Aziz Ansari Net Worth

Aziz Ansari Net Worth

Who is Aziz Ansari?

Aziz Ismail Ansari who is famous as Aziz Ansari is a comedian, an actor, and a filmmaker of American nationality. He is known well for his role of Tom Haverford in the NBC series titled as Parks and Recreation which was aired from the year 2009 till 2015. He is also famous for his series Master of None. He is the first Asian American actor who has got a Golden Globe award for acting in the television industry.

Aziz Ansari Networth

Aziz Ansari has earned a net worth of $18 million in such a less time in the entertainment industry. His most of the net worth is contributed by his comedy career. He is currently earning an annual income of $9 million. Aziz is also famous in the acting industry and is earning well for his roles. Aziz has also co-authored a best selling book which was titled as Modern Romance. This book added well to his net worth as he got an advance amount of $3.5 million for this book.

Aziz Ansari Life History

Aziz Ansari started his career as a standup comedian in the year 2000 while studying at the New York University for a degree in the field of marketing. He carried forward his passion after his graduation and in the year 2007, he got a chance to start his own show titled as Human Giant on the MTV channel. This show brought him many roles in movies and since then he is working great in his career. He has worked in movies like I Love You, 30 Minutes or Less, Funny People, and others. Though Aziz was working great in the acting field, still he did not leave his comedy and was performing on various tours. In the year 2010, Aziz started his one of the best roles of Tom Haverford. Aziz got the limelight after this role and later in the year 2015, he started working on the series Master of None. Now Aziz is working great in his career and was recently nominated for the Best Performance by an Actor in the Golden Globe Awards.

In his personal life, Aziz Ansari was in a relationship with the Courtney McBroom who is a professional chef from the year 2014. This relationship did not work, and the couple got separated in the year 2016.

Aziz Ansari Known For

Aziz Ansari is known best for his comedy and acting skills. He is accoladed well for his outstanding work. He is the first Asian American who got a Golden Globe Award for his acting on the television. He is also honored with the award of Best Stand Up in the Jury Award in the year 2006. He has also got an award for Outstanding Writer in the Primetime Emmy Awards for his comedy series titled as Master of None. Aziz is loved a lot by people around the world as he is one of the most popular personalities on Twitter.

Aziz Ansari #MeToo Controversy

In January 2018, an article was published on the in which a woman accused Aziz of giving verbal and non-verbal cues for having intimacy with the lady on a date. Aziz quickly followed this statement and said that he thought that this act was consensual but later apologized for his act. This created a huge controversy in the media and a movement started titled as #MeToo Movement ensnaring a man who was awkwardly seeking intimacy. Many people gave their views on this matter but with time this controversy came to an end.

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