Boosie Net Worth

Boosie Net Worth

Boosie, also known as Boosie Badazz, is an American rapper, who received his nickname from his family. Boosie has made his name as a rapper, because of his hard southern style. His contribution to rap music includes, albums as well as mixtapes and compilations. He started his rap career by being introduced to rapper, C-Loc, by his cousin, Young Bleed. Both of these fellow rappers mentored Boosie into being the hard core rapper he is today. The estimated net worth of Boosie is $800 thousand.


Torrence Hatch, also known by his stage name Boosie Badazz, was born on November 14, 1982, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When growing up, Boosie was raised in low income housing, and even though his father was not involved in his life, he watched his father battle with drug addiction until he died in 1997. Boosie’s mother is a retired school teacher, who hoped that Boosie’s love of playing basketball would help him get into a good college. However, he was kicked out of high school, because he got involved with drugs. Since his early years, Boosie has had eight children, with different women.


Boosie first started his rap career by being mentored by his cousin, Young Bleed and rapper, C-Loc. In 1996, he joined the rap group, Concentration Camp, where he was the youngest member in the group. Along with C-Loc and Young Bleed being members of the group, it consisted of six members. Boosie also collaborated on C-Loc’s fifth album, It’s a Gamble, in 2000 as well as contributing his rap skills to Concentration Camp’s third studio album, Camp III: Thug Brothas. Soon after, his cousin left the group, putting Boosie in a position to be the prime member. He released his debut album, Youngest of da Camp, in 2000, but his big break came when he joined Pimp C’s Trill Entertainment, the next year. After joining the label, Boosie, released his album, For My Thugs, in 2002. Along with this album, he released his first mixtape, Boosie, the same year. In 2003, he collaborated with rapper, Webbie, for the album, Ghetto Stories. With the passing years, 2004 was a big year for Boosie, because he released his second album, Gangsta Musik, with Webbie as well as launching Azz Mixtape Vol. 1. He also released Trill Azz Mixes II and Both Sides of the Track, with South Side Coalition as well as a compilation mixtape, called, Bad Ass, in 2004. The next year, Boosie, took his rap skills to the next level, by collaborating with Lava House Records and released United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Boosie also signed a deal with Warner Bros. Record in 2005. In 2006, Boosie, furthered his career, by releasing his major label debut album, Bad Azz. As a follow up to Bad Ass Advance, Trill released, Bad Ass Mixtape Vol. 1, in 2006. After the release of this mixtape, Boosie spent the next few years, releasing more mixtapes, that continued to show his skills in rapping. In 2007, he released, Bad Azz Mixtapes Vol. 2 with rapper, Webbie. He released another mixtape in 2008, called, Da Beginning Mixtape, and released his second major album, Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz, the very next year. Boosie was later locked up for drug charges as well as indicted on first degree murder, but he was still able to release, Unbreakable, a CD compilation, with C-Loc. Incarcerated, was his next album released along with Gone Til, which was released in 2010. After Boosie was released in 2014, he signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, and released his first single, “Show the World.” He also released another mixtape during that same year, titled, Life After Deathrow as well as releasing his sixth studio album, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell. In 2017, Boosie, decided to take a more serious approach at acting, since he had already acted in small films, like, Last Dayz and Ghetto Stories: The Movie and Gangsta Musik. Recently, Boosie has been cast to play in the film, Glass Jaw, where he plays an underground fight club promoter. Boosie has come a long way his days of being a teenage rapper trying to come into the rap industry, and his downfalls never stopped him.

Awards and Nominations

With Boosie’s hard work, he has been acknowledged as a hard working rapper, who keeps rap music alive with his hard core southern rap style. He has won two awards as well as nominated for two awards. In 2007, Boosie won the Ozone Award, for Best Breakthrough Artist, for the song Independent. He also won the Ozone Award for, Club Banger of the Year, for the same song, in 2008. Boosie received two nominations in 2007, one of which was a BET Award for BET Hip Hop Award Rookie of the Year, for the song, Wipe Me Down (Remix). The other nomination that Boosie received was a BET Award, for the BET Hip Hop Alltel Wireless People’s Champ Award , for the same song.

Net Worth of Boosie

Despite the hardships that Boosie may have encountered over the years, he has continued to thrive to bring rap music to music lovers. From being an active southern style rapper who has made club goers fall in love with his music, to being an actor who is getting his foot in the door, Boosie has grown to become a much respected entertainer, who has shown that he will not back down from being successful, just because a hardship comes his way. Boosie’s net worth is $800 thousand, and he owes his success to his rap music as well as his acting career. He is an entertainer who will continue to branch out and explore his talent by pursuing all forms of entertainment.

Personal Life

Boosie has had some trouble in his life that has involved him being put behind bars, but he has focused on his career as an entertainer, so that his personal life with his family is better. He has eight children, with multiple women and has been known to state that he would love to have more children. Although his life with his children is something that he has embraced proudly, his health has been a major issue over the years. In 2015, he announced that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. After his announcement, he had surgery, which successfully removed the cancer. Boosie recently announced his diagnosis of diabetes, but that has not stopped him from wanting to continue entertaining.


Although Boosie started his career when he was a teenager, along with his stage name being Lil Boosie, he has grown to be an entertainer that brings diversity to anything he touches. Boosie has not let his downfalls and hardships determine where he wants his future in entertainment to go, and because of his dedication to entertaining, he has continued to grow into one of the most popular rappers of all time. Boosie may have some rough edges about him, but these edges also keeps fans listening to the music that intrigues them.

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