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Anders Holm is a multi-talented American actor, comedian, writer, and producer who has garnered a significant following and financial success throughout his career. Holm’s climb to fame began with his role on the television show “Workaholics,” which led to numerous other opportunities in film, stand-up comedy, and beyond. In this section, we will explore Anders Holm’s net worth, career earnings, and overall financial status, as well as provide an overview of his impressive career accomplishments and biography.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anders Holm is a multi-talented American actor, comedian, writer, and producer.
  • His rise to fame began with his role on “Workaholics.”
  • We will explore Anders Holm’s net worth, career earnings, and financial status in this section.
  • We will also provide an overview of his impressive career accomplishments and biography.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Anders Holm was born on May 29, 1981, in Evanston, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in history and a fondness for comedy. After college, Holm moved to Los Angeles with three other aspiring comedians, Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Kyle Newacheck. They formed the sketch comedy group, Mail Order Comedy, and began uploading their videos to YouTube.

While pursuing his dream of comedy, Holm worked odd jobs to make ends meet, including selling Christmas trees and working at a wine store. His big break came in 2011 when he landed the role of “Adam DeMamp” on the Comedy Central show, “Workaholics,” which he co-created with his Mail Order Comedy partners. The show ran for seven seasons, from 2011 to 2017, and garnered a loyal fan base.

Aside from “Workaholics,” Holm has had various acting gigs and guest roles in television shows, including “The Mindy Project” and “Modern Family.” He also did voice-over work for the animated movie, “The Lego Batman Movie,” and appeared in the romantic comedy, “How to Be Single.”

Anders Holm early career

Holm’s early career is a testament to his determination to succeed in the entertainment industry. Despite facing rejection and setbacks, he persevered in pursuing his passion for comedy and eventually achieved success.

Breakthrough with “Workaholics”

Anders Holm’s big break in the entertainment industry came with the hit television series “Workaholics,” which aired on Comedy Central from 2011 to 2017. The show, which Holm co-created and co-starred in, followed the adventures of three college dropouts navigating the working world together.

The success of “Workaholics” helped to establish Holm as a prominent figure in the comedy world, leading to numerous other opportunities and collaborations. In addition to his role on the show, Holm has also written and produced several episodes, showcasing his multifaceted talents.

The show’s popularity also helped to increase Holm’s net worth significantly, with his earnings from “Workaholics” contributing to his overall financial success. Beyond the financial rewards, the show’s success also allowed Holm to expand his fan base and gain wider recognition in the entertainment industry.

Anders Holm Workaholics

Since the end of “Workaholics,” Holm has continued to work on a variety of other projects, showcasing his versatility as an actor, writer, and producer. While the show will always hold a special place in Holm’s career, it is clear that he has many more successes and accomplishments ahead of him.

Expansion into Film and Other Projects

Anders Holm has had a successful career in film, establishing himself as a talented actor and writer. He made his film debut in 2014 with the comedy “Neighbors,” starring alongside Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. The film was a commercial success, grossing over $270 million worldwide and launching Holm’s film career.

Following the success of “Neighbors,” Holm went on to star in other notable films such as “The Intern” and “How to Be Single.”

In addition to his acting career, Holm has been involved in other projects outside of film. He co-created and starred in the television series “Champions” and also wrote and produced the TV movie “The Climb.”

One of Holm’s most recent projects is the film “Moxie,” which premiered on Netflix in 2021. The film, directed by Amy Poehler, follows a teenage girl who starts a feminist revolution at her high school. Holm plays the role of Principal Shelly.

Undoubtedly, Holm’s expansion into film and other projects has allowed him to diversify his income streams and further establish his presence in the entertainment industry.

Anders Holm in How to Be Single

Stand-Up Comedy and Live Performances

In addition to his work on television and in movies, Anders Holm is also known for his stand-up comedy and live performances. Holm began his career in comedy while he was still in college, performing at local comedy clubs and open mic nights.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment, Holm continued to perform live comedy, becoming a regular at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He also toured with the popular improv group Mail Order Comedy, which he co-founded with his “Workaholics” co-stars Adam DeVine and Blake Anderson.

One of Holm’s most notable live performances was his role in the 2014 comedy tour “Game Over, Man!” alongside DeVine and Anderson. The tour featured the three comedians performing live sketches and stand-up comedy across the United States.

Throughout his career, Holm has also made appearances on various talk shows, including “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” showcasing his comedic talents to a wider audience.

Anders Holm stand-up comedy

Anders Holm’s success in stand-up comedy and live performances have helped cement his reputation as a talented and versatile entertainer.

Other Ventures and Business Endeavors

Anders Holm’s entrepreneurship and business ventures prove his versatility and creativity outside of the entertainment industry. Along with his fellow “Workaholics” co-stars, Holm created a merchandise line that includes t-shirts, hats, and other items featuring phrases from the show. The success of the merchandise line demonstrates Holm’s ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities beyond acting.

