How Apple is Winning at Business

Take out your mobile device and have a look at it. Flip it over and see if there is an Apple logo on the back of it? There is a good chance you are an iPhone user… and if not the iPhone then you probably have a iPad, laptop or even a desktop from Apple.

It’s really no surprise that Apple is winning at everything in tech. Right now Apple is building one of the most stunning financial runs in the history of corporate America and they still aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Even with the latest updates and news from Apple on their new iPhone C and iPhone S being less than stellar, they still went on to sell more units than ever before and continue to break their own records.

So how much volume and money is Apple really pushing through their products and the company? Let’s take a deeper look at some of these numbers from the infographic below.

  • In the last five years Apple has sold over 365 MILLION devices. These types of numbers are the driving force behind Apple and how they continually average $4 BILLION a month in profit and have over $110 billion in cash sitting around.

There are 3 major sources behind the success of Apple, and they are broken down as the following.

  • Innovation – Apple doesn’t rely on what customers want, they define what they need.
  • Opportunity – Being the leader and breaking into the smartphones, tablets and Asian markets at the right time has been crucial for Apple and their success.
  • Execution – Between the loss of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook taking over and being able to sustain their dominance and future plans to buy back their stock… Apple also has their minds on the future and how to best execute within the company.

The bottom line is… Apple knows it’s customers. Steve Jobs wasn’t a geek who built products for everyday use… he wanted to change everything! Winning over customers with appeal and marketing is key. Apple products and their logo are the new standard in “cool”.

How Apple is Winning at Business


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