Bob Ross Net Worth

Bob Ross Net Worth

Bob Ross was a famous American artist, TV personality, businessman and art instructor. Named Robert Norman Ross at birth, he was inspired to take up painting after seeing and admiring the snow-capped mountains in Alaska. Bob was born on October 29, 1942 at Daytona Beach, Florida, US. He studied up to the 9th grade after which he left school to join his father as a Carpenter. It is at this time that he is said to have lost a part of his left index finger.

Work Profile
Ross was enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1961 and worked as a Medical Records Technician there. The breathtaking landscapes of Alaska where he was posted inspired him to take up painting full time. After retirement as a Master Sergeant, he began painting full time.
Ross found a mentor in German Painter Bill Alexander. He mastered a quick painting technique called Alla Prima from his mentor’s TV show The Magic of Oil Painting. Ross at first painted on Gold pans to make some money. Later he turned to TV to augment his income.

To further his progress, Ross initiated, hosted and presented a TV series called The Joy of Painting on PBS. This program was highly successful and ran from 1983 to 1994. Ross taught the quick technique of painting on this program.

He is said to bring injured squirrels and other small animals to pepper up the show. The show has minimalist sets and the dress code was casual and laidback.

Paintings drawn in the studios during the program have all been donated to PBS offices across the country.

Along with hosting, Ross also ran Bob Ross Inc., in partnership with Annette Kowlaski. The TV show was promotion vehicle for Ross’s products including art supplies, How-to-do books, and painting classed following the Ross method of painting.

With the advent of Internet, Ross also uploaded his works on Youtube and other Internet websites.
Some of the features of Ross’s paintings are mountains, lakes, log cabins and serene snowscapes.

Life History of Bob Ross
Ross was first married to Lynda Brown. After his divorce, he remarried and his Second Wife is Jane Ross. They had three sons Morgan, Bob and Steven. Bob Ross had a half brother Jim. As Ross was a secretive and private person, there are very few details of his personal life available to mass media. Steven, the second son, is a Ross Certified Instructor. Bob Ross succumbed to Lymphoma on July 4th 1995.

Known for
Ross as very popular due his program on TV called the “The Joy of Painting”. The show was telecast in America, Canada, parts of Europe and Latin America. The reruns of this serial still appear on PBS Channel called Create.

Awards and Recognition
Joy of Painting, a PBS TV series presented by Bob Ross won three Emmy Awards.

Net worth of Bob Ross
The net worth of Bon Ross is estimated at $1.4 million to $6 million. His source of income is from sale of his amazing paintings and Painting supplies.

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