Amber Rose Net Worth

Amber Rose Net Worth

Amber Levonchuck aka Amber Rose is a popular American actress, model and musician. She first grabbed the attention through a video “Put On” with Young Jeezy and Kanye West in 2008. After getting lots of appraisals, she got featured in a Louis Vuitton advertisement for West’s sneaker line. Along with the successful modeling career she also achieved success as a musician. Except all these, she is a popular television personality and a successful business personality. This amazing and talented person was born on 21st October 1983 in America.

Amber Rose Net Worth:
Amber Rose – the famous actress, model, singer, socialite and television personality won $5 million as of 2014. According to the famous celebrity magazines she has earned almost about $1 million in the consecutive years 2012 and 2013 from the royalties for the appearances in the reality shows and music videos she has done.
Being a public figure and having a huge fan following Amber Rose is attached to many international renowned brands related to their endorsement. Some of them are really high-profile brands including Louis Vuitton, Smirnoff vodka etc.
She gets enough wealth from these endorsing brands. Also, she has released several musical albums. She achieves a lot from these singles and collaborated albums.
Rose has launched her own clothing line and eyewear range in 2012. This is a collaboration with her friend. As she is getting lots of positive appraisals for her fashion line, you can say that Amber Rose is successful in business and is becoming wealthier with days passing on.

Amber Rose Life History:
Rose was born in Philadelphia to her parents – Dorothy Rose and Michael Levonchuck. Her mother is of African descent whereas her father is of Italian and Irish descent. They got divorced when she was a teenager. Rose has a bitter experience of her childhood. At the age of 15, Amber Rose started stripping to earn for her family after her parent’s divorce.

Amber Rose is known for:
Rose has started her modeling career at the age of 23. When she got a huge appraisal from the audience and the critics for her debut music video in 2008 with Kayne West, she then started to gain more attention in the modeling sector. Then, she worked for Louis Vuitton and achieved a strong place for herself. After that, she walked for “Celestino” at “New York Fashion Week”. She appeared as a cameo in lots of popular music videos of the famous singers such as Nickie Minaj, Young Jeezy etc. She got the contract for ford modeling in the session of 2009-2010.
In the television industry, Rose has taken part in reality shows, became a judge in several television shows and made a number of popular television ads and billboard ads.
On 2012, she launched her debut album with Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa was her first husband and they got a divorce in 2014. On 6th February, her second single got released.

Amber Rose Political/Business Affiliation:
Along with the fashion line, Rose is also interested in writing. “How to be a bad bitch” – is her first book. In March 2016, Rose has launched an emoji app “Muvamoji” with 900 emoji icons. It shot to the 1st place after releasing on the chart of App store. She earned about $4 million from this app.

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