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Best and Worst UK Jobs

The Best and Worst Paying Jobs in the UK

Are you eager to know about how your annual wage measures to the national average in your job? We have provided some helpful information on this article. The earnings data is taken from the Office for National Statistics, published on November 2012, and features official UK salaries covering over 400 trades and professions. Here is […]

Why Startups Fail

Top Reasons Why Most Startups Fail

Ask every entrepreneur you know on what their goal for their business is and they are likely to say to make it profitable and successful. Unfortunately, not all businesses succeed. In fact, one out of two fails. So why do startups fail? There are basically two things that can make a business successful: a good […]

Negotiate a Higher Salary

Tips for Negotiating a Higher Salary

With the costs of living going up, it appears as though everyone can use an increase in salary these days. But if you don’t know how to negotiate a higher salary, then you are not alone. In fact, 39 percent of Americans admit they are anxious about negotiating a salary increase, 26 percent of women […]