Asia Kate Dillion Net Worth

Asia Kate Dillion Net Worth

Who is Asia Kate Dillion
Asia Kate Dillon is an Actor from the United States. They were born as a female on 15th November 1984 in Ithaca, New York USA. They graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. They were the youngest student to have joined the Actors Workshop of Ithaca at age sixteen.

Work Profile
Dillion has been acting since 2007. Their first role was in the play My Name is Rachel Corrie. They played seven different characters delivering 30 monologues in this one-man-show that was highly appreciated. They have also worked at Shakespeare Theatre Company in plays like The Mysteries and The Tempest.

Their major breakthrough on TV came when they were among the first non-binary gender individuals selected to play a white supremacist Brady Epps in the series Orange is Black.
Their next hit series role was in Wall street-inspired Billions on Show time. Billions on premiered on Showtime on January 17, 2016. Its creators are David Levien, Brian Koppelman and Andrew Ross Sorkin. The show is a story of a federal prosecutor Preet Barar’s, crusades against a Hedge fund Manager Steve Cohen of S.A.C. Capital Advisors.

The show had a non binary character for the first time in the history of North American Television. Asia Kate played the neutral gender character called Taylor Mason who is a Hedge fund intern. The character is close to Axe and is appointed as CIO of Axe Capital. They even received the Critics choice award nomination for this role.

Some of the other roles they have played on TV are”Hitting the Wall”, “Master of None”,”Younger”, “Opus for All” and”Marcus Garland: A Necessary Option”. They have also worked in shorts films like We’re All Gonna die (Short film) and My Popcorn Nights.
They are the founder and also the producer of the enterprise MIRROR/FIRE Productions.

Life History
Asia Kate uses singular they pronouns in their resume as they identify themselves as non-binary gender. Non-binary gender individuals identify themselves as neither feminine nor masculine. They may or may not exhibit qualities of these two genders.

Asia Kate identifies them self as pansexual because they are attracted to all kinds of genders.
MTV Movie and TV awards have recently removed the gender labels on their award categories. The honor of giving out the first non gender specific award after this change went to Asia Kate Dillion.
They have many tattoos in their body including a German word tattoo on their neck which means Empathy. They feel this tattoo is a great ice-breaker and helps them engage strangers in small talk. They have been sporting a shaved head for many years.

Known for
Asia Kate created history on the US Television when they played the role of Taylor Manson on Billions.

Awards and Recognition
Dillon has been nominated for the Critics Choice award in the category Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for their role in the series Billions.

Net worth of Asia Kate Dillion
The Net worth of Asia Kate Dillon is $1.2 million which is a sum total of earnings from various acting assignments.

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