Cameran Eubanks Net Worth

Cameran Eubanks Net Worth

Cameran Eubanks is a reality television personality, most known for her success in Bravo’s, Southern Charm. She is also known as being a cast member on a few other reality television shows, such as, The Real World, The Challenge, and Watch What Happens: Live. The estimated net worth of Cameran Eubanks is $500 thousand.


Cameran Eubanks was born on November 21, 1983, in Anderson, South Carolina. While growing up in her upper-class family, she was known to have a perfect life, which changed when she was high school, after her parents, Robert and Bonnie, divorced. Cameran also has a sister named Cayce, in which she grew up with.


After Cameran Eubanks left the show, The Real World: San Diego, she began appearing in Southern Charm, a show surrounding the exclusiveness as well as money and scandal in the Charleston, South Carolina families in the reality show. She is most known for being very down to earth and nice. She is also known to be a prankster on the show, who likes to hang out with guys. However, aside from being a reality television personality, she is a real estate agent and works as a broker at her firm.

Net Worth of Cameran Eubanks

Although Cameran Eubanks first made a name for herself in the hit reality show, The Real World: San Diego, she has had even more of a wide known success in her regular appearances in the reality series, Southern Charm. With her known sweetness as a someone who loves her family and loves being a united family unit, she has become someone who has shown that her family means everything to her and she would do anything to protect their name. Cameran Eubanks’ net worth is $500 thousand, and she owes much of her success to her career as a reality television personality as well as her success as a real estate agent.


Although Cameran Eubanks, had to endure the harsh reality of her parents divorcing, she has become a distinguished woman of real strength, who knows the importance of keeping her family together. Since the beginning days of The Real World, until now, Eubanks has brought a certain kind of class as well as a down to earth attitude to her surroundings as a cast mate on reality television. With her love of being a united family, she has shown that nothing is more important than family. In the reality series, Southern Charm, she has fought to keep her family name and image clean from any scandal or upset, while at the same time, holding her life and career together as a real estate agent. Although life has not been perfect for Cameran, she has been happy to have her husband, Jason Wimberly by her side. Her love of hanging out and being a well known prankster keeps her grounded and being the known southern sweetheart she is. More recently Cameran announced her pregnancy with her husband, and the joy of having a life around that will unite them even more.

Cameran Eubanks Bio Info

Born: 21 November 1983 (age 34 years), Anderson, South Carolina, United States
Height: 1.68 m
Spouse: Jason Wimberly (m. 2014)
TV shows: Southern Charm
Parents: Bonnie Eubanks, Robert Eubanks
Siblings: Cayce Eubanks

Cameran Eubanks Quotes

  • I’d rather get [life advice] from Jesus Christ or the Dalai Lama. Thomas Ravenel? Eh, not so much. – Cameran Eubanks
  • The estrogen is here to ruin your party! – Cameran Eubanks
  • If Kathryn has Thomas Ravenel’s baby, I can guarantee you she won’t work a day in her life. – Cameran Eubanks
  • [Ravenel] can join the yacht club. [Dennis] can join the Junior League. It’d be perfect. – Cameran Eubanks

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The “Southern Charm” star lets loose on her favorite beauty products and reveals her tips and tricks for looking like a star.

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