Bobbi Kristina Brown Net Worth

Bobbi Kristina Brown Net Worth

Who is Bobbi Kristina Brown?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, is a late US-based reality television star and singer. She was the daughter of late legendary singer, Whitney Houston. Brown was born on 4th March, 1993, in Livingston, New Jersey. She was publicly famous, directly due to her parents’ fame.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Net Worth

Before she died, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s net worth was a jaw-dropping $20 million. Such a huge amount is a very impressive feat for a 23 year old. Though her parents are extremely wealthy too, Brown’s net worth does not include her parents money in it. Brown had made most of her wealth from the reality TV show, Being Bobby Brown. Another source of her income is from her published albums and songs.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Life History

Bobbi Kristina Brown was brought to this world on 4th March, 1993 in Livingston, New Jersey, to Whitney Houston and her father, Bobby Brown, both of whom are famous celebrities on their own. Brown had five other siblings on her paternal side. Her childhood had been a very rough and difficult one, even though her parents were far from being financially unstable. The reasons for her tough childhood were her parents’ drug usage, domestic violence and paparazzi. Brown was subject to fame and publicity from the tender age of one, when her mother carried her on stage when going up to receive an US-based Music Award. She has vocal cameos in her mother’s songs in the album, My Love Is Your Love. When Brown’s parents divorced in 2007, her custody fell to her mother Whitney, and her father got visitation rights. After Brown’s mother died in 2012, she was devastated. A few days after the death, Brown was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, as she suffered from trauma. A month after Whitney’s death, Brown said that she would carry on her mother’s legacy as a singer. Along with singing, Brown also wanted to pursue a career as an actor and a dancer. Brown was also the sole beneficiary of Houston’s entire estate.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Known For

Bobbi Kristina Brown is most widely known for being the only child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. She is also known for providing vocal cameos in some of her mother’s songs when she was a very young child. Some of her own work includes the reality television show, Being Bobby Brown, and numerous duets with her mother Houston.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Political/Business Affiliations

Bobbi Kristina Brown was the sole heir of Whitney Houston’s entire $115 million estate. She was the sole beneficiary of all of her belongings, including,  clothing, jewelry, cars, personal effects, and furniture. Whitney Houston’s final will and testament also stated that Brown would receive trust-fund installments until the age of thirty, after which she would inherit all of the $115 million estate.

Final Words

Bobbi Kristina Brown was an extremely talented singer and actor, whose life was cut short due to an accident. The whole world regrets what happened to this young, innocent soul. Many can take inspiration from her story; even though her parents were very wealthy, Brown still decided to pursue her own career, and wanted to make a name for herself, by herself, through her own hard work.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Bio Info

Born: 4 March 1993, Livingston, New Jersey, United States
Died: 26 July 2015, Duluth, Georgia, United States
Cause of death: Lobar pneumonia induced by immersion and drug intoxication
Partner(s): Nick Gordon (2012–15; her death)
Buried: 3 August 2015, Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, New Jersey, United States
Siblings: LaPrincia Brown, Landon Brown, Bobby Brown Jr.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Quotes

  • One moment I can be happy and laughing, but then it comes over me. It’s my mom. – Bobbi Kristina Brown
  • Of course we had our arguments; we had everything, but at the end of the day, that was still my mother, my confidante – my everything. – Bobbi Kristina Brown
  • No one knows what an amazing spirit she was. She wasn’t only a mother; she was a best friend. – Bobbi Kristina Brown

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