Top 15 Richest Housewives on Bravo Today

Who says you can’t get rich just being a housewife? BRAVO TV has empowered the spirit of staying at home and keeping the home fires burning with their list of top-earning housewives. Are they real housewives? This point is debatable but how do they make so much money just taking care of the house, cleaning, and being at home?

The answer is: they don’t. It’s a show. “Reality” TV has often stretched the boundaries of what is real and what is embellished a bit. Perhaps this show is one of those situations. On some level, perhaps these ladies are housewives since they probably help take care of their homes, stay at home while working their businesses through outsourcing or other means, or manage to keep the home fires burning while keeping several businesses afloat. But regardless of whether they are true housewives, they are on the “Housewives” show, so they are considered that way by mainstream media outlets in spite of the numerous ventures they are running in the background.

In this list, we have included the Top 15 stars of the Housewives show on BRAVO today. They are in no particular order but they are the top-earning stars of the favorite reality show which airs from various parts of the country, so they all do pretty well.

Find out how much these “housewives” rack up in this list of the Top 15 Housewives on BRAVO today.

Top 15 Net Worth Earners in the “Real Housewives” series

15. Lisa Vanderpump – Net Worth: $65 Million

Lisa Vanderpump is one of the stars of the Beverly Hills version of “Real Housewives.” She has also appeared on “Dancing with the Stars.” She is married to husband, Todd and together they made their money by creating several bars in Beverly Hills, California. Another show was spurred out of their restaurant that is known as “Vanderpump Rules.” She enjoys relishing herself with diamonds and fine things. She is also a philanthropist and enjoys being involved in several different charities. She owns a company dedicated to women’s skin care, and she writes for several different publications. One of these publications is a well-known lifestyle magazine. As you can see Lisa does more than just sweeping and dusting the house!

14. Teresa Giudice – Net Worth: $11 Million

Teresa Guidice is worth $11 Million. Not too shabby for a housewife. But, like the other famous “housewives” of the BRAVO television series, she does much more than tending to the house. Teresa and her husband have been involved in some other ventures. She and husband were recently convicted of several fraud crimes and tax evasion issues recently. These are serious charges, but Teresa seems to be taking it very well. They pled guilty to some of the counts and only got a sentence of 15 months in jail, escaping the more serious sentence. She hopes this situation does not affect her future career and she hopes to star in a new TV show soon.

13. Carole Radziwill – Net Worth: $50 Million

Carole Radziwill has made much of her money through her status as a journalist she has developed a reputation as an author, too. She appears in the “Real Housewives” (NYC version). She prefers to date younger men and has been seen with big-name celebrities that you would recognize. Carole’s husband died of cancer back in the late 90s and she is now pursuing a journalism career. Inspired by her tragic loss as well as her love of romance and hope for singles, she has written some books that address this topic. Two well-known books she’s written include one on dating for widows and another on finding love after loss.

12. Tamra Judge – Net Worth: $800,000

Tamra Judge is the outspoken member of the “Real Housewives” club who thinks nothing of telling her fellow cast members off if she feels like it! There’s a refreshing honesty in her approach, though in a world when so many people “put on airs” to get along. As far as her income, she’s not hurting any. She earns around $350,000 for each season that she appears on the Housewives series on the Orange County Housewives series. She also procures a solid income through her fitness business through her CUT Fitness business with husband, Eddie. She may not have a net worth quite as high as some of her counterparts. But we don’t think it’s because of her saucy mouth!

11. Yolanda Foster – Net Worth $45 Million

Yolanda Foster is a former supermodel, and her two daughters are also quite popular in their own rites. Supermodels, Gigi and Bella are her daughters. David Foster is her husband, and Dave is a famous music producer and songwriter. Yolanda gladly signed on with “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She gets a whopping $100K per episode on this show. She also owns “Hopeless Romantic,” a business that focuses on offering advice and help in keeping the romance lit between couples.

10. Vicki Gunvalson – Net Worth: $ 7 Million

Vicki Gunvalson is a self-made entrepreneur, not just a housewife and her income shows it. She says that she is capable of knowing how have fun with life. She started with a private insurance company, so she has had plenty of experience in the business world before her status as a celebrity. She is a member of the cast of the Orange County version of the Housewives series. She earns half a million dollar per season! This has all contributed to her net worth of $7 Million. In addition to her lucrative business ventures, she also owns a production company and a diamond company that has earned her a good living on the side.

9. Kandi Burress – Net Worth: $35 Million

Kandi Burress first found her calling in music before she began her acting career in the Atlanta Housewives version of the popular show. She wrote a song that made it big with Destiny’s Child called, “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and she has worked with Todd Tucker also. They are also awaiting the arrival of their first child. Burress collects almost half a million per season for her appearance in the Housewives show, and she has also appeared in two shows that illustrate her design ability. She even recently started a new specialty store and boutique and founded a line of luxury bedroom furniture.

