Bo Hopkins Net Worth

Bo Hopkins Net Worth

Who Is Bo Hopkins?

Bo Hopkins is an American actor of Films, television, and stage. He was born on February 2 in the year 1942. His real name is William Hopkins.

Bo Hopkins Net worth:

Bo Hopkins net worth is $66 million. His wealth came from the contribution he had given to the entertainment industry. Some of the reports suggest that his net worth is way more and is of about $148.5 million.

Bo Hopkins Life History:

Bo Hopkins was originally from Greenville, South Carolina in the United States of America, and was born on February 2 in the year 1942. At the age of nine years, he was adopted by a couple. Growing up, he was called “Billy”. His supportive father worked in a factory in Taylors, South Carolina. When his dad was 39, Billy was with his mom when he kicked the bucket of a heart assault on the yard of the family’s home.

Unable to stay in their home, after a month both of them moved to another place near in Ware Shoals, where his granddad and uncles worked in another plant. His mom inevitably remarried a man whose last name was Davis.

Hopkins was not able to adjust with his new stepfather and the two got into various contentions, some arguments. After getting away from home a couple of times, he was sent to live with his grandparents out in the nation and keeping in mind that there he discovered that he had been received on the grounds that his mother couldn’t bear children.

At age 12, he met his biological mother, who lived with his relatives and a stepbrother in Lockhart, another little town in South Carolina. Billy had a difficult to adjust as a teenager, with various occasions of truancy, minor violations, and a stay in a change school.

He dropped out of school just before his seventeenth birthday celebration and joined the United States Army, where he was allotted to the 101st Airborne Division. He was based at Fort Jackson, Fort Gordon and Fort Pope, before being dispatched off to Korea, where he served for nine months. After his military administration, William “Billy” Hopkins started dating a young lady named Norma, whom he wedded at about age 18, and they had a daughter named Jane.

Hopkins was keen on seeking after an acting profession, despite the fact that his significant other objected to it and she soon left him, taking their daughter with her.

Bo Hopkins – Known For:

He is best known for his in many Hollywood movies, the most famous being the The Wild Bunch, Midnight Express and A Small Town in Texas.

He had appeared in more than a hundred film and television roles in his career of more than forty years. He had won the Golden Boot in the year 1995 at the Golden Boot Awards.

Bo Hopkins – Political / Business Affiliations:

In the year 2000 in July, he had a private signing with Rocky and Brenda Whitehead in Tucson in Arizona, where he had signed on sixty limited edition American graffiti.

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