka, who had dated King when he was in high school, wrote a hit song, titled, “Oh! Carol.” Her husband, Goffin, took the tune of the song and wrote a playful response, titled, “Oh! Neil,” and released the same year. On the B-Side of the track, was the song, “A Very Special Boy,” but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. After writing these songs, Goffin and King wrote the song “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” which was song by the black girl group, The Shirelles, and became the first no.1 song hit by a black girl group on the Billboard Hot 100. This successful song, gave the couple the chance to give up their daytime jobs and concentrate on their writing.


After the success of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” King and her husband spent the next six years writing songs with other number one songs hitting. Some of these songs included, “Take Good Care of My Baby,” sang by, Bobby Vee,”The Loco-Motion,” sang by, Little Eva, “Up on the Roof,” sang by, the Drifters, and “Natural Woman,” sang by, Aretha Franklin. In 1968, King moved to Los Angeles, and formed the group, called the City, and afterwards, they released the album, Now That Everything’s Been Said. Unfortunately, the song never gained commercial success and she spent some time working for singer/songwriter James Taylor, where she played the piano and singing on the album, Sweet Baby James. While working for Taylor, he encouraged her to sing solo, and she later released her album, called, Writer, in 1970. However, she did not get national attention in the United States until a year later, as a solo artist. Her album, Tapestry, held the number one spot on the Billboard album charts for 15 weeks and it remained a best seller for more than 300 weeks. After the success of, Tapestry, King continued to release gold records, including the albums, Music, Rhymes and Reasons, and Wrap Around Joy. After remarrying for a fourth time, King, faded away from the music industry and became more involved in environmental causes in Idaho, where she eventually made her home. Carole King, reunited with James Taylor, in 2007, sparking her music career backup, and also celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Troubadour, a famed West Hollywood Venue. After the celebration, Live at the Troubadour CD and DVD was released in 2010, King and Taylor went on a Troubadour Reunion world tour. Along with the reunion, came a made for t.v. documentary, in 2011, called, Troubadours: Carole King/James Taylor & The Rise of the Singer-Songwriter. She released a holiday album later that year, titled, A Holiday Carole, which was produced by her daughter Louise Goffin. In 2012, her memoir, Natural Woman, was published, and two years later, the broadway play, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, opened, which was a look at her career.
Awards and Acknowledgements

Carole King has been an influential singer and songwriter ever since she was a young girl. Her hard work and love of music has earned many awards and acknowledgements, including, her being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1987. She also received the Johnny Mercer Award for her history of Outstanding Creative Works, in 2002. In 1988, her and Gerry Goffin, were awarded the National Academy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1988. Two years later, they were both inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The next year, King was awarded the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. In 2015, she named a Kennedy Center honoree. King has also won several Grammy awards, which include, a Grammy Trustees Award, a Grammy Award for Album of the Year, a Grammy Award for Song of the Year, and a Grammy Award for Record of the Year. Some of the other Grammys won by King, include, a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance. She was also inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Net Worth of Carole King

Carole King’s hard work does did not just involve her work as a singer and songwriter, but also with some acting roles. One of her earliest roles, came in 1975, when she played the speaking and singing voice character in, Really Rosie. King also made three appearances in the television series, The Gilmore Girls. She later reprised her role in the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. King also appeared in the broadway play, as Mrs. Johnstone, in Blood Brothers. The estimated net worth of Carole King is $70 million, and she owes much of her success to her songwriting and singing career. She can also pay tribute of her career to her small roles in television as well on broadway.

Personal Life

Although Carole King was very successful in her career as a songwriter, she has had a somewhat of an active, but quiet personal life. She has been married four times, to Gerry Goffin, who helped her write many songs that boasted her career, Charles Larkey, Rick Evers, and Rick Sorenson. She reported in her memoir, Natural Woman, that her third husband had physically abused her on a regular basis. However, they separated in 1978, and he died from a drug overdose a few days after their separation. King has four children, Louise Goffin, a musician, Sherry Goffin Kondor, Molly Larkey, an artist, and Levi Larkey. Carole King has also had a long friendship with friend and musician James Taylor.


Carole King has made a name for herself, by being a songwriter and singer that fans have flocked to, wanting more of her talent in the music industry. She has influenced many up and coming singers and songwriters and has kicked the doors open for many people who are trying to make it in the music industry. Carole King will always be known as the woman who helped change the earliest form of music.

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