In addition to merchandise, Holm has also ventured into the world of podcasting. He co-created and co-hosts the podcast “Vino and Vinyl” with his wife, Emma Nesper Holm. The podcast features the couple discussing their shared love of wine and music, providing a personal glimpse into Holm’s interests outside of his career.

Holm has also been involved in several other business ventures, including investing in startups and producing content for digital media platforms. His entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to try new things have undoubtedly contributed to his financial success.

Anders Holm business ventures

As a successful actor, writer, and producer, Anders Holm has proven that his talents extend beyond the entertainment industry. His business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors showcase his multifaceted abilities and his willingness to take risks. These ventures have also contributed to Holm’s overall financial success and stability, further highlighting his status as a successful and well-rounded individual.

Anders Holm Net Worth and Earnings

Anders Holm’s success in the entertainment industry has translated into significant financial earnings throughout his career. As of 2021, he has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His income sources include his acting roles, writing credits, and producing work for film and television.

While the specifics of his earnings are not public knowledge, it is safe to assume that his salary for his starring role in “Workaholics” was a significant contributor to his overall net worth. Additionally, his involvement in several successful films such as “The Intern,” “How to Be Single,” and “Champions” likely generated substantial earnings.

Beyond his work in film and television, Holm has also been involved in several business ventures, including co-founding the production company Mail Order Comedy with his “Workaholics” co-stars. These additional endeavors have likely added to his overall financial worth.

Overall, Anders Holm’s net worth and earnings demonstrate his successful career in the entertainment industry and his ability to diversify his income streams through business ventures and entrepreneurship.

Anders Holm net worth

Assets and Investments

Anders Holm’s success in the entertainment industry has allowed him to build a strong portfolio of assets and investments. While he keeps details of his finances private, it’s clear that he has made sound financial decisions throughout his career.

One of Holm’s notable investments is his Los Angeles home, which he purchased in 2014 for $1.65 million. The property is located in the desirable Silver Lake neighborhood and features stunning views of the city.

In addition to his real estate investments, Holm has also diversified his portfolio through other business endeavors. He co-founded the digital media company Mail Order Comedy with his “Workaholics” co-stars and has since produced a range of successful projects.

Investment Description
Stocks and mutual funds Like many savvy investors, Holm has put his money into a range of stocks and mutual funds in order to achieve long-term financial growth.
Entrepreneurship Holm has invested in various startups and has been involved in several entrepreneurship projects throughout his career, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.
Art and collectibles Holm is also known for his love of art and has reportedly invested in several high-end pieces over the years.

Overall, Anders Holm’s success in the entertainment industry has allowed him to explore a range of different investment options and build a strong financial portfolio. With his eye for business and strategic investments, there’s no doubt that he will continue to grow his wealth in the coming years.

Anders Holm assets and investments

Philanthropy and Charitable Work

Aside from his successful career in the entertainment industry, Anders Holm is also known for his philanthropic efforts and charitable work.

As a devoted father, Holm has been active in supporting organizations that focus on children’s health and wellbeing. He has worked closely with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a nonprofit organization that provides support and treatment for kids with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Additionally, Holm has supported the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, an organization that provides medical care to critically ill children.

Aside from his contributions to children’s causes, Holm has also been actively involved in environmental causes. He has supported the Natural Resources Defense Council, an organization that works to protect the planet’s wildlife and ecosystems.

Overall, Anders Holm’s philanthropic efforts showcase his commitment to making a positive impact on the world and helping those in need. He is a shining example of using his success and influence to give back to the community.

Anders Holm philanthropy

Personal Life and Achievements

Anders Holm is not just a talented actor and comedian, but he also has a fulfilling personal life. He married his college girlfriend, Emma Nesper, in 2011, and the couple has two children together.

Aside from his family life, Holm has also achieved a number of personal accomplishments. He is a skilled basketball player and has competed in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game multiple times. He also enjoys playing the guitar and has been known to sing on occasion.

Additionally, Holm has been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness. He has spoken openly about his own struggles with anxiety and depression, and he has worked to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. In 2019, he participated in the This Is My Brave show in Los Angeles, which aims to “end mental health stigma through storytelling.”

Overall, Anders Holm is not just a successful entertainer, but he is also a devoted family man, a talented athlete and musician, and a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. His personal accomplishments are just as impressive as his professional ones.

Anders Holm playing basketball


Anders Holm’s career has been one of remarkable success, from his early beginnings in the entertainment industry to his breakout role in “Workaholics” and his subsequent expansion into film, stand-up comedy, and other ventures. With his impressive net worth and diversified income streams, it’s clear that Holm has not only made a name for himself in the United States but has also solidified his financial stability.

Despite his financial success, Holm has remained committed to giving back to the community, through his philanthropic efforts and charitable work. His achievements outside of his career serve as a reminder of his multifaceted talents and passions.

Overall, Holm’s story is one of hard work, dedication, and a resolute commitment to pursuing his dreams. His success serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike, and we can only speculate on what exciting ventures he’ll undertake in the future.

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