Net Worths of 16 Cast Members from Marvel’s Black Panther Movie

The Marvel Black Panther Film: What Made it So Popular?

Everyone is raving about the new hit movie, “Black Panther,” which made a smash due to its diverse cast lineup of talent that seemed more like a film that was written specifically for the actors than a script that was written and actors were picked later.

The film and the script itself seems to be a combination of ancient and futuristic technologies. The actors, while well costumed and fitted into their fundamental roles, appear almost misplaced amidst the technocratic society that the film is immersed in.

The film is produced by the famous Marvel Comics movie production company that is known for its ability to capture the timeless look of the print comics in 3D, Imax, and HD video format.

As to the cast, it is predominantly African American, and most of the cast are actually from the places in which the film is set. But, the constant appearance of futuristic technologies that threaten the existence of a civilized society remind us that there is something very different in the purpose and the meaning of the film.

No matter what the meaning of the film, it has all of the bells and whistles of the big blockbusters including technology wars, dogfights in space, and sudden glimpses of what appears to be some “new world order.”

How much is the cast worth?

Taken as the whole, the entire cast of “Black Panther” would have a net worth well surpassing several billion dollars. This is due in part to some of the more aged members of the cast and crew who have more experience or investing power than the younger members. But it’s interesting to take a look at each actor to see what they are worth individually.

1. Chadwick Boseman

Chad Boseman recently appeared in the well-known Box Office smash, “Black Panthers.” Boseman played the character of “Black Panther,” a character that he has played in more than one picture. He made a hit in the film that is turning out to be quite a smash, and he also had an impressive resume before this time. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

2. Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is another star in the new movie, “Black Panthers.” His TV roles have included Wallace in the HBO series, “The Wire,” and Reggie in “All My Children.” His net worth is currently estimated at $8 million. His character was “Erik Killmonger.” She played “Nakia” in the “Black Panther” movie.

3. Lupita Amondi Nyong’o

Lupita Amondi Nyong’o is another member of the cast of “Black Panther,” and she is the daughter of the Kenya politician, Peter Nyong’o. Lupita is currently worth $5 million in revenue. To see why she’s worth so much, you may just need to watch the movie (or at least the trailer) to understand why the film is making such a splash at the box office.

4. Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker II is a long-time Hollywood actor as well as a director/producer. He was in films such as “Bird,” “Platoon,” and “Ghost Dog” before his work in “Black Panther.” His net worth is an impressive $40 million. But then, he’s been in the film industry a lot longer than most of the younger stars of the film. See Forest Whitaker in the Black Panther film that is now showing in theatres everywhere and sees why he’s worth so much!

5. Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya is the 28-year-old actor who made his debut with the favorite horror flick, “Get Out,” but he also shows his handsome face in “Black Panther.” He is a confident, charismatic actor and his net worth is currently reported to be around $1 million. He plays the character of W’Kabi in the Marvel Panther’s movie. There are probably some interesting characters in the film, and it may be worth the watch just to see who makes an appearance.

6. Angela Bassett

Actress Angela Bassett stars as Ramonda in the Marvel hit, “Black Panther,” but she was already a pretty well-established actress before that. She played Tina Turner in the biography of singer and performer Tina Turner entitled, “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” and she enjoys bringing her many talents to the set of films that she finds challenging that make a statement. Her net worth is currently valued at around $20 million. Bassett is a more experienced actor than most of the members of the cast and crew, so that explains why she’s collected a much higher pile of cash than most of the others.

7. Andy Serkis

Andy Serkis is an English director, as well as a well-known actor. He has done voice work, animated film work, and voiceovers for computer-generated characters in the past. He stars as the character of “Klaw,” in the Marvel hit, “Black Panther.” His net worth is valued at around $28 million. Serkis is an experienced and seasoned actor, and he brings his talents to the big screen with this unique movie.

8. Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman is one of the Caucasian actors of “Black Panther,” and he plays the role of Everett K. Ross. His net worth is valued at around $28 million, and he has more than doubled his wealth over the past five years. He often made regular appearances in the sitcom, “The Office,” before appearing in the “Black Panther” film.

9. Florence Kasumba

Florence Kasumba is a German actress who was initially from Uganda. She has made appearances in various Civil War pictures before playing the role of “Ayo” in the new film. Her current net worth is estimated around $9 million. The fundamental view of the environment in the movie entices the viewer, and the surprise element of introducing technology and spacecraft technology where they don’t seem to belong keeps the viewer glued to the screen.

