17 Hilarious Boston Comedians Who Know Funny

Boston has produced some seriously funny comedians over the years. Let’s look at 17 talented comics hailing from Beantown:

1. Louis C.K.

Controversial now, but Louis C.K. honed his cynically hilarious brand of comedy in Boston clubs.

2. Jay Leno

Longtime Tonight Show host Jay Leno first rose through the Boston standup scene before hitting it big.

3. Steven Wright

Master of deadpan one-liners, Steven Wright is a Boston Comedy Hall of Famer.

4. Denis Leary

Denis Leary’s angry rants and bitingly sarcastic takes originated with his Boston upbringing.

5. Lenny Clarke

Veteran Boston comic Lenny Clarke perfected his sardonic, accent-thick local humor over decades of gigs.

6. Don Gavin

“The Godfather of Boston Comedy,” Don Gavin entertained locals with hisBITINGLY funny perspective for over 30 years.

7. Tony V

Boston’s own Tony V comically complains about the city’s sports teams, weather, and eccentric locals.

8. Jimmy Tingle

Politically passionate Cambridge native Jimmy Tingle mixed humor and social commentary.

9. Steve Sweeney

Known as the “King of Boston Comedy,” Steve Sweeney performed raucous sets throughout New England.

10. Patrice O’Neal

The brilliant but controversial Patrice O’Neal started in Boston before becoming a fixture on Opie & Anthony.

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11. Bill Burr

Cantankerous comic Bill Burr honed his caustic, unflinching style in the uncompromising Boston scene.

12. Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly embraces his Boston blue-collar roots through harsh but hilarious humor.

13. Kenny Rogerson

Kenny Rogerson entertained Boston crowds with jokes about racial issues and dysfunctional relationships.

14. Tony V

Loudmouth local Tony V rants about Boston sports and weather in his thick accent.

15. Nick DiPaolo

Politically incorrect Nick DiPaolo mixes right-wing rants with laughs.

16. Dana Gould

Quirky Dana Gould began on the 80s Boston circuit before writing for The Simpsons.

17. Lenny Clarke

Boston comedy icon Lenny Clarke perfected his hometown gruff persona through decades of local gigs.

Gruff Charm and Wicked Smahts

These Beantown-bred comedians showcase Boston’s uniquely cynical, sharp-tongued, and sarcastic sense of humor.

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