Benzino Net Worth

Benzino Net Worth

Benzino is an American rapper, producer, and hip-hop media executive who is worth around $10 million. He hails from Boston, and his original stage name was “Raydog.” He also has connections with The Source, a music magazine founded in 1988 by David Mays.

Who is Benzino?

Benzino (born Raymond Scott in 1965) is a rapper and former CEO and co-owner of The Source, a popular hip-hop magazine in the United States. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Benzino met The Source founder Dave Mays while attending Harvard University. From 1988 to 2001, Benzino was a silent partner in the growth of the business. However, in 2001, Benzino acknowledged his involvement in the publication.

As a rapper, Benzino’s career has been relatively unsuccessful, compared to many of the artists featured in his magazine. Though known for his run-ins with the police, Benzino is most famous for his on-going feud with rapper Eminem, and more recently hip hop group Slaughterhouse.

Benzino’s impact on The Source

Benzino started his rap career with a group called the Almighty RSO. The group was known mainly for their anti-police song “One In The Chamba” from the Forever Doomsday album released through Tommy Boy Records. The single and album were considered controversial for the tone of the rap group and encouraging the murder of local law enforcement. In 1994 The Boston Police and the Fraternal Order of Police union had placed the group on high priority at the time forcing RSO to be dropped from the label. Benzino went on to record with rappers Antonio Twice Thou and Mr. Gzus, to form Made Men.

Since Dave Mays was a friend and manager of the group, he would frequently insert stories and reviews into The Source without the consent of the editors. Benzino also secretly inserted favorable coverage and advertising. In 1994 and 1999, Mays slipped in articles on Benzino’s group forcing a majority of the staff to walkout in protest. After an article in GQ Magazine criticized Mays’ decision on working with Benzino, it forced scrunity on the rapper and the publication. Editors claimed that Benzino and his associates visited the magazine, threatening journalists and stealing property. Benzino was arrested in a dispute with law enforcement in Miami in 2001. After publicizing the incident, Benzino became co-owner of the magazine, forcing out the original founders of The Source. When the publication held its annual awards, Benzino was nominated for awards even though his music is rarely seen or heard in the media. Industry insiders believe that Benzino was involved in rating albums. Therefore his role as the “five-mic giver” has been well recognized in the pages of the publication.

After acknowledging his position as co-ownerof The Source, he recorded a solo album. Benzino was signed to Motown Records and released The Benzino Project. The debut album featured many notable rappers, and also Pink. However, the album sold poorly, causing Motown to drop him from their label. The remains of the album was turned into a remix album featuring the same artists and a few different beats. Tarnished but undeterred, Benzino released his sophomore album under Elektra Records.

Benzino Bio Info

Full name: Raymond Scott
Born: 18 July 1965 (age 52 years), Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Height: 1.6 m
Children: Brittany Collins, Taj Collins
Parents: Mary Scott, Edward DeJesus
Education: Harvard University
Music group: Made Men (1998 – 2004)

Benzino Videos on YouTube

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