Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

Who is Alex Rodriguez?
Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez or Alex Rodriguez, nicknamed “A-Rod” is a famous Dominican-American sportsman. He is the baseman and the former professional baseball shortstop. He played for 22 seasons in MLB (Major League Baseball) for the premiere clubs such as New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners etc. Alex Rodriguez is considered as one of the greatest baseball players ever. He has won many awards and achievements throughout his sports career. Rodriguez is a 14-time all-star. He has won 3 American League (AL), MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award, 2 Gold Glove Award and 10 Silver Slugger Award.

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth:
According to the authentic celebrity net worth, Alex Rodriguez owns almost $300 million as of April 2017. He became a celebrity just after 2 years of his professional baseball career. Within a decade from started playing baseball, he became one of the highest-paid players. He signed a $252 million deal with the baseball team “Texas Rangers” in the year of 2001 for 10 years. It was the biggest deal in the history of baseball.

Alex Rodriguez Life History:
Rodriguez was born on 27th July 1975 in Manhattan. His parents were Dominican immigrants – Lourdes and Victor Rodriguez. When he was 4 years old, his family moved to the Dominican Republic along with his two siblings. Later on, they relocated to Miami, Florida. In Miami, he attended Christopher Columbus High School and then got transferred to Westminster Christian School. Here he started playing for the baseball team and also played quarterback for the football team. Later, he signed for the “University of Miami” to play baseball and quarterback for the football team.

Alex Rodriguez is known for:
Rodriguez signed for the Seattle Mariners in 1993 for a 3-year contract for $1.3 million. Rodriguez amassed .297 batting average, more than 2000 runs batted in (RBI), 696 home runs, over 3000 hits and more than 2000 runs scored. Here he remained till 2000. In this year, Baseball America chose Rodriguez as the “Major League Player” of the year and he came on the third position in the voting.
After playing for Seattle Mariners, Rodriguez became a free agent and made the historical deal with Texas Rangers. It was the third worthwhile contract in the history of sports. The total $252 million contract got into controversies because some of the portions might be well-spent for other progressive areas such as the pitch. Here he played till 2003.
On 15th February 2004, Rodriguez was traded to another baseball team “New York Yankees” where he remained till now. In 2016, he became the nineteenth player who has made 12,000 career plate appearances.
Being a completely successful player, Alex Rodriguez got into controversies related to performance-enhancing drugs or steroids.

Alex Rodriguez Political/Business Affiliation:
Rodriguez donated $3.9 million to renovate the baseball stadium to the “University of Miami” on 2003. Becoming a famous baseball player, Rodriguez has been featured in lots of commercials such as Pepsi Cola. He also got featured in a commercial with other famous sports personalities for “Guitar Hero World Tour” along with Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant and Tom Cruise.

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