10. Winston Duke

Winston Duke is another Black American actor in the new Marvel Movie production of “Black Panther.” He began his acting career in a theater when he starred in productions for the Portland Stage Company and Yale Repertory Theatre. He then got a prominent role in “Person of Interest,” which helped further launch his career. He became friends with fellow “Panthers” star, Lupita Nyong’o which led to them both landing a role in the famous film. He is a well-trained actor in both theatre and film, and he was perfect for the purpose of M’Baku. His net worth is around $800,000.

11. Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown currently stars on the NBC series, “This is Us,” and he landed the role of N’Jobu in “Black Panther.” His net worth is around $4 million. He is a well-studied actor and received a master’s degree from the Tisch School of the Arts from at New York University. He is one of the few advanced degree candidates who is a full-time actor on the film. Given his apparent raw talent that has been finely-tuned in the Panther film, it’s easy to see why he was so well-liked in the movie and why he’s worth a cool $4 million.

12. Letitia Wright

Letitia Wright plays, “Shuri,” in the Marvel production of “Black Panther.” Letitia’s acting career took off first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is initially from Georgetown, Guyana and she currently has a net worth of around $700,000 at the young age of 24. Not a bad start for this Guyana actress who seems to have a very lucrative acting career ahead.

13. John Kani

John Kani, originally from South Africa plays the role of “T’Chaka,” in the “Black Panther” movie by Marvel Comics, Inc. He is also a playwright and director. This 74-year-old and is currently worth around $3.67 million. Will he ever retire? Who knows? Perhaps he will be the oldest actor in Hollywood in a few years still raking in cash. If he does retire, he will likely be missed by a lot of fans of this top-rated movie, as well as the many other credits he has acquired along the way.

14. Atandwa Kani

Atandwa Kani is a South African actor who, at the age of 33, is already worth around $500,000. T’Chaka is the role that he shares with a fellow cast member, John Hani. Half a million bucks is a nice fat figure at the age of 33, and I’m sure Atandwa Kani’s family back in South Africa is grinning ear-to-ear.

15. Isaach de Bankolé

Isaach de Bankole is the Ivorian-born actor who plays the role of the “River Tribe Elder.” He is currently worth around $215 million. His high level of net worth is due in part to all of the smart investments he’s made in food chains, CoverGirl Cosmetics, and real estate. He was discovered inadvertently while in training to be an airline pilot in Paris, France. He thought he was going to fly across the world every day to take people to amazing places. Instead, he is getting to go to those amazing and unique places himself as he stars in interesting and unique roles.

16. Sydelle Noel

Sydelle Noel, made an appearance in the movie, “Glow,” and reappeared in “Black Panther” in the role of Xoliswa. She has a net worth of $900,000. Just $100,000 shy of a cool million, Ms. Noel is well on the way to making her fortune while having a blast creating fascinating characters and delighting fans along the way.

What Brought the Cast Together

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the Marvel “Black Panther” film is the fact that almost all of the Black actors who star in the film are originally from South Africa, Kenya, or other remote locations. The film required originality that the directors did not feel could be truly achieved with traditional actors. So they scrambled around to locate many of the actors due to their natural talent, while others seem to connect themselves to the other members of the cast due to their associating in other films and acting experiences.

The chemistry of the cast was excellent, and everyone who worked on the set of the “Black Panther” film reported that it was a truly exciting and original experience.

Have you seen the new “Black Panther” film yet? If you haven’t got plans to see it in the theatres, you may want to bookmark this site to remind you to come back with the film comes out on DVD.

If you want to see the trailer, here’s a link to The Black Panther movie trailer. Now that you know what the net worth of the cast members is worth, it may be a motivation to check it out.

You never know what will catch on big in the film industry. But with Marvel Comics rolling out this blockbuster movie, you may be amazed at what the movie offers including scenery, innovative future technologies, and big surprises that have people talking about it a lot.

Why Knowing Net Worth is Interesting

Well, you now know the net worths of most of the cast and crew of “Black Panther,” the new smash hit movie by Marvel Comics. If you see the movie, think about the net worth you’ve learned in the article and ask yourself why the film is so popular and why the actors have accumulated that level of wealth. The answers just might surprise you.

Whether you like the film or not, it’s considered a “must see” by many of the social media groups and movie-goers, and it may be an experience that you will want to put on your list of things to do soon! Love it or hate it, you are sure not to forget it!

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