Ramona Singer Net Worth

Ramona Singer Net Worth

Who Is Ramona Singer?
She is one of the most known faces of the American television. She is a reality star and business women.

Ramona Singer Net worth:
Ramona Singer’s net worth is a whopping $18 million. She was the highest paid star on the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and earned $350,000 per season. If we assume her average salary per season to be of around $50,000, she has earned about $4.5 million just from the series itself.

Ramona Singer Life History:
Ramona Singer was born in the year 1956 on November 17 in New York City in America and was the daughter of polish immigrants. She had spent most of her childhood in the town of Southampton. It is said that she did not have a wonderful childhood and that her father was an abusive man who used to take out his frustrations and stress on her and her mother.
But Ramona instead of getting it on to her made this situation as her motivation and decided to become independent financially so that she won’t have to depend on her father anymore. After her high school, she moved to New York City as she always wanted to pursue her career in fashion. She got her two-year degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and later she decided to study more and get a full-on bachelor’s degree in business for which she had to take a student loan to support herself as her parents did not support her financially.
She also used to work for thirty hours every week in order to be stronger monetarily. She finally joined Macy’s elite training program after she obtained her degree and soon became an established buyer.

She was married to Mario but the marriage ended after 22 years after her husband was caught cheating on her a multiple times. She worked really hard for their marriage to work but her husband’s reconnection over the summer was what made her give up on the relationship completely and their divorce was finalized in the year 2016 in September.
She has a daughter named Avery from her first husband who is completing her education from the University of Virginia.

Ramona Singer – Known For:

She is best known for her work in the show “The Real Housewives of New York City” that aired on 4th of March in the year 2008. She has been in all the nine seasons till now. In early days of her career, she has worked with top brands like French Connection and Calvin Klein.
At the age of just 29, she launched her own company named RMS Fashions. She also has her company of skincare products and also a wine line.

Ramona Singer – Political / Business Affiliations:
She has her own jewelry line which starts over $200 online. She is known for her generosity and made news when she left a tip of $100 for her restroom attendant at the Ainsworth sports bar and restaurant which is in Manhattan.

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