Bobbi Brown Net Worth

Bobbi Brown Net Worth

Who is Bobbi Brown?

Bobbi Brown is an American actress and a famous model who used to be a major hit in the 1990s. She is the daughter of Judy Ann Brown and Bobby Gene and has three siblings.

Bobbi Brown Net Worth:

A massive $21.2 million is the net worth of Bobbi Brown. Her book “Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip” and her own clothing line are the major contributors toward this huge sum. Her popularity is known by the success of her clothing line and her book which was a bestseller.

Bobbi Brown Life History:

Bobbi Brown was born on 7th October 1969 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is the eldest child of her parents and has a brother, a half-brother and a half-sister. She is also known by the name of Bobbi Brown-Lane. When she was in high school her parents got divorced and her mom got married to someone else. She completed her high school education from Starkey Academy, Central Louisiana.

She won the Miss Louisiana Teen USA title in 1987 which set her on the path of a modeling career. In the Miss Teen USA pageant, she represented Louisiana in an event held in El Paso, Texas and secured the second position in the contest. She was also the winner of the Spokesperson Competition that was featured on Star Search. She also made a record of this achievement 13 times! In the year 1990, she also hosted the fashion series known as “Preview-The Best of the New”.

Last Action Hero (1993), Cool as Ice (1991), and Counterfeit (1996) were some of the movies in which she made an appearance. She also made an appearance in some music videos and worked with famous brands including Budweiser. Some of her music videos include “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”, “House of Broken Love”, and “I’m On To You”. A sensually seductive video titled “Cherry Pie” made her extremely popular. The video was released in 1990. She hosted the famous TV infomercial “Big Rock: The 80’s Generation” and appeared in 3 episodes of the show “Married……with children”. She also wrote “Do it for the Band: Women of the Sunset Strip”, a documentary series that aired on VH1.

She married Jani Lane on July 15, 1991, and they have a daughter together. After they got a divorce in 1993 she got engaged to Tommy Lee but they broke up in February 1995 just four days before Tommy Lee got married to Pamela Anderson. Since 2014 she has been in a relationship with Joshua Bissell, the rocker. She also faced a severe drug addiction for which she had to go to a rehab.

Bobbi Brown Known For:

Bobbi Brown is a well-known face in the field of modeling, acting. She is a successful author and has her own clothing line.

Bobbi Brown Political / Business Affiliations: is her online store which she is running successfully. Her writing endeavors also contribute to her ever-growing income.

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