8. Lisa Rinna – Net Worth: $8 Million

Lisa Rinna is a well-known actress and star who already was well-known by many of her fans. But she joined the Beverly Hills version of “Housewives.” Harry Hamlin is her husband and the couple enjoys a high lifestyle that is filled with adventure and fun. Lisa does commercials for Depends, which doesn’t seem to fit her glamourous disposition but she doesn’t seem to care since it nets her a cool $2 million to add to her wealth. She has starred in such popular shows as “Melrose Place” and “Days of our Lives,” as well as other TV shows and several different movie appearances. She has her fashion collection, as well that is featured shopping network TV.

7. Kyle Richards – Net Worth: $30 Million

You may have heard of Paris Hilton. Well, meet Paris and Nicky’s aunt, Kyle Richards. Her net worth is $30 million. Again, not bad for a homemaker. Let’s see how she has collected such a large income. First, Kyle stars on the Beverly Hills version of the Real Housewives show. She loves to give back by helping volunteer at the L.A. Children’s Hospital. She earns a boatload of money per season on the Housewives show, and she also makes quite a bit from her store in Beverly Hills known as “Kyle and Alene Too.” She was one of the child stars of the now infamous “Halloween” movie, and she has appeared on several other shows, as well. She is currently planning on a television series for network TV on TV Land. Her husband, Mauricio works in real estate.

6. Heather Thomson – Net Worth: $10 Million

Heather Thomson is a former “Housewife” who recently announced that she would not return for another season of the NYC version. She earned around $175,000 for every episode for her appearance on this show, and she is best known for her honest and transparent attitude. Her talents and entrepreneurship prowess goes far beyond the walls of the set of “Housewives.” She served as the design expert for top stars in the past and has also designed outfits and dresses for Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

5. Heather Dubrow – Net Worth: $30 Million

Heather Dubrow has starred in the Orange County version of Housewives. She exhibits a high degree of style both on and off of the show and her husband has been seen on “Botched!” a popular TV show where plastic surgeon “boo-boos” are discussed. Together, Heather and her husband Terry Dubrow started a line of skincare products known as “Consult Beaute.” Heather has also recently starred on “Hawaii Five-O” and “Malibu.” She is an independent woman who actively looks for opportunities that allow her to stretch her talents to new heights and she earns her money through her various personal interests and experience.

4. Shannon Beador – Net Worth: $20 Million

Shannon Beador has a net worth is around $20 million. How did she make her money? First, she has a regular role on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” a top-rated show with the Beverly Hills sector. She loves the philosophy of “Feng Shui,” an Asian technique that focuses on clearing up the clutter and surrounding yourself with the things you love most. She has not been immune to scandal when her husband cheated on her, which was known by several news outlets. While humiliated, Shannon is still trying to hold her marriage together for the sake of their children.

3. Ramona Singer – Net Worth: $18 Million

Ramona Singer is worth $18 million, and it’s for more than dusting furniture and cooking meals. She earned half a million dollars per season on the New York City version of “Real Housewives” but she hasn’t stopped there. She has taken on some different investment opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures to add to her incomes. She co-owns a Bar and Grill in Manhattan. She became friends with Sonja Morgan who was also on the Housewives show. She recently went through a divorce from her husband Mario and is now with Pinot Grigio, who inspired her to create a company with her new-found love.

2. Bethenny Frankel – Net Worth: $25 Million

Bethenny Frankel is not new to fame, having starred in shows like “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and more. She stars in “The Real Housewives of New York City” currently and earns $40,000 per episode. She is a millionaire by her own rites and regularly contributes to her net worth due to her Skinnygirl Cocktails company. She is more than a housewife and is considered by most people who know her as a savvy businesswoman.

1. NeNe Leakes – Net Worth: $12 Million

NeNe Leakes was a star on the popular Atlanta version of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She as previously on the show “The New Normal” and “Celebrity Apprentice,” as well as season 18 of “Dancing with the Stars.” She has a diverse TV appearance portfolio and resumes, and her wide range of diversity in her career goals has enabled her to gain quite a large nest egg. She grossed around $1 million per season for her appearance on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and she has also been seen on “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and “Fashion Police.” What has this rich housewife been doing since leaving the Housewives show? A lot. She is currently working on a new clothing line for HSN and she has plans to keep looking for other opportunities to broaden her reach to other pursuits.

When you watch the “Housewives” show, you may think that it’s a great way to make a living. Perhaps it is if you are the star of a reality show by that name. But remember that the value of someone goes far beyond the amount of money they bring in.

What is a housewife really worth?

All of these “housewives” have a large net worth. If you look at the history of each one, they all have one thing in common: they are not housewives. Even though they starred in a show known as “The Housewives Of…” various places, none of them do what a true housewife does. They are involved in all sorts of money-making companies, businesses, and passive income ventures that allow them to make a huge amount of money.

They all star on a show by that name. But are they housewives? We’ll leave that to you to decide. This “reality” show certain has done one thing: It has fueled the already lucrative careers of business-savvy women who know how to use every opportunity to increase their net worth.

It’s also a fun show to watch.

As for real housewives, they probably don’t have near the net worth of these well-known celebrities. But to their husbands, their value is perhaps immeasurable.

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