Blake Anderson Net Worth

Blake Anderson Net Worth

Who is Blake Anderson?

Blake Anderson is an American comedian, an actor, a screenwriter, a fashion designer, and a producer. He is known best for his work in the comedy based series “Workaholics”. He is active in the entertainment industry since the year 2006 and is now a very well-known face in the industry.

Blake Anderson Net Worth

Blake Anderson has earned a net worth of $5 million in his career. He has earned most of his net worth by working in the entertainment industry. He has also earned well through his clothing line “Teenage”. Balke has worked hard in his life which has paid him a luxurious life. He is an owner of a $2 million house and a $60,000 jeep.

Blake Anderson Life History

Blake Raymond Anderson who is famous as Blake Anderson was born on 2nd of March in the year 1984 in Sacramento County, California, the U.S. He did his early schooling at Clayton Valley High School. He had curly hairs since childhood for which he was bullied in the school. He shaved off his head because of peer pressure. While growing up Blake found his interest in comedy genre so for pursuing it he moved to the Los Angeles to work with the groups like Upright Citizens Brigade and others. Then after completing his schooling, he attended Orange Coast College. While completing his graduation, Blake worked as a pizza delivery driver.

Growing slowly in his career Blake earned his fame from the year 2006 through the sketch comedy group “Mail Order Comedy” for which he produces and writes all the content. He also got to work on various shows like “Entourage”, “Traffic Light”, “The Legend of Awesomest Maximus”, “House”, “Dungeon of the Nutsack”, “Loiter Squad”, “Arrested Development”, “Community”, and others. He got his best role in the year 2011 in the series “Workaholics”. This show was aired until the year 2017 and Blake was a big name until the end of this show.

In his own life, Blake Anderson got married to Rachael Finley in the year 2012. They had a baby girl in the year 2014 who was named Mars Ilah Anderson. The marriage did not go well, and they divorced in the year 2017. Since then Blake is not linked with any other girl.

Blake Anderson Known For

Blake Anderson is a well-known face in the entertainment industry. He has mainly worked as an actor in the comedy genre. He has worked in many shows and is known best for his work in the series “Workaholics”. He is also famous as a producer and writer of “Mail Order Comedy” which is a sketch comedy troupe.

Blake Anderson Political / Business Affiliations

Blake Anderson founded the group “Mail Order Comedy” in the year 2006 with other members like Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck. He works as a producer and writer of the group. Blake has also started a fashion line “Teenage” in the year 2014 with his wife Rachael Finley. This clothing company began with t-shirts and is now selling a wide variety of clothes.

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