Brian Tyree Henry Height – How Tall is Brian Tyree Henry?

Brian Tyree Henry is a highly talented and versatile actor who has garnered significant attention and acclaim for his exceptional film, television, and theater performances.

With his magnetic presence, undeniable acting skills, and diverse range of roles, he has captivated audiences and established himself as a rising star in Hollywood.

From his breakout role in the critically acclaimed series “Atlanta” to his captivating performances on the big screen, Brian Tyree Henry continues to leave a lasting impression with his remarkable talent.

Let’s delve into the bio data and notable achievements of this multifaceted actor.

Brian Tyree Henry Height
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Brian Tyree Henry’s Bio Data

  • Name: Brian Tyree Henry
  • Net Worth in 2023: Estimated at $2 million
  • Date of Birth: March 31, 1982
  • Place of Birth: Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
  • Profession: Actor
  • Nationality: American

Celebrities Brian Tyree Henry Has Worked With

Throughout his career, Brian Tyree Henry has had the opportunity to collaborate with several esteemed actors and filmmakers. Some of the notable celebrities he has worked with include:

  • Donald Glover: Brian Tyree Henry starred alongside Donald Glover in the critically acclaimed series “Atlanta,” where they both showcased their exceptional acting skills and chemistry on-screen.
  • Viola Davis: He shared the screen with Viola Davis in the film “Widows” (2018), delivering a memorable performance that further solidified his talent as an actor.
  • Mahershala Ali: Brian Tyree Henry had the privilege of working with Mahershala Ali in the Academy Award-winning film “Moonlight” (2016), where their performances contributed to the film’s critical success.

These collaborations highlight Brian Tyree Henry’s ability to work alongside esteemed talents and bring out the best in his performances.

Brian Tyree Henry’s Height and Body Measurements

Brian Tyree Henry stands at 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall. While specific body measurements are not publicly available, his commanding presence and physical stature contribute to his on-screen charisma and versatility as an actor.

Brian Tyree Henry’s Height Comparison

Here is a table comparing Brian Tyree Henry’s height to that of ten other similar famous personalities:

Michael B. Jordan6 feet
Chadwick Boseman6 feet
Idris Elba6 feet 2 inches
Mahershala Ali6 feet 2 inches
Sterling K. Brown6 feet
Daniel Kaluuya6 feet 1 inch
John Boyega5 feet 9 inches
Trevante Rhodes6 feet 2 inches
Lakeith Stanfield6 feet 2 inches
Winston Duke6 feet 4 inches

Please note that the heights mentioned above are approximate and may vary.

Notable Career Work

Brian Tyree Henry’s career is marked by notable performances across various mediums. Some of his most notable career work includes:

  • “Atlanta” (2016-Present): Brian Tyree Henry gained widespread recognition and critical acclaim for his role as Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles in the television series “Atlanta.” His portrayal of a rising rapper navigating the music industry earned him an Emmy nomination and solidified his acting prowess.
  • “Widows” (2018): In the heist thriller film “Widows,” Brian Tyree Henry delivered a compelling performance as Jamal Manning, a complex character embroiled in the world of crime and politics. His role showcased his versatility as an actor and further elevated his presence in the film industry.
  • “If Beale Street Could Talk” (2018): Brian Tyree Henry made a significant impact with his brief but memorable appearance in the Academy Award-winning film “If Beale Street Could Talk.” His portrayal of a wrongfully imprisoned Daniel Carty, a friend left a lasting impression on audiences.

These career highlights exemplify Brian Tyree Henry’s ability to tackle diverse roles and bring depth and authenticity to his characters.

Brian Tyree Henry’s Net Worth and Salary

As of 2023, Brian Tyree Henry’s estimated net worth is around $2 million. While exact salary figures are not publicly available, his successful career in film, television, and theater, along with endorsements and other projects, have contributed to his financial success.

Brian Tyree Henry on Social Media

Brian Tyree Henry maintains an active presence on social media platforms, allowing fans to stay updated on his latest projects, behind-the-scenes insights, and personal moments. Here are his official accounts:


Fans can follow him on these platforms to get a glimpse into his life and connect with his artistic journey.

Brian Tyree Henry FAQ

Is Brian Tyree Henry a stage actor as well? Yes, Brian Tyree Henry has a strong background in theater and has appeared in numerous stage productions, including “The Book of Mormon” and “Lobby Hero.”

Has Brian Tyree Henry won any awards for his performances? While he has not won any major awards yet, Brian Tyree Henry has received critical acclaim and nominations for his work, including Primetime Emmy and Tony Award nominations.

What other films has Brian Tyree Henry been a part of? In addition to his television and theater work, Brian Tyree Henry has appeared in films such as “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (2018), “White Boy Rick” (2018), and “Hotel Artemis” (2018), showcasing his versatility across different genres.

Does Brian Tyree Henry have any upcoming projects? Yes, Brian Tyree Henry has several exciting projects in the pipeline, including roles in the films “The Eternals” and “Bullet Train,” which are set to release in the coming years.

What sets Brian Tyree Henry apart as an actor? Brian Tyree Henry’s ability to embody complex characters with depth and authenticity and his powerful on-screen presence set him apart as a remarkable actor in the industry.

Brian Tyree Henry Summary

Brian Tyree Henry has swiftly made his mark in Hollywood with his exceptional talent and versatility as an actor. From his breakout role in “Atlanta” to his captivating performances on the big screen, he continues to impress both audiences and critics alike.

With notable career achievements, a growing net worth, and a promising future, Brian Tyree Henry is undoubtedly an actor to watch out for.

As he takes on more challenging roles and leaves an indelible impact on the entertainment industry, his star continues to rise, solidifying his status as one of the most promising talents of his generation.

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